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Welcome to Business Coach Programing

DJ Clay: Welcome back to The Thrive Time Show on your radio. My name is DJ Clay. I’m the business coach former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and a former disco jockey who has been sent here on a diplomatic mission to help you dramatically change your financial position. Today, specifically what we’re doing is it’s all about self analysis. It’s all about self evaluation. It’s so hard to improve in the world of business if you don’t know what you don’t know. As a business coach and somebody who’s been business coaching for over a decade working with clients all over the planet coaching them to success, I have discovered that many, many people don’t even know what they don’t know and that’s why we encourage you to go and to book self assessment.

Business Coach 297

Because when you book an assessment, we will guide you through this process and you’re going to discover major areas that you can improve upon right now. You’re going to find areas, weaknesses in your business. We call them biggest limiting factors. You’re going to find the [BLFS 00:01:13], the biggest limiting factors that are keeping you enslaved in the wage cage. You shouldn’t have to exchange all of your time for money if you’re an entrepreneur. You should be ale to build a repeatable business system that’s going to allow you to purchase your time back. If you don’t want to mow the lawn, you should be able to pay someone to do that. If you don’t want to do your sales, you should be able to pay someone to do that. If you don’t want to do your accounting, you should be able to pay somebody to do that.

Ad a business coach, The whole idea is that you should be able to make a list of your F6 goals, your goals for your faith, your family, your finances, your fitness, your fun, and your friendships. You should be able to go do them, go achieve them because you’ve built a business that allows you to have all the time and the financial freedom that you need to do what you want to do. This next question I would ask you is on a scale of one to 10, on a scale of one to 10, how would you rate your process for doing business with your actual business customers? How would you rate your process for actually conducting business with your customers on a scale of one to 10? If 10 is the best and one is the worst because you have to not only name the system, identify the system, write down the system, but you then must visually illustrate the process.

You have to eventually visually diagram, draw out the process. Why do I have to draw out the process? Because people are visual. People need to see the process. The Canadians, they need to see the process. If you don’t see the process and the process is not written down, if people cannot see it visually, what happens is it prevents understanding from occurring. It prevents communication from occurring. A lot of people think that communication is stating things at people, but communication has not really occurred until both parties understand. You’ve got to have this mindset that you’re absolutely going to have the best presentation layer of your proven process, your best visual diagrams. Steve Jobs, the guy who co-founded Apple and went on to be the CEO of Pixar and he took over that country for George Lucas when George Lucas was going through his divorce, he says “Be a yardstick of quality because some people aren’t use to an environment where excellence is expected.”

You have to be that yardstick of quality if you’re going to be successful as a entrepreneur. You can’t just say I have it written down, now we’re good. No. You would need to make a visual presentation layer. If you don’t know how to do that, well one you’re going to need a whiteboard. Two, you’re going to need probably an illustrator or a graphic designer to help you with that. We can do that. When you start to execute and do all these systems and make everything and it begins to gel and become a turnkey system, you are going to begin to experience financial success. I want to brag on one thriver we have out there who has just been getting done. It’s so exciting to watch these people turn their dreams into reality.

These people I’m talking about is it’s Tip Top K9. They are a business coach client of mine, these dog trainers in Tulsa, who if you Google Tulsa dog training, they come up right up top in Google. Their business is just booming. They’re hiring people that I know. Their sales are through the roof. It’s awesome the rate of growth they’re having, but it’s because they’ve done the action items we’ve been talking about during today’s show. They’ve been nailing down their branding, nailing down their marketing. As their business coach, I’m so proud and excited for them to see them be able to move into a place of financial abundance. It’s just exciting to watch it happen. As a tribute to them, during today’s show, I’ve been writing jingles for them. It’s my way of saying thank you.


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