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“Thank you so much for all your hard work and success on this campaign. We have raised over $100,000 for the WPS (matched)! Thank you for being such an incredible business coach!”

Yvette Webb

Development Event Coordinator
Oral Roberts University


“Clay is a force to be reckoned with. He is a contagious, mind-expanding, ‘get off your blessed assurance’ motivating business coach that is positively changing my world and soon to be the whole world.”

Tim Redmond, CEO

Redmond Growth Initiatives

“Best emcee and entertainer we have ever used. From the time the first guest walked into the room until the last guest left, you electrified the room with your energy! Thank you for taking our event to the NEXT LEVEL (as you like to say)!”

Angie W.

Event Planning Team

11th Annual Zenith Awards | Apartment Association

“Thanks for all your help last year; we’ve done a lot of work, reading and investing and the results are truly amazing.  Our best staff ever, continuous increases, and overall happiness like never before (and yes more profitable than we’ve been in years, and while in a down economy)!  I feel like we now have entirely new understanding on the importance of culture in the workplace. Do you have any more books you could recommend?! Thanks again Clay!”

Dave Bauer


“I have come to realize that foundational sales principles work, regardless of what you’re selling. I work at a coffee shop and my boss told me ‘Hey, we really need to sell more coffee beans.’ So I started employing the creative use of imagery, humor, phrasing and tried and true sales methods taught to me by business coach, Clay Clark. I also read the book he recommended, Soft Selling in a Hard World. I made posters describing the different coffees with funny pop culture references along with legitimate consumer reviews of each coffee. I also began using ‘the 90-second close.’ Our store shot up to the spot of #1 in whole bean sales out of 613 stores in our entire region. Not only that, but we are averaging 5 pounds sold out of every 100 customers that come into the store, whereas the average store in the US sees 1 to 1.5 pounds sold per every 100 customers that come in. These numbers don’t lie and they just point to the fact that a proper training in sales by someone who knows what they are doing and who has a track record to prove it can make you succeed in sales in whatever business realm you find yourself in, even the coffee shop business.”

Scott T.

Store Manager & Barista

Starbucks Coffee

“I’m getting lots of referral traffic from Facebook and social media. My website and biz cards look awesome. The $50 referral program is working great and I have my templates for responding to emails and my sales pitch down pat.”

Dominick Cooper

Founder of Launch Academy

Tulsa Tutoring Company for Math, Reading, Science, ACT Prep, and More

“Loved the seminar, off the charts! My cheekbones hurt from laughing. Thank you for the books! Digging deep for WOW ideas!”

Linda Patti

Patient Consultant

Body Contour Center

“Some authors don’t need a “Hype Man.” But until he’s famous, Clay does.

As I listened to my introduction by former United States Supreme Court Judge Sandra Day O’Connor, I was literally pinching myself. No one knew better than I that I could have failed. Instead, I had become a businessman and an author; thus my reason for being in the nation’s capital. I was standing in the James Madison Room in the Library of Congress where after my introduction, I would give a lecture on my recently released book, Eight Habits of the Heart. It all seemed surreal.

I had grown up in the Mississippi Delta during the era of legal segregation when fieldwork was the industry of choice offered me. Somehow I had managed to THRIVE when merely surviving would have been just as acceptable. Early on in my young life I had gravitated toward a business coach and entrepreneurial way of thinking—a way of thinking that quite frankly took me out of the norm of many of my peers and placed me on a path to success. I graduated from high school as first in my class when many of my peers were simply dropping out—oftentimes due to the circumstances beyond their control. My thinking dictated my actions.

After a successful stint in the United States Air Force—the 89th Presidential Wing – that same way of thinking followed me to Oklahoma. It led to my early involvement with a small Oklahoma oil field company where one of the partners invented the Stairmaster Exercise System and many years later, it led me to be an investor in one of Oklahoma’s more successful de novo banks. Business coach, Clay Clark understands this way of thinking and feels compelled to share its value with others.

Clay Clark’s passionate book is about what is possible for our lives. Clay is a man I have known since he was a very young boy. I watched him grow up and quite frankly over the last decade or so, achieve beyond my wildest thoughts. Looking back at my own life and the obvious limitations I faced, I should have known that if you plan, focus, and head in the right direction, you will get to your destination. I watched Clay do this, as did all of Tulsa and now beyond. I remember when not even thirty years of age, just a young guy with a growing DJ business, he threw his hat in the Tulsa mayoral race. Had this been Glen Allan, Mississippi, my hometown of less than five hundred people—and many not voting, I could have understood this. We never had a mayor, and with his gift of conversation, he probably could have been elected in my Delta hometown. But this was Tulsa, Oklahoma, where former mayors had cut their teeth in the oil industry and held family names that were well known. That little fact didn’t seem to bother Clay. He passed out his red, white and blue “stuff” with a flashing smile. He was in the race. It was then that I realized that he was in control of his destiny and was driven by his own internal dreams for himself. I never forgot his courage to do so. In this book, he reminds us all of the “courage” we have and in so doing, he takes away every excuse not to act courageously on our own behalf…to THRIVE, if you will.”  -Clifton Taulbert


December 8th, 2017


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