Business Coach on Wisdom of Winners by Jim Stovall- Ep 231

All right we’ll get back to the Thrivetime show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark and I am so excited to be your noon time spark. Somebody here needs a spark from a business coach. I don’t know who you are I don’t know who is listening to the show right now. I’m not quite sure where you’re from your background but there’s somebody I just I’m picking up there’s somebody out there that you just need a spark. You need someone to say to you that you have what it takes to turn your life into a life that you want it to be you just you just need somebody to tell you that you can do it because you’re surrounded by idiots. You are choosing to be friends with people that don’t deserve your time or people they’re not valuing your time they’re not being kind to you. You’re investing tons of time they’re borrowing your car they’re borrowing your car doctors and they’re returning it on empty. It’s that kind of person and you’ve put up with it for so long maybe their family their friends and you’ve got to exit that current social circle into a new group of people that can help propel you to where you want to go. You need those encouragers around you and in Z. But it’s hard it’s hard to separate yourself when you’re in that environment.

It really is. And I tell you what when you when you find yourself and all of a sudden you look up and in your inner circle you have an idiot. And you know I’m I don’t mean that in a mean way. We all know that person. And do I have to wear pants. Yeah exactly that guy. And you find yourself when you’re like first you might say to yourself How did that person get in my inner business coach circle. Well might evaluate that might take a look at that but then also you know go what do I do with that now. You know because we don’t all have some but some of us have some. And you say to yourself what do I do. Am I do I be mean and just look at them and say you’re an idiot. Leave me alone. You know I don’t. I don’t. I don’t recommend that. But I do recommend dissing distancing yourself from those kind of people that think about is you run with the dog. Dogs.

You will get fleas if you run with the dogs. You will get fleas. Yep. You know Zohan. But if I’m listening right now and I say I am a dog. Like I. Because you’re listening because here’s the thing is a lot of people now. Right. Right. We’ve been there we’ve all been there I don’t know if you’ve been there. I remember I remember this idea specifically when I was at Oral Roberts University before I was a business coach. It occurred to me that I was now surrounded by a few idiots and a lot of good people up there but a few idiots and I needed to change social circles. But in high school this was my move. This is imagine we were high school buddies the three of us OK guys. Hey bro. This is what I would do. Here’s Z. They’re not going to let us by more than three dozen eggs because we’re gonna be suspicious. So if you’ll go buy him from three different stores and then Ryan if you’ll get all the padlocks that’ll be awesome and I’ll meet you guys at midnight. You know and then we would meet. This is literally what we do. We get on top of this local bank there’s a bank downtown in downtown Kook-Aid. And it would snow. And you get up on top of this bank it’s about two and a half stories up.

And when the police would drive by you could throw a snowball and they could never figure out where it came from and it would hit their windshield or hit the side they would stop and they that get out and look around. Hey they put the lights shine the lights again the light going.

We know you’re out there and it’s best to turn yourself in and give up give up. Now we’re getting the dog.

We couldn’t stop laughing. It was just awesome. And we would be up there and then they would finally give up 30 minutes later and then we would do it again. And there’s like every week and then we finish that you know because when you’re a senior or you’re a junior at the time we were juniors. You have to egg every senior’s house so that you have a popular senior is you take eggs and you just pelt their parents home you just it’s not like one week and it’s a consistency that matters the diligence. So every week you do it you know and they start to like wait up for you and you choose different days and you do it when they’re at church when you have moods. And then and then the other thing was padlocks padlocks were kind of because you could lock people’s things and they couldn’t get their things and you just lock their bike to something or lock a mailbox shut or do never move. You know and that was like when because I was an idiot.

The we did we were we were always an idiot phase I guess. I guess most young man does go through that phase. We would get close we would step him full of newspaper and then in the evenings on our street is kind of a straight straight shot you know that put her up on that streetlamps you know that kind of light up right around him. That kind of dims out in their little bit of a dark area and then the other street picks up right. Right. So it’s kind of like in the streets you know light and then a little patch of dark and the light again. And we take that stuffed person if you will and we take the clothes with stuffed full newspaper we take it out put it in the street we put it just to where you’re like kind of real well look out. But just in that little dark zone where you didn’t really see it. He got right up. He would sit back at church for a couple of cars down the road and lock up the tops of cars they’ll go door shut. They’re all on the street right now.

Got you get a jackassery my friend.

You know I’m afraid that most of the things I did would now be considered domestic terrorism and probably a violation of some federal laws.

But the statute of limitations on those. Can you talk about them. I really want to have one.

I have one I’d like to show me where it’s it’s very it’s very it’s definitely a federal offense. But I didn’t do it. I just know people did it. Oh yeah. One of them but what they did is is you know not going getting the details because it is or am radio show.

