Business Coach Explains Why The Details Are Important

A Business Coach Explains Why Naming Your Files Is A Must

Top Business Coach Says To Always Label the Newest Version of Every File as the Highest Version Number

As you grow your company, you will find that you are never completely done updating your files and making tweaks to your core documents. Thus, your entire team must be on the same page when it comes to how your organization will name files that have been updated. To enhance your quality of life by 17.3%, as your business coach, I have provided the following example:

Public Relations – Worldwide Pants

Press Kit – Worldwide Pants

Press Kit – Version 1 – Worldwide Pants

Press Kit – Version 2 – Worldwide Pants

Press Kit – Version 3 – Worldwide Pants

Press Releases – Worldwide Pants

Press Release Template – Version 1 – Worldwide Pants

Press Release Template – Version 2 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Version 1 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Version 2 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Version 3 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Version 4 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Version 5 – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points -Version 6 – Worldwide Pants

My friend, take it from a business coach, you must name the newest update of each file as the highest numbered version because you never know when you are going to want to refer to an older, previous version. If you make a big change to your digital files and something accidentally gets deleted from the new version, you need to be able to quickly go back to the previous version of the file to retrieve what was lost, rather than frantically try to rack your brain to figure out what is missing.

  • YOU MUST BE THE CHAMPION OF FILE NOMENCLATURE because nobody else in your office is going to care at first.
  • YOU MUST BE THE CHAMPION OF FILE NOMENCLATURE because being disorganized will make your company move at a snail’s pace.
  • YOU MUST BE THE CHAMPION OF FILE NOMENCLATURE because as you begin to hire more and more people, everyone must know where to find the key files and documents needed to make the company run.
  • YOU MUST BE THE CHAMPION OF FILE NOMENCLATURE because without a proper file naming and organization system, your company will be much less valuable if you ever attempt to sell it. Imagine trying to explain to a potential buyer of your company that the incredible systems that make your company so successful are not documented anywhere.

The concept of properly naming files cannot be seen as a passing fad. The members of your team must know that henceforth, this is going to be embedded into the very fabric of your business. If you are the type of business owner that decides to begin the process of properly naming your files, but then lacks the intensity needed to actually see the process through (I’m sure you are not), then you will begin to lose all credibility with your team. Your organization must begin to understand on a deep and almost spiritual level how important systems are to the company’s overall health and TO YOU. Learn this important piece of advice from a business coach, no one is going to care more about your business and its systems than you.

The Business Coach Says To Stop Dropping the Ball

One of the biggest issues that we see time and time again with companies that are attempting to build a scalable and duplicable business model is their inability to seamlessly pass on aspects of a project from one person to another. For example, in the videography and production company I own:

  • Step 1 – Person A clarifies the needs of the customer
  • Step 2 – Person B schedules the videographer and reserves the equipment
  • Step 3 – Person C loads the videographer out with the appropriate equipment at the appropriate time
  • Step 4 – Person D films the actual event
  • Step 5 – Person C loads the videographer in with the appropriate equipment and uses a checklist to verify that all equipment is returned
  • Step 6 – Person C backs up the digital files and saves them to the server
  • Step 7 – Person D edits the video
  • Step 8 – Person D uploads the final version of the file to Dropbox
  • Step 9 – Person E sends the final video to the customer for final approval
  • Step 10 – Person F uploads and embeds the video onto the website of the client

There are six people and ten steps involved in the proper production of a commercial video for our clients. Thus, six different people have to work together to complete one single project. IF YOU ARE NOT MANIACALLY FOCUSED ON DETAILS AND INSTALLING SYSTEMS THAT WILL KEEP YOUR PEOPLE FROM DROPPING THE BALL, YOUR TEAM WILL BEGIN TO DROP THE BALL.  This is even more true as your company begins to grow.

Many business owners push back against me when I begin to train them about the importance of scalability when it comes to delivering their products and services because they are fighting an internal battle against the poverty mindset they have been taught by everyone around them. Everyone around them has told them that quality and quantity are mutually exclusive ideas. My friend, this statement is so important that I am going to write it again in all caps:


If this logic was right, Disney World would have been 50% less magical than Disneyland, and Southwest Airlines flights would be more and more unsafe the bigger the company gets. This is simply not true. You cannot grow in scalable and exponential ways without having duplicable systems in place, thus the BIG COMPANIES actually have HIGHER SAFETY AND QUALITY STANDARDS THAN MOST SMALL BUSINESSES.

Connection points are areas of your business where one person on your team has completed their task and now must hand off the task to another member of your team to complete the project. Although the founder of Ford Motors, Henry Ford, was famous for first successfully introducing assembly lines into his factories in 1913, this concept of passing off an item to a member of our team who also be working on the project down the line is one that most businesses still struggle with today. That is why this business coach wants to teach you how to build systems that will ensure proper connections between members of your team.

December 11th, 2017


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