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This business coach post explains how to create momentum.

In order to get your “Wheel of Wealth” moving, you are going to have to utilize a business coach in order to implement a growth strategy and create some momentum in your life. You must get in the habit of doing, instead of talking. You must get in the habit of completing and seeing things through rather than just intending to do things. You are going to have to come to grips with the fact that you are where you are right now in life because of the things you have done or have failed to do. Every high school guidance counselor in America tells every kid in America that they have “potential.” They love this word. To me the word “potential” means a list of stuff that I’ve talked about doing, but haven’t done yet. That might sound harsh, but my friend, the world judges us not based on what we intended to do but based on what we have actually done. Could you imagine the hit show, “The Biggest Loser” giving away the prize to person who intended on losing the most weight? Could you imagine what would happen if the bank allowed us to fill out and deposit the money that we “might make in the future”? Could you imagine how our country would quickly fall apart if we all got paid based on what we intended on doing, rather than what we actually did? In order to be successful, you are going to have to become great at QUICKLY turning the ideas that come into your head into tangible to do lists and action steps. You then need to become AWESOME at completing those to-do lists with a sense of urgency.

I always tell my business coach clients that successful people think like this:
1. Study successful people and businesses to stimulate new ideas.
2. Think of new ideas.
3. Write down new ideas.
4. Make “to-do list” needed to turn new ideas into realities.
5. Schedule SPECIFIC TIMES to complete “to-do-lists.”
6. Deposit RESULTS into the bank account.

Conversely, unsuccessful people think like this:
1. Hang around negative & unsuccessful people & watch successful people on TV.
2. Wish for things and occasionally think of new ideas.
3. Habitually forget to write things down.
4. Occasionally make “to-do lists,” but rarely complete them.
5. NEVER schedule SPECIFIC TIMES to accomplish anything. Always say, “I don’t have enough time to ______________?”
6. Deposit RESULTS into the bank account.
In order to become a successful person, you will need to keep the following items with you at all times:

1. To-Do List: You can’t achieve success if you don’t know what specific action steps you must take today in order to get there. Typically, my To-Do Lists are three pages long and they are sorted in order of importance. There is absolutely no way to be successful if you don’t write down ideas, and the action steps needed to achieve them.
2. Day Timer/Planner – You must learn to schedule SPECIFIC times to turn your To-Do Lists into reality. We are all busy, and you must become a TIME-MANAGEMENT EXPERT if you are going to achieve success. What time will you start the project? In order to add something (money, etc…) into your life, you must become comfortable with taking something out of your life. Look at your day-timer and make the tough decisions.
“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” – Napoleon Hill

Use your momentum to propel your entrepreneurship. In a world full of problems, the world always needs another problem solver.

“Entrepreneurs solve the world’s problems and unapologetically charge for it.”

– Clay Clark (US Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year)

Bottom line: entrepreneurs solve problems for people and charge them for the solutions. Once you are organized and accessing your momentum, then you can be a problem solver.  If your business idea does not solve problems for people in a compelling way, it is not going to work.

Problem 1: People need natural gas for their homes.
Business Coach Solution 1: Helmrich & Payne – The Company that comes up with the best way to drill horizontally to find gas that was previously not available can charge natural gas companies for their solution.

Problem 2: People want to be entertained at wedding receptions, and they have a budget of $1,000.
Business Coach Solution 2: DJ Connection – The Company that can consistently deliver the most fun entertainment and the most professional customer service system will make the most money.

Problem 3: People want to know how to start a business NOW, and they don’t want to sit in a classroom for 4 years getting entrepreneurship tips from a professor who has never started a business before.
Business Coach Solution 3: This book/this post/whatever you create can teach you the SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS YOU NEED TO TAKE to start a successful business.

Problem 4: You aren’t exactly sure what problem you are going to solve for the world.
Business Coach Solution 4: Write down 50 problems that you experienced this week, and a service/product that could solve those problems.

Problem 5: You have an existing business that is not making enough money.
Business Coach Solution 5: Write down 50 problems that your business could solve for your existing customers.

Note: If you can’t do this part, stop reading this post, use your computer as fuel for your fireplace, and go get a job working for someone who already solves problems. Your business exists solely to solve problems for you and your customers. Get your Wheel of Wealth moving: Think like a successful person. Carry a To-Do List and manage your time wisely. Solve the world’s problems and use your momentum to propel you forward. If you need help growing your business, contact us at We can help you build a successful and booming business one step at a time.

January 19th, 2018


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