But basically there is a way to use works at aluminum foil and two liter bottles to make things explode. And so we would have a group of guys that would blow up people’s mailboxes like just all of them up and down the road. Federal courtroom. And so that was the mobile. The problem is I was speaking of it my wife was with me. True story. And this guy David what was his last him on the air. He comes up to me and he’s like hey man.

And David’s the guy who actually got a felony for blowing up people’s mailboxes like that on his record for forever. And he just got to expunge because there’s like a window of time or ever.

Yeah. But he he got a felony because he was hanging out with me and other idiots and we were blowing up mailboxes and it could have been anybody’s you know turn that time. All I’m saying is if you do dumb things consistently you’re going to get caught. It’s going to impact you. It’s going to affect your normal and see if you’re around those people or you are that person it’s so important you take the first step and you start to surround yourself with positive and good people. Am I right.

Well the thing about is like with David he gets that felony as a young man and it closes doors and any time you go through the early part of your life and you do things that shut opportunity shut doors down.

That’s a bad thing right. You know because it’s hard enough to get through the right doors anyway. And then when some of them started getting shot because of idiotic things you’ve done and you know I wouldn’t say we’ve all done them but you know obviously you know there’s a majority of them things and we look back and go it’s a wonder any of us young men are probably still even alive.

You know even did I ever tell you about Mr. Anderson’s car. Everything in that situation. I got a feeling you get ready to. Mr. Anderson drove a really small car. What kind of car was an escort the Geo Prizm whatever the smallest car you can. I mean he’s a choir teacher and I wasn’t strong enough to do it but you know you’re on a football team and there’s you know 20 guys who can lift things. And the move was they would always pick up his car and set it in between two pine trees. So it’s impossible to move in unless you had a team of you that he wouldn’t move you couldn’t get a tow truck you couldn’t get out and he would get stuck and they would make an announcement and someone as Mr. Anderson’s car and that’s the way it was also it was just that all the time.

And the other thing we did did Mr. Anderson which was which was again looking back at it it’s it’s now funny again at the time. After about a year after I thought that was really bad I was really mean. But when we used to do is the Enquirer you’re given lyrics to the song you might have could have choir in high school or middle school years of choir. Yes I was a backup singer where you were. Yeah they just kept telling me to backup. All right. Are you further from where you are or did you have choir.

No. Very very small school choir. You have to sing. You know these songs that are kind of irrelevant to the high score you know. So like Shenandoah I used a song Shenandoah Candy Land Candy. So here is example.

So she ended up going to high school kids were supposed to sing. Oh Shenandoah I long to hear you where you’re going.

This is a stupid time. So we did we would say practice. And Hugo gosh you are has are showing tremendous improvement the altos is doing great. The tenors while you guys are just the bass so good. And I would get together with my friends for extra practice and we would change the words to the songs that were beyond obscene like lyrics that were beyond obscene but darn but accurate. And they were right. They would hit on the right syllable the rhyme scheme. Oh yeah. I would get up there and sing Oh Shenandoah I blah blah blah blah and all of the parents like oh my gosh there’s 50 men singing this perfectly perfect. And my dad is like.

Or is your child too. He’s trying not to laugh out loud. Yeah.

My mom is just everyone. And every time he’d told me cause he knew I did. He pulled me aside and I am tired of him. I don’t know who. I don’t know who did it but I’ll tell you what I felt pressured to sing these lyrics tonight and we would do it every day.

And that’s the guy that stopped the show.

But if you take that negative energy in you it just towards something positive. You put it towards. Starting a business that they’re kind of creative energy. You know starting a business or growing a business or marketing a business I mean that sort of nefarious idiot ness could be used for great marketing.

Well and that’s one of the things that just amazes me about you as a business coach Clay is when I met you you were. I thought you were on your way to live in the thug life. Oh yeah Tupac baby.

I mean you came in first time. First time I met you I thought Who is this punk. This rascal I mean you had your baggy pants on loop earrings. Oh yeah. And his had his attitude on your face always looking like you are trying to fight you know that I guess you were trying to like him. You were like him and I’m.

Well the key is to be radical if you want to keep it real poor. You want to keep it real. He always will look angry. I don’t know. You point you point basketball right. So you know that the other team you want to scowl Adam kind of like him looks like you’re the toughest. I mean do you ever do that was that part of your strategy.

Absolutely yeah. And then years later you’re coming to take me on killing business coach you know say hey we’re business coach and we’re going to take it to the world to the world you came here and you were clean cut. You had one SBA Entrepreneur of the year. You had your suit times suit on. You had your head your hair did just right. You had a little. I think it was kind of maybe a little fake for most of the other folks. Yandle fog but you know well done. And I thought Who is this man in front of me who all the Thrive is out there you can make that kind of transformation.

