Business Coach: International Celebrity Speaker Joins Thrive15

Business Coach: International Celebrity Speaker Joins Thrive15

Los Angeles, CA – Every year the National Speakers Association inducts speakers into their hall of fame. Members of this prestigious group include Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Stephen Covey and the veritable whose who of public speaking. This list also includes Jim Cathcart and he has decided to join the disruptive online business coach podcast or go to the business coach website

Jim Cathcart is a self-made success story who has traveled around the world as a speaker on management, sales, leadership and speaking itself. Throughout his career Jim has worked on projects with the legendary Og Mandino and the Napoleon Hill Foundation. To give a little perspective on this, Napoleon Hill is considered to be the father of the self-help industry and he was the actual personal assistant to the late great self-made millionaire Andrew Carnegie. Napoleon Hill devoted his entire life to distilling and teaching self-help to the planet and the art of becoming the person you want to be.

On the platform of, Business Coach Jim is primarily focusing his trainings on sales, marketing, management, leadership, mindset and speaking itself. founder Clay Clark says, “When we had the opportunity to add the legendary Jim Cathcart to the team I was overwhelmed with joy. His books were required reading at Oklahoma State University, so I was familiar with him only through these legendary books and the practical trainings he had produced. But, I had never met Jim. However, through mutual contacts Jim was introduced to and we immediately hit it off. He is 100% focused on helping others to achieve their goals and this is what I am about as well. This guy is like the Yoda of self-help.” has subscribers all over the world, is the official home of NBA Hall of Fame David Robinson and the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts, Lee Cockerell. Since the founding of, hundreds of success stories from around the world have occurred as Thrivers (users of the website) are implementing the action steps that they are learning. Featured in Bloomberg

New York, New York – Since launching the online education platform nearly 2 year and a half years ago, has been featured in countless publications including Fast Company, Forbes, and Yahoo, however recently the team was featured on Bloomberg, a publication that founder, Clay Clark claims to love.

Clark adds, “When most people think of Bloomberg today, they think of the glamorous offices, the incredible leadership and the former Mayor of New York. However, as an entrepreneur I think about the original Bloomberg Terminal. This device was a computer system that was physically provided by Bloomberg L.P. that allowed financial professionals to have remote access to the Bloomberg Professional service, which allowed users to physically monitor and breakdown the live real-time market and financial data that was happening all around the world. Based upon this information, users could place strategic trades on the electronic trading platform. At the time this service was unheard of and was game-changing. This incredible system and innovative business coach tool also provided users with real-time news, detailed pricing information and quotes and the game users the ability to send encoded messages all across its proprietary and ultra-secure network. Being featured in a media publication with this much entrepreneurial history is an honor and is mind-boggling.”

During the interview featuring founding team member, NBA Hall of Fame Basketball player, David Robinson, show host Pimm Foxx and founder, Clay Clark, the trio discussed the launching of, the Clippers ownership team, David’s basketball and investment career, and the future plans of Clark adds, “It was such an honor to be featured on this show. We had a chance to bring my oldest daughter, who was nine years old at the time of the interview. When she heard them say they needed me for a second so that they could add makeup to my face she could not stop laughing. When we toured the facility and walked by the set of the Charlie Rose show my mind almost exploded. There is such a rich history and incredible future represented at Bloomberg. As an entrepreneur, this interview experience was like going to the Disney World of Entrepreneurship.”

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December 7th, 2017


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