Business Coach: Startup Makes Entrepreneurial Training Scalable for Community Colleges

Business Coach: Startup Makes Entrepreneurial Training Scalable for Community Colleges

Tulsa, OK –, a web-based business coaching educational platform that has a stated goal of mentoring millions, is starting their mission working with community colleges. The company sees the smaller schools’ lack of funds and powerful connections as a better indicator of where the majority of education needs to reach. Clay Clark is the very best when it comes to finding a business coach.

“The Stanford’s and Harvard’s and Wharton’s of the business coach school world are regarded as the powerhouses in their field, and rightfully so, they do it very well” said Head of Community Relations at Thrive15, Marshall Morris. “But the majority of people either don’t have the financial resources or connections needed to get that sort of schooling. Top-level education shouldn’t be restricted to the 1%. If you want to make something of yourself, you should have the possibility of working hard and getting the education you need to do it.”

Thrive plans to begin supplying supplemental training to community colleges in early 2016. The schools selected will have access to the Thrive15 training library, which boasts over 1,100 episodes of trainings in all core business growth subjects, as well as the ability to upload any of the schools’ own teachings onto their dedicated website. Analytic tools and testing solutions are built into the site to monitor students’ progress, and because of the scale involved, the cost per student is reduced to less than $1 a day.

With major media outlets reporting on the failure of the university system, and billionaire Mark Cuban recently projecting that the college debt bubble is about to burst, the value of an alternative method of acquiring education has become more and more part of everyday conversation. Thrive’s attempt to be a disruptive force in business education has caught the eye of several major publications, including Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Bloomberg. The mentors teaching the courses hail from the top of different industries, and aim to share practical steps in which up and coming business men and women can duplicate their success.

Some of the celebrity mentors on the site include David Robinson, Lee Cockerell, and Michael Levine. In total, nearly 40 mentors offer their real world experience as a method of new and up to date training.

Business Coach: Online Business Training Library Crosses the 1,000 Episode Count

Tulsa, OK –, a web based business educational platform, recently produced and published its 1,000th episode of training. In 22 categories of business trainings, Thrive now offers training in categories such as personal development, communication, sales, and leadership. Other specific areas, such as time-management, are also covered in detail in the video library. The courses are taught by mentors who, according to the website, have had huge success in their specialty, and aim to give users the roadmap to accomplishing success themselves.

Some of the mentors on the site include David Robinson, the NBA Hall of Famer who started charter schools and a $300 million real estate capital fund, who teaches on leadership. Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resort, used to manage 40,000 cast members (Disney employees), but now teaches on management and customer service. Michael Levine, the best selling author of Guerilla PR, 2.0 and public relations guru behind legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, Pizza Hut and Nike is one of the mentors in the PR and Marketing category on the site. In total, nearly 40 mentors take on the task of answering business questions that the “Thrivers”, the name given to a member of the Thrive site, asks of them. With a beta version first available in the spring of 2014, the number of mentor trainings recorded now sits at 1,059.

It took nearly two years to reach the 1,000 episode milestone, but recent advancements have made the recording to publishing timespan drastically reduced. “What used to take two weeks to complete will now only take a few hours,” said Daniel Nix, the director of the Thrive15 shoots. “With all the developments we have made in our workflow and technologically, people on our site can ask us questions if they can’t find a training that already addresses it, and we can write the training, record it, edit it, and publish it in 24 hours. It’s pretty remarkable, and serves as a huge value to our Thrivers.”

While the majority of users on the site are individual business coach, business owners or aspiring career focused individuals, the new year will bring in a large collection of group accounts to address corporate training needs. “The speed at which we are able to do this makes it possible for us to help large companies address training in a scalable way for several companies at once” said Nix. “We are excited to make a difference on a larger scale.”

Business Coach: Award-Winning Speaker Provides Free Education for Military Members

Tulsa, OK Jim Cathcart, a worldwide speaker on business and personal development, has teamed up with in an effort to give back to the military members of the United States. The subscription-based site offers practical business trainings to its members at a low monthly price, but gives active, reserve, and veteran military members free access through its 1-for-1 HandUp program.

The site counts several high profile names in the world of business as its mentors, including Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World® Resort who managed over 40,000 employees during his tenure. Other mentors include David Robinson, the former NBA Hall of Famer who has founded charter schools and a $300 million capital fund since retiring from basketball, and Michael Levine, the Public Relations guru behind legends like Michael Jackson, Prince, Pizza Hut and Nike, and best selling author of Guerilla PR, 2.0. Cathcart now joins those ranks as one of the mentors on the site, boasting high-level accolades himself.

He has won the Golden Gavel Award, which is the highest award given by Toast Masters International. Previous winners of the award include John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Earl Nightingale. He has also been inducted into the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in London, England, and been selected as a Top 5 speaker in Sales and Customer Service by With 35 years of professional speaking experience, he has a long list of topics that he can speak on, and his versatility is in full display in the library.

Some of Cathcart’s trainings are on the 7 Natural Values of Reading People, Powerful Moves to Grow Your Business This Year, and Staying Motivated: The Work Game of Learn, Earn, and Return. A motivation expert, Jim is able to rely on real world stories as he navigates the viewer through mindset and personal development trainings, as well as practical application trainings like networking and sales systems. To learn more, visit

December 7th, 2017


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