You’ve got to be real about where you are versus where you want to be what flipped the switch on you.

I’m going to go from like I mean you were certified like I’m headed to com and then you flip that too.

Now I’m getting real work. I think real work I think just having real jobs I mean I worked at Target. Nothing. No disrespect if you work at Target when you work at Target and you exchange your exchange your whole 40 hours for $280 and then you go and you I used to work at Target and change shirts after the shift to go work at Applebee’s and you work at Applebee’s and you go home smelling like French fries and then you work at the call center for DirecTV and you look up and that’s like an $800 check and you realize there’s no mentorship going on there’s no teaching you you’re not getting ahead. And the need is realizing you know what I’m going to always be stuck in this cycle. I don’t make some major changes. And so I read Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends And Influence People. OK. Read a thinking grow rich by Napoleon Hill great book and it’s been a lot of time with Clifton Tolbert and Clifton Tarbert I thought was the best.

How did you how did you how did you land that big whale. How did you how did you land that man as a business coach mentor.

Well Clifton Talbert went to the church that my parents went to and everyone kind of knew the fable the meat the myth the legend of Tifft and Tarbert because here’s a guy who was an African-American guy and he could not go into banks as a kid in Glenallan Mississippi because of legal segregation. And then he went on to best open up his own bank. He had his life turned into a movie. He helped introduce the Stairmaster. I mean just a legendary fairy tale of a life. And I went to meet that guy and when I met him. He explained to me I don’t remember the exact words he said but basically you can’t get paid like a boss and dressed like an idiot unless you are the boss.

Now what is your question. So you skipped something there because I was out the going. You just you just go to a meeting. How did you set. I mean you had me.

I mean how did you get a meeting with a relentlessly cold called. OK. I was told numerous times he was not available and I process that is a request for more information or for additional phone calls. And so I just kept calling him and calling him and calling him and calling him and calling him some more. And everyone I finally got a meeting with the guy I was so honored to meet him. I had my pen my pad my read my questions pre-written I was ready to go because I wanted to know and I was ready to receive what he was telling me. You know that the student has to be ready because the stuff he told me. I mean it probably could crush my soul. I wasn’t ready for it. I hear that. What did you guys meet. I met at his office there at the Fremont corporation is what he calls his business there and it’s over there at. I want to say 60 maybe 50 first and Lewis and I met him there at his office and we sat down and I didn’t have a lot of time I bet 15 minutes and I was just asking him Hey I’m having a hard time closing some deals and we come back and you know kind of what he told me but he broke it down for me. Explain to me why I wasn’t close deals and looking back at the book and back at it now it’s pretty hysterical some of the dumb things that I was doing.

Oh I can hardly wait to hear what they were going to be really good.

Stay tuned as the three time business coach show on your radio. My name is Captain Clay Clark and you are kind of big deals day to.

Guess. OK. All right. Dr. Zellner Welcome back to the primetime show on your radio BABY.

We did go get some Cuban leagues. My brother talked to us about the Cuban links. Listen go on what are you talkin about. What do you do. It is like a Cuban sausage. Well you know he actually the last time you played does an intro song was maybe last week to talk about what does a Cuban look like. I don’t know I don’t even care I googled it and it’s not a cufflink. It’s a necklace or jewelry and the links are it’s made out of individual links and the link is called the Cuban link it’s kind of C-shaped Cuban. They call it Cuban link at certain designs he puts together. You make a necklace out of Cuban links. Word is Cuban link. So that’s that’s what it is. I know I get some people Cuban.

There’s a lot of you are listening right now who are saying you know I didn’t know I didn’t know that about Cuban links and I also don’t know a whole lot about designing the life I want.

I don’t know I find myself going Oh that was another year like I got for the birthday because every year that’s a sign that I didn’t get where I thought it would be. You know I think a lot of times you go to you go to school and you’re 12 13 people say what you want to do. You know Billy and God or be an astronaut or play basketball want to remain in business. I want to do something. What are you a firefighter. Again I think every kid has to be a firefighter. Professional sports players can be a fire watcher. You’ll be a flyer won’t you. So you wanted to be an arsonist.

You say start there. I just want you to watch them. You know there is a difference you know. Nice.

I mean it’s like it’s a slight difference. But you a question that I ask people in kind of a deep question that I’ll ask people often though they’ll say Well where do you want to be and whatever what do you want to do when you grow up. I mean you deal those deep questions that people look at you and say well you know I really want to do X Y Z but it’s going to take you know four years or three years or two to fill in the blank to do it. And I you know I’m like well I’ll make you question. How old are you going to be in four years if you don’t do that thing again and they do the math and I guess you know what.

How old are you going to be in four years if you do the thing that like I go in that something the same age zero imagine that.

