Business Coach: Tulsa-Based Web Startup Innovates, Attempts to Keep Job Numbers Up

Business Coach: Tulsa-Based Web Startup Innovates, Attempts to Keep Job Numbers Up

Tulsa, OK –, a business coach platform developed out of a region more known for oil and cattle than cutting edge technology, continues to push the bar of innovation. The subscription-based business coach site gives practical business trainings in an entertaining format that has never been done before; they literally have a trademark on the concept of edutainment. Practical functions on the site include an Action Item center, which is a tool to manage your time better, and a Notes center, which works much like Evernote. But their most recent advancement, web editing of episodes, will now make producing professional corporate training content easy for any company in the world.

“Companies are laying off their employees while spending a ton of money on training, and we can help change that,” said Ted Hays, one of the chief developers of the tools and website. Up until recently, trainings would be filmed, then edited, then have graphical elements added, then quality controlled, then uploaded to the site. The ability to edit the graphical elements inside of the web player, however, adds layers of flexibility not seen before. No longer will an editor need extensive experience and skill in complicated video editing programs like Adobe After Effects. To be able to complete an episode, adding graphical content is now easier than using Microsoft PowerPoint. This will allow the company to produce content at a faster rate, and from any place in the world – no longer needing $12,000 editing stations and a dedicated server line to pull off the feat. But most importantly, this opens up the ability for companies to have their training experience white-labeled. This means that their content can be hosted on the Thrive platform, but will still appear as part of their company, incorporating their company logo and color scheme.

“We want to make it easier for companies, especially small businesses, to offer quality training to their employees at a cost that will keep more jobs on the payroll” said Hays. “If we can save jobs all over the world, I think we have done something great.”

Thrive15 plans to debut the tool and make it available in late 2015.

Former Football Champion Teams Up with Business Coach Platform

Tulsa, OK – Andreas “Coach Andy” Hinterplattner, former player and coach for Team Austria and the Vienna Vikings, and now current entrepreneur, has teamed up with, a web-based business educational platform. Andreas is the co-founder and chief operating officer of All Stages Marketing in Santa Barbara, California, and offers his social media expertise as training on the Thrive website.

Thrive15 is an online training resource for those that want to start a business, grow a business, or advance in their career. With 1,100 episodes of trainings and an ever-growing library, their goal is to be the ultimate destination for anyone who has a business question. Members can even ask for specific trainings if their question isn’t answered by a training on the site, and the Thrive15 team shoots, edits, and publishes trainings that answer their questions using a mentor team that features over 35 industry experts. With social media reaching even the most non-technological business owners as a sore spot for improvement, adding Andy to the team was a perfect fit.

Originally from Vienna, Austria, he began his career in the insurance industry at just 15 years old, entering the workforce through a dedicated occupational-based educational program. Early on, he was fortunate to work for several high-profile global automotive brands, including Toyota, Lotus Cars, Volvo Cars, Mercedes Benz, and Fiat. Being mentored by some of the best minds in Europe at a young age was priceless for his professional development and ambition. Pursuing his passion for American Football, he became a team member of the Vienna Vikings, and won four national championships, two junior championships, and appeared in nine bowl games. Along the way, he played for the Austrian national team and was nominated to the All-European 2nd team in 1999. During his football career, he also served his duty in the Austrian Army, was selected and trained as a Scout/Sniper.

Today, Andy continues to lead his team toward game-winning strategies through competitive environments, yet now it’s for effective online marketing tactics and analysis of data to drive home wins for clients. He runs and owns All Stages Marketing with his wife, Amber Sims Hinterplattner, helping both national and global brands flourish online.

Business Coach: Business Training Startup Aims at Changing Ongoing Education

Tulsa, OK – Thrive15 Edutainment, a web-based business educational platform, is attempting to change the landscape of adult ongoing learning with their online video training library on Founder Clay Clark, the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, preaches a doctrine of ongoing learning as one of the biggest contributors of success, and now the company will supply that ability in a format not seen before.

“One of the biggest things we always talk about, and what some of the most successful people in the world talk about, is continually making yourself better, continually learning” said Marshall Morris, the Head of Community Relations at Thrive15. “We want to offer that in a way that anyone can access, at a price point that anyone can afford. We believe there are a lot of people out there who can’t get the training they want to get.”

With a USA Today article citing a number of nearly 7 million adults enrolled in higher education programs, proving a market exists may not being the issue; distinguishing the service provided will be the main battle.

“There are obviously other sources of ongoing education out there, from traditional brick and mortar schools and vocational schools, even online solutions like Ed2Go” said Morris. “But all of these are typically courses that you have to pay for individually, and are only open during specific time periods. What if you are running a business and need to know how to hire someone, today? What if you are in your career and need to know how to run a meeting, today? We believe you shouldn’t have to wait, and you shouldn’t have to pay each time you want to learn something new.”

Thrive15’s subscription model uses a low, monthly cost of either $19 for the basic membership or $49 for a premium membership, on contrast to the $100-$2000 charged per class at other online schools so basically you have a business coach in your pocket. Both of the membership options include unlimited access to the 1,100 episodes of trainings in the Thrive15 library, and feature other practical tools such as note taking features that rival Evernote, and a task management software for getting more done.

Business Coach: Bestselling Author Teams Up with Business Educational Platform

Tulsa, OK – Danny Silk, a New York Times Best Seller and relationship expert has teamed up with, a web-based business educational platform. Danny is the President and Co-Founder of Loving on Purpose, a ministry to families and communities worldwide. He is also the author of four books: Culture of Honor, Loving our kids on Purpose, Powerful and Free and the best selling Keep Your Love On. Remaining powerful in relationships together is one of his main themes.

“Powerful people do not try to control other people” said Danny. “They know it doesn’t work, and that it’s not their job. Their job is to control themselves.”

Danny’s expertise in the relationship field is a welcome addition to the roster of industry experts on the Thrive15 mentor list. Some of the mentors on the site include Lee Cockerell, who used to manage 40,000 cast members as the former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World® Resort, but now travels speaking and consulting with businesses in addition to teaching management and customer service on the Thrive15 website. Michael Levine, the Public Relations guru behind legends like Michael Jackson, Nike, Pizza Hut and Prince, and the best selling author of Guerrilla PR, 2.0 is one of the mentors in the PR and marketing lineup. There is also David Robinson, the NBA Hall of Famer who has had arguably more success off of the court than on it, starting charter schools and a $300 million real estate capital fund after retiring, who teaches on personal finance and leadership.

In total, more than 30 mentors provide real world, practical advice on how to succeed and to move towards thriving instead of merely surviving, using the experiences they have amassed as teaching tools. Now Danny helps round out the relationship side of the site, completing the training motto of finding balance in your work, faith, family, and finances that the site promotes.

Danny and his wife Sherri married in 1984, and have three grandchildren in addition to their own three children.

December 7th, 2017


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