Business Coach: Thrive15 Founder Featured In Fast Company

Tulsa, OK – While more and more people around the world are beginning to call Thrive15 their on-going education platform of choice, many Thrivers (subscribers) to the online education platform have begun to ask the question, who is this business coach Clay Clark guy? Who is the founder of and what is he all about?

Recently, the folks at Fast Company took time out to interview Clay Clark and to get the answer this question and more including what the business coach platform Thrive15 is. The answers they received from Clark were as unique (odd) as one would expect from a founder with as many self-described “idiosyncrasies” as Clark professes to have. An excerpt from this article demonstrates this, “The twins don’t get one-on-one visits to the office with Dad just yet, but every Saturday, Clark wakes up the kids at 5 or 6 a.m., piles them into his Hummer, and the gang makes their way to the office (Clark works six days per week.) He shows them that even though he owns the company, he’ll pick up the trash and shovel snow like anyone else, and they help him in these tasks. “People say, ‘You’re nuts! You wake your kids at 5 a.m.?’ He probably tends not to tell these people about the occasional weekdays when he wakes them up at 3 a.m. to bring them to the office for early morning video shoots. (In his defense, he says, Angelina (his third oldest child) alone seems to not have inherited his morning-person gene; the others “think it’s the best thing in the world.”

Clark’s reason for founding is a deeply personal one and one that is focused on what he describes, as “my mission to mentor millions is my all-consuming magnificent obsession.”

Since the founding of, Clark has remained focused on being a business coach and creating an online business education website that will truly become the resource that entrepreneurs and top business people are looking for. Clark says, “ has been created to provide the online business education experience that people around the world have been looking for. As a business consultant, I just spoke with yet another person on Saturday who owns a business and a college degree. He indicated that his business degree and the course of study he had to take in order to earn his degree was impractical and that despite having this degree he still had no concept of what do actually do on a daily basis to make his business a success. He explained to me that has become his go-to resource to get the practical education that he needs and that he felt he had previously never received.”

Business Coach: Online Business Education Founder Featured in Fast Company

Tulsa, OK – The founder of the practical online business education website, was recently featured in a Fast Company article titled When Every Day Is “Bring Your Child To Work” Day. Although Clay Clark is widely known for his business speaking events and the ever-expanding online business school, the folks at Fast Company decided to seek to find the answer to a question that often gets asked to Clay during media and podcast interviews, “How does someone with 5 kids and 9 businesses find the time to grow a successful family and a successful business?”

Clark’s responses focused on pig-headed discipline, time blocking and embracing a life-style that is entirely different from that of the average American. During the interview Clark explained how he sleeps five hours per night in order to avoid what he calls the “data smog of the workday.”

During the interview Clark went on to explain how he and his wife homeschool their 5 children and have focused on teaching their kids the entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in this fast-changing world. The article says, “In any given week, Clark takes at least one of the five children either to the office or to a work event. The kids may support the office in some way – delivering coffee, helping Dad shovel snow, setting up cameras for a video – or they may engage in work projects of their own.”

In a fast-changing digital world where more and more people are becoming self-employed entrepreneurs, Clark has become a mascot of sorts or a business coach for those looking to focus on designing the ideal business model that will fuel the ultimate creation of the lifestyle they want to build. Clark adds, “A business exists to add massive amounts of value to customers while serving the needs of the owner itself. Simply building a massive business just because one can build a massive business does not make a lot of sense to me. I believe strongly that a business is just a vehicle that should be designed to get you from point A to point B. As an example, when I built and sold the party rental business my wife and I were involved in I got into the business to leverage our position within the market in a way that added massive value to the customers we served while creating more profits for Vanessa (my wife) and I.”, the online education website of which Clay Clark is the founder is currently expanding its facilities to accommodate the massive growth that the company is experiencing with subscribers in over 40 countries.

December 7th, 2017


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