Business Coach Lists Successful People

Business Coach Provides List Of Successful People

The is a continuation of the list of successful people from business coach, Clay Clark

20. DeWitt Wallace – DeWitt may have founded Reader’s Digest, but I’m sure that he couldn’t truly enjoy reading in an intelligent way because he never earned his college degree.

EDITOR’S NOTE: It took business coach, Clay, three weeks to alphabetize this list of college dropouts because he doesn’t have a degree.

21. Dustin Moskovitz – Dustin is credited as being one of the founders of that little company called Facebook that only moms, dads, cousins, kids, adults, and humans use. I bet he wishes he had stayed in school at Harvard.
22. Frank Lloyd Wright – Frank may have become the most famous architect of all time, but I cannot respect a man who never attended high school.
23. Frederick Henry Royce – Ok, so a Rolls-Royce is a symbol of automotive excellence for many people, but this guy had to have been compensating for the fact that he knew nothing about anything because he was an elementary school dropout.
24. George Eastman – Perhaps you are not old enough to know about the Kodak brand that used to control the world as part of the Illuminati. How George founded this little company despite dropping out of high school is beyond me. It’s so sad.
25. H. Wayne Huizenga – Wayne is a beautiful man and founder of WMX Garbage Company, who also helped launch the Blockbuster Video chain. Good for him because without a degree, he was basically screwed.
26. Henry Ford – Ok, so as a business coach, I’ve quoted this guy a few times in the book, but without a college degree, you can bet this billionaire founder of the Ford Motor Company was never respected by his father-in-law.
27. Henry J. Kaiser – This multimillionaire and founder of Kaiser Aluminum didn’t even graduate from high school. Think about it. Without a diploma, there was no way he could have become one of those pharmaceutical reps who delivers sales presentations and catering to doctors every day in exchange for their allegiance in writing prescriptions for the drugs the rep is peddling.
28. Hyman Golden – This guy spent his whole life making drinks and millions. I bet you the founder of Snapple lived a life of regret while endlessly chanting to himself, “Why me? No Degree. Why me? No degree.”
29. Ingvar Kamprad – As a business coach, I believe IKEA’s business model is in jeopardy. Their founder has no degree. The lines of customers are now so long that no one even wants to go there anymore. Oh…and he’s dyslexic.
30. Isaac Merrit Singer – This sewing machine inventor dropped out of high school because he was spending all his time sewing. I am SEW sorry for him.
31. Jack Crawford Taylor – Although this man did serve honorably as a World War II fighter pilot for the Navy, I wonder what he is going to fall back on if his Enterprise Rent-a-Car venture fails.
32. James Cameron – Avatar…overrated. Titanic…overrated. Winning an Oscar…overrated. But what did you expect from a director, writer, and film guy who dropped out of college?
33. Jay Van Andel – A billionaire co-founder of Amway…not impressive without a degree. He does not know the meaning of life.
34. Jerry Yang – Who even uses Yahoo anyway, other than the 20% of the world that does? This guy threw it all away and dropped out of a PhD program. I bet you he can’t even spell “Yahoo!”
35. Jimmy Dean – Food is so simple. You grow it. You eat it. You raise it. You kill it and eat it. How complex could it be if a man was able to start a multi-million dollar company after dropping out of high school at age 16?
36. John D. Rockefeller Sr. – So my son and I did name our Great Pyrenees dog after this man, but we wouldn’t have named a human after him. Because although Rockefeller became the wealthiest man in the world, he didn’t have a degree and I judge him for this.
37. John Mackey – The guy who founded Whole Foods Market, the millennial mecca of the great organic panic that has swept our nation, enrolled and dropped out of college six times. Now he’s stuck working at a grocery store in a dead-end job.
38. John Paul DeJoria – This man is the billionaire co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and dude who also founded Patron Spirits. That’s it. That’s all he’s accomplished. No degree.
39. Joyce C. Hall – This lady spent her whole life writing apology cards to her family for shaming them by not graduating from college. When she wasn’t doing that, she was running that little company she founded called Hallmark.
40. Kemmons Wilson – This dude started the Holiday Inn chain after dropping out of high school. But then what? What’s he doing now? Well he’s not buying huge amounts of college logo apparel and running down to the college football stadium eight Saturdays per year while talking about the good old days with his frat brothers. He doesn’t have a degree.
41. Kevin Rose – This dude dropped out of college and started a company called As a business coach, I’m not impressed with his millions. I just want to see that degree.
42. Kirk Kerkorian – I did see a Boyz II Men concert at the Mirage Resorts that this guy owns. But, I have never stayed at the Mandalay Bay resort that he owns in Las Vegas more than once. It’s good that he owns MGM Studios because the closest he’ll ever come to a degree is if he makes a movie about himself getting a degree. He dropped out of school in 8th grade.
43. Larry Ellison – Larry is the billionaire co-founder of Oracle software company and he is a man who dropped out of two different colleges. Oh, the regret he must feel.
44. Leandro Rizzuto – This guy spent his time building Conair and that was it. Now, just because he is billionaire, does he think we should respect even though he does not have a degree?
45. Leslie Wexner – My wife buys stuff from this person, but I am still not impressed with the fact that this law school dropout started a billion-dollar brand with $5,000.
46. Mark Ecko – If you are one of those people who has to define success based upon the success you have, then I supposed Mark Ecko is impressive. This multi-millionaire is the founder of Mark Ecko Enterprises, but he dropped out of college.

December 11th, 2017


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