I do one thing I like about that your whole perspective towards life that’s pretty amazing is you do have a long term perspective to everything. And and I’ll just give an example. You’re very purposeful about the life you’ve designed and the life you’re living and you know are you perfect. No but you’ve sat down and at one point you’ve written down your goals for your faith in your family and your finances and fitness and things like that. And then you look up and you had your optometry clinic now for 25 years. Yes 26 years this November and. That building that you’re located in there that’s not cheap. No you’re correct. I mean it’s all $7. Eight dollars. It was a little bit more than that. OK so you have a touch more in an interview but you were purposeful to say you know I want to. You probably had to borrow some money at some point to buy the building or door to buy the land or to build you know. Did you did you build the building from scratch.

The one on Memorial I did the one on Harvard. I bought the building that I you know I took out of. I’m going to put a whole floor and I could just meet my new office in there. Couple of months ago so if you haven’t been buying the new Harvard location it is Swink feel it’s really fine. I’m really proud of it. So I’m so excited about it. And we’re over there now and it’s fun and I’ve got my two years and five year goals now with my businesses. I’ve got I’ve got those new things mapped out the growth I’ve got mapped out the things I’m going to do mapped out. And you might say well gosh isn’t that enough and it’s kind of like you know I enjoy growing and I enjoy doing more and I enjoy like you’ve said before living on the edge. You’ve got great scenery you know. Ah. That is right there on the edge.

So if we’re talking about building six life there there’s a word that everyone needs to know and I’m going introduce it. It’s called entropy and it’s got to get up this weekend. I was marinating on this word and I think it’s a perfect word to describe what happens if you’re not intentional about designing the life that you want is you start to have a lack of order or predictability and a gradual decline into disorder into combustion and it just you don’t get the life you want. So now it’s what we talk about faith your family your financial fitness your friendships. And let’s talk about fun. Ryan what do you like to do for fun when you’re out there auto rapping vehicles and outlaw customs. I mean I know auto routing vehicles is your pastime your passion your your flavor of the month your flavor of the week what you love to do it your heart song really. But what do you like to do when you’re not doing that.

You don’t really love to do. I love to cook. I’m a I’m a little applause at chef and I love to cook because I like for people to be happy and when people are eating great food they’re always happy.

What’s your favorite book as a business coach. You can do like one meal this is like you’d go to your go to meal you did like what your number one meal. I mean this is like a you got one chance to impress these top chefs or whatever you’re on at your own show you’re And that thing you know and you’ve got one. What you’re what you go to. All right.

So my father in law did not like pork. And I made a version of a pork saltimbocca is like a veal saltimbocca end up.

Well I guess you just go to your job use your adult word. What’s are OK so saltimbocca.

It’s a I believe Italian. It’s like you take a pork fillet it out make a medallion out of it serve it with prosciutto and a great sauce over some mashed potatoes. And he loved that dish.

A man who did not like pork at all said this is the best meal I’ve ever had upon yourself to say I’m going to I’m going to you’re going to like the other white meat. He know that you were preparing pork former. Oh that’s just. Yeah. Oh and there’s cheese cheese on top. I’ll tell you what to see next. Absolutely. I mean I really knew it.

And he sat down and he loved it. And so that’s that’s the one that everybody loves. But I cooked a lot and for a lot of people. So I love to do that.

Really could you teach someone how to cook. Because I don’t know how to cook. I don’t even how to make scrambled eggs.

Absolutely in fact am I my buddy and I we just. Yes. Surround yourself with better people. We just. Hosted of about 50 people over last night for a huge mill had twenty five zero 50 we had we had 10 courses. It was huge.

OK why we took the course and real quickly real quickly because this is fascinating.

Well it’s 10 so it’s hard to be real quick so I seared a scallop put it in a homemade sweet potato chip with a apple slaw and a truffle oil. The whole thing that you hear isn’t the real deal. So there are long there. We did cowboy rib eyes. We had about 30 pounds of these four inch thick ribeyes OK.

And the bone that we did. I I I surveyed which we can’t get into that and beef tongue and we served this seared beef tongue.

OK. You know it was it was it was delicious beef tongue beat of a cow taking the actual tongue of a cow. Yeah. The tongue of a cow or two feet long. It’s incredible. It is a muscle. I mean you know it is yeah. So he made he made a chicken like a chicken dish and a lot of ribs he’s a big barbecue. So he did a bunch of barbecue. OK. And then I made a shrimp and lobster salad on a dive leaf with salmon eggs on top of it.

OK. It was delicious. Wow. And then what else do we make it’s off the top of my head there are 10 of them so when you finished making the cow tongue did you eat the soul of a lamb. Well I guess that just seems like over-the-top sometimes seriously left of the land as the sole Oh my.

