Business Coach Explains Effective Team Building

6.1 – Step 1: Recruit Like A Business Coach

Let’s start this business coach session with the recruiting aspect of the business. You must view the human resources aspect of your business as the LIFEBLOOD OF YOUR BUSINESS. Without quality people, nothing will get done and thus, you must focus on recruiting. When I say focus, I mean to F.O.C.U.S. This stands for “focus on core tasks until success.” My friend, you cannot ever take the pedal off of the metal when it comes to recruiting. So how do you do this? First off, you must create a winning job post that generates inquiries. Nobody wants to work in a dead-end job with no career opportunities, no ongoing education, and no potential for benefits and bonuses and no one wants to work in a negative or no-culture business for an absent and uninspiring business coach or boss. However, this is exactly what most job posts describe. If you are going to post a job opportunity on Craigslist, Monster, Indeed, or other third party source, you are going to be spending money to do so – don’t waste it. Your job posts must be inspiring and must resonate with highly motivated people who are looking for a career and not just a job. Visit to find a sample job post that is both practical and inspiring.

The statistics show us that most people hate or strongly dislike their jobs so you must offer an alternative to these workplaces most people do not like.

Mystic Statistic: “Less than one-third (31.5%) of U.S. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014.” –Amy Adkins, author of “Majority of U.S. Employees Not Engaged Despite Gains in 2014,” Gallup, January 28, 2015

6.2 – Schedule a Time to Post Your Weekly Job Posts

If you do not schedule a specific time to post your job posts, you won’t do it. You will get busy or you will forget. Do not let this happen to you. Block out time in your schedule right now for posting job opportunities.You must also determine what job posting boards or third-party sites you are going to post on. From my experience working with neurologists, dentists, photographers, limo drivers, and nearly every other industry under the sun, Craigslist is the most effective and lowest cost platform on which to post your available jobs. However, I would strongly recommend that you post on, and simultaneously. I would budget for it and I would never stop.

“Kelleher believes that hiring employees who have the right attitude is so important that the hiring process takes on a “patina of spirituality.” In addition, he believes that anyone who looks at things solely in terms of factors that can easily be quantified is missing the heart of business, which is people.” -Heskett, Sasser, et al.  (Authors of “Putting the Profit Chain to Work” in the Harvard Business Review)

6.3 – Business Coach Wisdom: Block Off Weekly Times for New Recruit Interviews

I’m busy and you’re busy, but you and I must block off time to conduct weekly interviews to find people who will best represent our company. I love scheduling group interviews because it saves time and allows me to see how candidates compare with each other in a literal side-by-side comparison, a tryout of sorts. If you don’t want to do group interviews, then you are going to have to block out many hours throughout your week to interview potential candidates who might or might not show up on time or at all for their interviews. Because I realize that 40% of potential candidates don’t have the mental capacity or the diligence needed to actually show up on time for their initial interviews, I love the group interview format. When someone responds to a job post, our team schedules them for an interview without even reading their resume first. We don’t tell them the format of the interview – group or individual – we just tell them that we can interview them at this specific time on this specific date. To download an example of the email we send out to potential candidates to invite them for an interview, go to:

6.4 – Conduct Your Interviews with Both Passion and Purpose While Following an Business Coach- Approved Agenda

“I don’t know whether it was Calvin Coolidge or Bianca Jagger who said — they’re both thin, that’s why I get them confused — ‘the business of business is business.’ We’ve always said, ‘The business of business is people.’” -Herb Kelleher (The co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines)

During an interview, so many business owners spend massive quantities of time going on and on about their company and their vision while the candidates sit quietly, scanning the room for a blunt object with which they can respectfully bash in their skull to stop the boredom. Candidates begin to feel as though the person interviewing them has no game plan or agenda, because they don’t. To make matters worse, most companies delegate the recruitment and interviewing process to “the new guy” or the person on your staff who hasn’t quite found his place within your company culture. This is terrible.

My friend, the person conducting the interviews must look sharp and must be a confidence-inspiring powerhouse who can follow the perfect interview agenda every time; an agenda which includes:

  • Clarifying the goals of the company
  • Clarifying the goals of the candidate
  • Clarifying the expectations of the job
  • Clarify the compensation of the job
  • Clarifying the career path of the job
  • Answering any questions
  • Clarifying the next steps for the applicants


To download the Perfect Interview Agenda, go to:

[1] Create an award-winning job post for available positions

[2] Schedule a time to post job opportunities weekly

[3] Create budget for job posts and build into proforma

[4] Schedule time to conduct weekly interviews

[5] Create a Pre-written email that invites job candidates to an interview

[6] Create Group Interview Outline and Agenda

To watch a business coach training video on how to properly conduct a group interview, visit:

6.5 – What Are You Looking for in a Potential New Hire?

When you are interviewing candidates, you are looking for what the legendary CEO Jack Welch calls the “4 E’s.”

  • Energy – Does the candidate have the energy to bring enthusiasm to the workplace every day?
  • Energize – Does the candidate have the ability to energize those around him or her?
  • Edge – Does the candidate have the edge needed to make the tough decisions?
  • Execute – Does the candidate have the ability to execute and actually get their job done?
  • BONUS – I have also found that it is extremely important that you search for candidates who are coachable.
December 8th, 2017


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