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Welcome Business Coach

Dr. Zoellner, Business coach of Tulsa. Welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on your radio. Z, I’m so excited you’re back. I just want to come over there and hug you and then it just gets weird and the H.R. department gets involved and they say, “You can’t do a frontal hug, you have to do a side hug.” it always gets weird, but I just want to tell you I’m so excited you’re back.

Business Coach 259

Speaker 2: You know what we need to get down with, which is now the cool thing to do in college and NFL is where you run at each other and then you turn and you bump backs.

Speaker 1: Yeah.

Speaker 2: We need to get that move. I don’t think H.R. would have a problem with that.

Speaker 1: Yeah, you just do the business coach move… When did that move come about?

Speaker 2: I don’t know. I think a few years ago and I thought, you know, once it gets done I mean then boom, it’s done. Business coach move is now a thing

Speaker 1: I have a fairly hysterical story that I think is funny and I hope that the Thrivers are going to enjoy this story.

Speaker 2: Okay.

Speaker 1: I got asked to speak and business coach by a major Fortune 500 company and I was speaking up there at this event, it’s up north kind of near and it was in Detroit and long story short, the speaker gets up and he goes … Because when you’re a speaker, you’re not the only one. They don’t hire you to speak for 15 hours.

Speaker 2: For sure.

Speaker 1: Okay, so there is one guy, he’s the expert time manager and there’s a guy talking about Lean Six Sigma and there’s a guy … There’s usually like if you have 10 speakers maybe two are good and then you have like eight, that you’re just kind of like-

Speaker 2: Yeah, nodding off, yeah.

Speaker 1: Well, this guy gets up and there’s very disrespectful young people in this factory who are sitting in the front and they have to sit there at this training and it’s about H.R. compliance-

Speaker 2: Oh, this is … oh.

Speaker 1: He’s reading, and this is the kind of stuff he’s saying. He’s up there going, “Now it’s very important that we understand that sexual harassment has become a huge issue”-

Speaker 2: Sam, do we have a gun?

Speaker 1: As we move into this new-

Speaker 2: Sam, do we have a gun? I want to shoot myself. Does anybody have a gun in the box?

Speaker 1: I’m going to be reading off the things that you’re not allowed to do per our new handbook. You’ll notice on page three, Section B, Article two and he says frontal hugs must not be done-

Speaker 2: No, we can’t have this. Yes.

Speaker 1: In this other  business coach workplace, does anyone have any questions. This is after like a 45 minute, mind-numbing thing. Well, these two super disrespectful guys they were like you know what, we’re going to some fun with this.

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah.

Speaker 1: This guy’s like, “When I hug somebody frontal I don’t quite understand what’s a frontal versus a side hug could … Is there any way that we could just see what that is? I’m just having some hard time.” and he sounds intelligent, and he sounds sincere.

Speaker 2: Sincere, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 1: The guy’s like, “Well, what you’ll do is the human when you reach forward that would be.” and then the other guy, you know, across the hall is like, “Now, from my angle it’s really hard to see that. Can I come up there or could you show.” It’s just a stupid conversation. I’m just watching it happen.

Speaker 2: Yeah, the train wreck.

Speaker 1: Yeah, so the elephant in the room because I’d watch the speakers the day before, you know, the elephant in the room on day two was that everyone was joking about hugs. People would walk up to each other and go hey, man, give me a hug, with the side hug and all this.

Speaker 2: Oh, yeah.


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