I mean I just I mean that seems like it is here we like take years and pick. I mean you make monkey brain on one of the horses.

You know it’s funny that you mentioned the pig years because that was that was one of the issues that I was trying to make and I just ran out of time sweet week at a time I mean time got shot. So I don’t want to if you want ethics if you want some barbecued smoked figures we can make some sliders out of those and those are great.

Crazy. So what do you get for dessert. I mean create a dessert right here.

He demonstrated the go to Bananas Foster. It’s bananas foster is the best dessert because you can make it for two or 25 people and you always have the ingredients at home.

Wow and how when did you start becoming a chef I mean that just been a lifelong.

I mean that’s what my mom and I did together when I was a kid when we had three stations and one of those was PBS and so you had cooking shows and we watched those and made the meals.

I loved that you were so into it because that’s exactly what we’re talking about we’re trying to get the drivers out there want you to think about that I mean what is something that you love doing thrive nation that you are into something you are excited about.

That’s so fun to hear that story because that’s exactly what we’re talking we get to find things that you love doing.

From slider’s potato chips.

It just seems a little over the top though it kind of like what you’re eating I mean again. But I encourage you right now to think about what you want cause if you want to and then go do it but put it on your To-Do list. We come back we’re talking more about how to live the six life right here on the drive time. Business Coach radio show with eight seconds word of a drive the runner. Larry Bird is just unconscious. They hope with the right side the far away.

Have it all thrive nation that was a little Larry Bird highlight reel for those old school basketball fans back when the shorts were tight Zeeman with shorts so they were tight little Euro shorts so tight titres. Here’s the deal where you as a man when you went to the game you would look away so as not to look at another man that way they were uncomfortably short.

They were not. I mean, business coach client Ryan, when you were in your basketball prime you were wearing shorts like that right.

Absolutely yeah. I had the urge to go to the closet and try and come and turn around and there’s no way I could fit in them.

Would be like little Speedos now.

But oh yeah. Now here’s where I played that clip because Larry Bird is a guy I read his book called Drive and I love I love his obsession with basketball. I mean he’s a 30 year old man. I mean how many people do you know that are 30 that are obsessed with baseball in high school that kids 18 years old he says. And basically loved basketball more than most people. I was just into it I loved it it was like what I wanted to do when I had downtime. I wanted to shoot. And then when I couldn’t shoot I wanted to think about shooting. I dreamed about shooting in the game. Sometimes he would visualize a play the night before and he would try it and he’s like oh my gosh that move work because he obsessed on it and I think that if you are living the six life then you are doing this next this next this next move and this is something that that’s going to be tough for some of you to handle because I think that moderation makes sense in a great many areas. But here it is. You have to know your heart song. You have to know your theme your and your heart is your thing that you’re into that you’re so into that you’re so myopically focused on that you notice the details that you have a mastery of it that you have become clearly better than anybody else around you at it because that’s going to be like your go to move. And your source of confidence and I’ll just give you an example.

I love reading books and watching videos about comedy like I like to study comedy like comedy is a science or comedy is a less a subject in school. And so when I watch Steve Martin’s father of the bride you know for the 18th time the humor in there and the way they deliver it to me is funny. I just you I and I go OK that’s that’s one kind of humor and then you go and you watch Naked Gun and you watch Airplane and the literal humor where they say well they will say well tell me what happened and the guy says OK and he said start from the beginning he well first came the dinosaurs and then came the Mercedes Benz and the Arabs and this is like no no no. Tell me before that is it. Well there was a big bang and then you know that kind of thing and then it’s that little humor and then there’s the physical humor there’s there’s all these different things there’s recovery humor. Dave Letterman used to tell a joke every night Z and Joel hosting does this. That’s not funny. And then that becomes the humor right. Yeah. There’s the physicality of Chris Farley. Just the physical or Jim Carrey Jim Carrey that bombastic humor there’s voices imitating people. There’s inner dialogue I use that move a lot where I’m saying what you’re thinking or I’m thinking what you think I’m thinking. And so Jim Gaffigan does that how he always is thinking. He is always saying what he thinks you’re thinking.

There’s all different forms of humor and I could study that forever and I can tell you that if you don’t find something that you’re into you chicken like you’re go to hobby and your source of joy then it becomes hard to ever develop a lot of confidence and I want to ask you the I mean what are some things that you’re just into That’s kind of like you know your go to move it’s kind of like your heart song and maybe a couple of things that you just love hearing that song you just love that that hobby that pastime. What are some things you’re into.

