Business Coach Lists Successful Individuals

Business Coach Talks About Successful Individuals

The business coach, Clay Clark, provides a continued list of successful individuals.

47. Mary Kay Ash – I feel like Prince should have written a business coach song about the pink Cadillacs that Mary Kay was famous for giving to her top sales reps. But I am not impressed with her because she didn’t attend college.
48. Michael Dell – He may be the billionaire founder of Dell Computers, but he probably doesn’t feel like a billionaire since he never experienced the college joys of drunken music festivals and regrettable one-night stands.
49. Milton Hershey – Like I always say as a business coach, “If you drop out of 4th grade you are going to spend your entire life making chocolate.” That is what the founder of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate did.
50. Rachael Ray – Her happiness and genuine love for people and food makes me mad because without formal culinary arts training, this Food Network cooking show star and food industry entrepreneur is just a sham.
51. Ray Kroc – He dropped out of high school, founded McDonald’s and spent his whole life saying, “Do you want fries with that?” So sad.
52. Richard Branson – So he’s the billionaire founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Virgin Mobile, and more. But did he graduate from high school? No. He dropped out of his high school at the age of 16. So sad.
53. Richard Schulze – He’s the Best Buy founder, but he did not attend college. Doesn’t he know that the investment in a college degree is truly the Best Buy you can ever make?
54. Rob Kalin – Rob is the founder of Etsy, but who even uses Etsy other than all of the humans on earth? This dude flunked out of high school, then he enrolled in art school. He created a fake student ID for MIT so he could take the courses that he wanted. His professors were so impressed by his scam that they actually helped him get into NYU. Rob, you have to get it together.
55. Ron Popeil – The dude who is constantly talking about dehydrating your meat and the multimillionaire founder of Ronco did not graduate from college.
56. Rush Limbaugh – This guy irritates half of America every day for three hours per day. I believe that this multi-millionaire media maven and radio talk show host would be more liked if he had graduated from a liberal arts college and would have purchased a Prius pre-loaded with bumper stickers.
57. Russell Simmons – This guy is co-founder of Def Jam records and the founder of the Russell Simmons Music Group. He’s also the founder of Phat Farm fashions and a bestselling author. He didn’t graduate from college because he claims to have been too busy introducing rap and hip hop music to the planet.
58. S. Daniel Abraham – This man founded Slim-Fast without even having a degree in nutrition. Outside of the millions of people who use his products every day to lose weight, who is going to trust him with their health since he doesn’t even have a college degree?
59. Sean John Combs – The man who is en route to becoming the first hip-hop billionaire in part because of his ownership in the Ciroc Vodka brand did not graduate from college because he was spending his time discovering and promoting Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., Jodeci and other R&B stars. If this man ever wants to become truly successful, he will go back to Howard University and get that degree.
60. Shawn Fanning – This is the music industry-killing devil who created Napster and went on to become a multi-millionaire. If he would have stayed in college, he would have learned to follow the rules.
61. Simon Cowell – This famous TV producer, judger of people, American Idol, The X Factor, and Britain’s Got Talent star dropped out of high school. He has been negative ever since. He obviously needs a college degree to calm him down because as a business coach, I’ve never met a college graduate who is mean.
62. Steve Jobs – This hippie dropped out of college and frankly I don’t even know who he is.
63. Steve Madden – Steve dropped out of college and now spends his entire life making shoes. He may be worth millions, but I’m sure that you and I are not impressed.
64. Steve Wozniak – Ok, so I did know that Steve Jobs co-founded Apple with this guy. Sure, both became billionaires, but they experienced what I call a “hollow success” because they did not take the time to earn a college degree.
65. Theodore Waitt – This man became a billionaire by selling a PC to every human possible during the 1990s. I bet that he regrets not having a degree.
66. Thomas Edison – Tommy Boy wasn’t smart enough to graduate from high school, yet he was crazy enough to invent the modern light bulb, recorded audio and recorded video. As a business coach, I am never impressed with crazy people who don’t graduate from high school.
67. Tom Anderson – This dude co-founded MySpace after dropping out of high school. He made his millions, but who ever had a MySpace account anyway?
68. Ty Warner – As a business coach, I think the only thing weirder than collecting Beanie Babies is to have invented them. To cover up this weird Beanie Babies fixation, this billionaire has gone on to purchase real estate. College would have taught him that it is not normal for an adult to be interested in stuffed animals.
69. Vidal Sassoon – This dude founded Vidal Sassoon after dropping out of high school. Had he graduated from college, I’m sure his product would have been better.
70. W. Clement Stone – This guy started the billion-dollar insurance company called Combined Insurance. He then went on to start Success Magazine and write books to keep himself busy because he felt so bad that he didn’t have a college degree.
71. Wally “Famous” Amos – This man did not graduate from high school and spent almost his entire working career making people fat by selling them Famous Amos cookies. If he had graduated from college, he might have made a product that makes people thin and able to live forever while tasting good, you know, like Aspartame. No, wait. Aspartame is the sugar substitute created by college graduates that has been shown to cause cancer. Ok, you win this round Amos! But, I shall win in the end! You’ll soon regret not having earned that degree.
72. Walt Disney – This struggling entrepreneur who never really figured it out co-founded the Walt Disney Company with his brother Roy. He didn’t even graduate from high school, which is probably why he spent his entire life drawing cartoons.
73. Wolfgang Puck – Ok, so my wife and I buy his soup. Ok, so I have eaten at his restaurant a few times. But I can’t respect a man who dropped out of high school at the age of 14. Yes, he’s opened up 16 restaurants and 80 bistros. So what? Respecting people like this sets a bad example for kids because not everyone can go on to become a successful entrepreneur, but everyone can incur $100,000 of student loan debt before finding a soul-sucking job doing something they don’t like in exchange for a paycheck that is not sufficient. For these people, the only things they have to look forward to are their two weeks of vacation and the chance they have to retire when they are so old that their body has begun to break down.

December 11th, 2017


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