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To make your life 2% easier and to help solidify my claim that this is the best business coach book ever written, I’m providing you with a massive list of the best-practice business coach GUARDRAILS you and your company need to have in place, along with accompanying templates for many. These documents are provided to help you establish in your company the baseline level of business coach quality and detail you need to provide. Get ready for a FIREHOSE OF KNOWLEDGE.

  • Inbound Call Scripts – Download at
  • Outbound Call Scripts – Download at
  • Pre-Written Post Sales Call Email – Download at
  • Pre-Written Directions to Your Office – Download at
  • Pre-Written Online Review Request Email – Download at
  • Pre-Written AutoResponder Email – Download at
  • Ongoing Recorded Calls (with Weekly Schedule Call Review Meeting) – Download at
  • Search Engine Compliance Scores – Download at
  • Search Engine Duplicate Content Checker – Visit to see if someone on your team is plagiarizing content from another company and then adding the content to your website (THIS WILL GET YOU IN TROUBLE WITH GOOGLE)
  • Search Engine Content Uploading Checklist – Download at
  • Social Media Marketing Calendar – Download at
  • Dream 100 Marketing Calendar – Download at
  • Standardized Sales Contract – Download at
  • Standardized Sales Packages – Download at
  • Standardized Sales One Sheet – Download at
  • Standardized Sales Brochure – Download at
  • Standardized Sales Concessions for Negotiations – Download at
  • Standardized Pre-Approval Letter (for the mortgage industry) – Download at
  • Regulated and Limited Access to Company Database of Current and Past Clients – Download at
  • Automated Drip Email System – Download at
  • Automated Customer Surveys – Download at
  • Preferred Vendor Recommendations List – Download at
  • Refund Policy – Download at
  • Press Release Template – Download at
  • PR Kit – Download at
  • Time-Off Request Policy – Download at
  • Dress-Code Policy – Download at
  • Point System for Employee Write-Ups – Download at
  • Cross-Selling Checklist – Download at
  • Pre-Approved On-Hold Music – Download at
  • New Customer On-Boarding WOW Checklist – Download at

“A popular concept of quality in manufacturing is the importance of “doing things right the first time.” But customers of service organizations often allow one mistake. Some organizations are very good at delivering service as long as nothing goes wrong. Others organize for and thrive on service emergencies. Outstanding service organizations do both by giving frontline employees the latitude to effect recovery. Southwest Airlines maintains a policy of allowing frontline employees to do whatever they feel comfortable doing in order to satisfy customers. Xerox authorizes frontline service employees to replace up to $250,000 worth of equipment if customers are not getting results.” -Heskett, Sasser, et al. (Authors of “Putting the Profit Chain to Work” in the Harvard Business Review)

Once you have built these business coach systems, the natural temptation is to sit back and not make any updates. But if you actually take this approach, you are going to end up with a business coach model that is as viable in the current marketplace as Blockbuster Video (with all due respect to Wayne Huizenga). With the entertainment company I founded ( I used to be the king of Yellow Page advertising. I literally purchased the largest Yellow Page ads they sold and then all the sudden out of nowhere came this thing called Google. One of my employees pointed out that I might want to look at building a website for our company and I remember thinking that he was out of his mind. I was so content with the results I was getting that I was no longer open to feedback from the marketplace.  I finally pulled my head out of my rectum three years before the Yellow Pages completely died off as a viable advertising platform. Today, I would strongly discourage you from investing heavily in Yellow Page advertising.

Fun Fact: Wayne Huizenga is an American entrepreneur who has been involved in the founding of three Fortune 500 companies. He has also owned three top tier professional sports franchises and is the man who grew Blockbuster from just a few stores in 1987 to become the nation’s largest movie rental chain in 1994.

5.7 – Unlocking Your Company’s Fast and Sustainable Growth Potential by Listening to Your Customers

Years ago I had an opportunity to work with a dentist who had heard me speak at a business conference in Florida.  I was speaking about the importance of listening to your current customers to make sure you were not missing out on any low-hanging fruit or obvious upselling opportunities that would meet the needs of your current customers. I asked everyone in the audience to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 the effectiveness of their current systemic- and checklist-driven upselling processes. This man came up to me after my talk and told me that he was one hundred percent certain that he could dramatically increase his sales if he just knew how to create upselling systems for his business.

We started the process by simply having his two front desk team members call each and every one of his current and former patients to ask them what other dental related services they had paid for during the past year. As each patient answered, the responses were added into a spreadsheet. After getting in contact with over 500 of his former and current patients, we discovered that nearly 30% of them over the past five years had paid for teeth whitening, the (braceless) Invisalign teeth straightening system, or cosmetic veneers. We discovered that many of his patients did not know that he routinely provided cosmetic dentistry solutions, including veneers, to patients.  We also discovered that practically none of his patients knew that he and his office could provide long-term financing solutions through their partnership with a third-party medical financing company called CareCredit.

“My young daughter asked me for business coach and career advice. I told her, “Go into sales. Pick a profession that feels that selling is a sleazy activity, below its professional standards. Study that profession with the idea that you’ll make your money selling. There will be little competition and your colleagues will be delighted to pay you handsomely, even more than they earn themselves.”  -Jerry Vass (Bestselling author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)

December 8th, 2017


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