Probably two things that come to mind right the top are my horses my race horses my thoroughbreds. I I love that I loved the studying of them the you know the science of trying to take two animals to make a better animal is just fascinating to me. And so the study of pedigrees and there’s so much stuff online you can get lost in that the reading the studying of all the great ones and why they you know they think the genetics and the phenotype and the gene genome types and all the all the different things things that are sexist to science of it. I just love that and I love my horses. I love being around them. I’m just drawn to them. And so that’s that’s one thing and I love reading. I love reading and I love reading books that are just fun books just can take my mind away.

Like just like you know Benjamin Graham’s key to investing the Intelligent Investor or how to win friends and influence people in the dictionary that kind of thing.

Well yes the dictionary I’m on I’m on a letter L right now I just sit down and I understand don’t read the dictionary. I think I’m on L.

What do you like to read as a business coach?

What do you like to read into fantasy novels. You know kind of like the Lord of the Rings kind of stuff fábio cover kind of things Fabio cover with these on a horse shirtless on the beach. You know and I wondered what you thought of the world. Oh I don’t know what it’s like it’s like the fantasy novel and I like it because I enjoy those I grew up kind of a big fan of C.S. Lewis Tolkien Yeah. So those those kind of books has fascinated me how these men could make up these entire world and their imaginations and their curiosity and then does where they lead and it is fun. I enjoy that.

David I want you to take the challenge going it right now. My smartphone I’d like for you to do it. OK. So here we go. We’re going to go ahead here and type in going to type in thrive time show reviews on your smartphone do a search for thrive time show reviews everybody do what Google will give you a second this is a radio show I know that the the profundity of having you do a visual exercise on an audio only show is not lost on some people but if you do a google search for it you’re going to find tons of reviews from workshop’s tons of like I mean like 275 video reviews. I mean it’s a massive number. And this weekend I was going through them because I’m trying to take the workshops to the next level it’s starting to become a thing where people from Canada California England are showing up and you don’t get really good at something unless you obsess about something you’ve got to get into it.

Right. We have it’s about what 15 hours a power and I have a question for your personal question. Magic to a personal question. Let’s do it. OK. I know you like all of the segments. I know all of the segments matter. I know all the moves matter and I know you’ve got to do all the moves to ensure your successful business. But do you have a personal favorite move.

Yeah I like the one where you establish the goals the revenue goals because I was give an example one of the clients I work with we did this. This is six months ago one of our workshops and it occurred to them they only needed to add four new paying clients a week to be financially free. And then you extrapolate that you add up the math and we tell people for every one. Yes you’ve got to get 100 no’s so they only had to do 400 cold calls a week to guarantee their financial freedom. Wow. Is so cool. I have 400 nos. OK great. And then he realized the sweat equity could do it. And then talking to him this morning on our call and hearing how his company did. Eleven thousand dollars a week this week of sales that he’s splitting between he and one other person. That’s exciting. That is so exciting when you realize that’s life changing information.

You change that young man’s life.

I love that. And then if I had to choose a close second it’s search engine optimization because that would Zobel Adoree though.

Oh man oh my man.

When you when you and I started our businesses you before I. But when you started your business remember what you bought that yellow page ad and you had to call it soup.

And I took a picture of us so it was like a 12 month commitment. Love your commitment baby and I did it and it’s like a $2000 a month for the whole page. Would you sign that I think it’s like signing a mortgage. Oh my gosh. Oh yeah.

And they are like week to week I mean right for your business how customs if you want to run ads are running for a few days or for a few weeks. How long do you have to run an ad for.

Well with in advertising Inc. Yeah. And on the bus ads you know typically three months.

Yes I mean you can. You don’t. But I mean you don’t think about the profundity of that Thrivers if you can’t afford to. Let’s say auto Raptor vehicle you can’t afford a yellow page you can’t afford a radio ad you now through online advertising and search engine optimization. You can dominate the conversations of your ideal and likely buy or you can be exactly where they’re searching when they’re searching for you on the Internet they’re going to find you and it doesn’t matter who pays the most.

It’s just a sweat equity thing. It’s a game changer. It’s an absolute game changer and you’re right. I mean as you know is a big deal. I know you’ve you’ve got your nerve. You’ve got to deep dive deep in you know all the secret moves. You know what Google me. Stay tuned it’s a trap type show on your radio.

I made a mixtape in my dorm room. Came the lead. It doesn’t seem Schull.

All stato levee bad enough that it the bottom now he started from the bottom now. Darted from the bottom now we say not a bad analogy.

If you are listening today and you started from the bottom and you found yourself still somehow at the bottom do not feel like an idiot. Do not feel like your life has too much of your life has gone by. I want to give you some examples of encouraging words here some real examples. Did you know that my main man Colonel Sanders didn’t have really any success at all until later in his life. You know Ray Kroc was going with food gurus here but Ray Kroc you know he really didn’t have any success at all financially until his late 40s. You know the guy who launched McDonald’s I mean there’s so many people easy Walt Disney. He basically was on the verge of bankruptcy till he was 36. I mean he was 36 years old he almost didn’t make it. So I mean if you’re listening right now and you’re going through some stuff you’re not alone you’re not you’re not somebody who doesn’t qualify to have success.

I mean Walt Disney lost it all twice. That’s nuts not good. I mean Henry Ford lost it five times. I guess that’s not. That’s even more not good.

Yeah. Warren Buffett made most of his money after the age of 60.

So these are things that if you’re listening right now you have the absolute power to design the six life that you want. But I will tell you this if you do nothing today if you if you take the information you learned today by default. Here are some are some very terrible but powerful statistics for you. According to Gallup by default only 13 percent of people like their job 13 percent Wow. So that’s you know I mean maybe you’re listening and I’m one of the 13. That’s me. I love what I do. And your face that’s fine. But for 87 percent of people out there that’s not that’s not good not good by default. Eight out of 10 businesses fail.

Oh I never claimed I’m going to give you some more.

There’s all sorts of research out there but since psychology today has so much research out there it’s talking about a lot of people right now are spending on a daily basis up to 10 hours a day on a screen on social media responding to feedback from people that you do not know. Arguing with people on online comments and getting into arguments cyberbullying I mean there’s that whole like you can really be an unhappy person if you’re not intentional Zeese. I’d like for you to court here and walk us through I mean we’re talking about the 6 life. I think a big part of it is really establishing those great relationships with great friendships. What would be the step you’d advise everyone to take right now if they’re listening and they go you know what I’ve determined. I am surrounded by negative people and I want to make a positive step. What is the first step. Everybody listening today should do what’s the first step they should take.

Well I you know I’m glad we’re kind of wrap around because in the break we were talking about us that we really could have marinated a bit more in the French yard and that is building the positive one. And I think you said something very powerful earlier in the show.

And as always if you’re just now tuning in you like what did he say. You can go to thrive time show dotcom we put every show we’ve done about 200 down to put every show up as a podcast. You can sign up to be at the podcast or you can share. If you say Hey listen I’ve got a friend that really needs to hear this message. You can e-mail to him share with him. So we’re getting podcast downloads now from what 50 countries years out over 50 countries about 30000 people a month downloading the Plunkett’s and agony downloads from North Korea yet.

Well North Korea has been amazing. We’re having a lot of strong downloads strong strong download trial.

Kim Jong Il. I didn’t know that.

Apparently he feels like that you’re live in the M6 life and he doesn’t want to. Well he started to say maybe there’s something to that idea but we don’t we don’t know we don’t have any. We have to prove that and only speculate.

But you’re right. We believe it to be true. Well you’re right. So to think about it you have to be purposeful and the first thing is is you have to have maybe. I know that sounds funny but your dream 100 a friends you’ve got two people you know that you go wow that person’s got their act together. That person who’s got it going on. I’d like to hang out with them. Oh yeah. And so you did it with Cliff Clifton Robert and then you didn’t really use that how did you get that meeting. You were just I was relentless. And every time you didn’t know you just took that as that means two more phone calls. Well Clifden one thing that he has to do and this is true story this is an uncomfortable run on if this is something you could relate to or if you know if you’d be OK with this but I’d ask him to be a mentor in my life and at church one time he pulled me aside at church and I’m like a 25 year old 24 year old guy this is probably what you know 13 years ago to whoever is going to pulled me aside and in a very private lane he says hey you’re not treating the pastor with respect to the. And I’m going.

Really you know and I started thinking and he goes yeah I mean the whole yawning thing. It just shows total disrespect. And I know that you wouldn’t appreciate it in your meeting. He wouldn’t appreciate it either. And I expect more from you. But I love you and I’m going oh no this is after you had the meeting. This is I’m like this boy or the deejay company was doing well now. And I just wasn’t being respectful to the pastor. And I asked him to be in my life and to help me things.

And you gave him permission to speak into your into your life. You know.

So when you got to take the picture because you know just pulling it randomly aside and I I’d asked I had asked him to mentor me and I had and one of the things that he told me is very funny is and I look back at these stories are hilarious now but at the time they were not funny. I’m meeting with brides. I’m spending thousands of dollars on online marketing on an yellow page ads to get an appointment. I’m going to bridal shows to get an appointment and when I finally get an appointment I’m meeting with the brides at McDonald’s.

Oh Lord. And I’m just up like Tupac. And he goes so what do you wear to the appointments. And I’m like well I wear this. And he says OK so you were in Wu-Tang shirt and the jeans and the lugs boots. OK OK. So why do you do that on my own. It’s comfortable you know. And where do you meet him I sit at McDonald’s and you see you meet the girls at McDonald’s the first impression of you is you at McDonald’s you meet him there the mom and the bride Mamah the bride makes sense. And I’m in a sense. You’re you’re you’re not closing anything are you. And I’m like no I’m not. He goes Well that’s that’s the key. Got to go to panera get a shirt with a tie. Wear a suit. Tuck it in.

Get a briefcase that was the old briefcase right there on the wall. Yeah. Get some dress shoes breathe clean them up.

Shine them up I mean that was the thing. But it was the thing of like I didn’t even know what I didn’t know and I would encourage anybody right now if you’re listening and you don’t know what to do. Book your tickets for the next in-person drivetime workshop. Just book it. You’re going to have a fire hose of knowledge and I encourage you to google my name. Clay Clarke and reviews read the reviews and see what people like you have had to say about it but what if I can’t afford the ticket.

What if what if I had a car wreck last month I needed some you know hospital bills I didn’t see. I mean I’m I’m behind and I can’t I you know I can’t buy a ticket right now to come.

Well we have the scholarship program available so that means that all you need to do is have the courage to go to thrive time showed up and schedule your appointment schedule a you know reserve your ticket. And one of our members we’ll call you. We’re not going to publicize who couldn’t afford it or who could have a scholarship program and we can meet you halfway. 80 percent of the way. We’ll make sure that price doesn’t stand between you and your future you can absolutely do it. And the other thing you could do is you go over to outlaw custom dry and I don’t know if there’s something that you still endorse. This is still a program you have here but you could probably just start ramping cars without permission and see if he’ll pay you eventually I mean that could be an extra source of income right. I mean are you do you train your to you encourage that activity.

It’s fairly intentional there’s a design process production so the installation side is about four or five steps down so if you want to show up and look and watch and enjoy.

So when you wrote in the show folks today definitely do not tell people to show up and just autographing my vehicles again please don’t do that anymore.

It wasn’t one of those reverse psychology things here I thought he wanted to see it all.

I love all I love free labor.

Nice. Nice. OK. But I encourage you go to right. I would encourage you do this just google my name. Clay Clark and reviews read the reviews and just see if it’s something for you. Check it out.

I don’t know if you guys realize but just some nuggets of wisdom passed over the airways right there and you had to kind of discern it you had to kind of dig around to get it. Did you hear what he said. He loves free labor. Number one have trip to track on me. Come on. So you see somebody out there in the world you see a successful business dude. You see someone out there that you go. I want to spend time with that person. That’s a move that’s how Puff Daddy got his dad is a move. Would you break it down like you did just we just can get over that.

We’re going to give you. I’m going to have to you fast for me because at the time I was even three examples. That’s all I got time for one is did you know that Oprah started working for free as an intern every day when they would shut down the chute they would shut down the show. She would hop on camera and pretend like she was on and she did every day until someone got sick and then bam she got her chance after over a year in turning to Sean Combs a.k.a. Puff Daddy he wanted to work for a big time record label and they said no thank you. And so we worked there for free and you know he did that for years and then finally one day he brought in a guy named Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B IGY and he brought Dante Casey and Joe Joe and Mary J Blige thus forming Bad Boy Records as a result of him working for free. And did you know that Andrew Carnegie started working for free at the age of 13. You know Rockefeller the age of 60 Do you know that everybody that I’ve ever studied who’s gone on to become successful started by working for free in some capacity putting in the work as he got to work to learn not just to earn my man.

Absolutely. And that gives you the opportunity to be around that person who spent time with that person and you’ll be noticed by that person and that’s that’s kind of cool. Now talk to me as a business coach, I’ve got Ok I’m out there listening. I want to start a business you guys are fire me up. What are the four ways we can help them.

Well wait number one is I encourage you to go to thrive time show comments subscribe to our podcast you never want to miss a broadcast. Maybe you missed half of today’s show you want to hear the other half. Check it out. Also go to and sign up for the world’s most effective business school it’s just a dollar for the first month. There’s absolutely no contract you can cancel at any time. Move number three sign up for one on one business coach. If you’re looking for that mentorship to learn from mentors and business coach and not just mistakes go to business coach and see as always good as part time should icon and book your tickets for our next in-person workshop or sold out for June but July baby you got your tickets.

I guarantee you three things better in person workshopped one you’re going to have fun. You two. You’re going to learn the practical steps. Open and start. Grow a business and three there’ll be no sales. We’re not getting you here to try to upset you with something ridiculous and try to get you know try to make you buy some kit for thousands of dollars or do something ridiculous.

We don’t believe in get rich quick schemes we teach you how to get rich slow guaranteed the steady way to do it. Good job types should not come to book your tickets. My name is Clay. His name is Z That’s Ryan. Three two one.

December 9th, 2017


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