Dr. Robert H. Zoellner Selected to be CEO of Thrive15 + Business Coach

Dr. Robert H. Zoellner Selected to be CEO of Thrive15 + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – The Thrive15.com educational website has selected successful optometrist and entrepreneur Dr. Robert H. Zoellner to serve as CEO. Thrive15 is a business education platform that offers thousands of training videos to their subscribers. Videos are created on relevant business topics to help entrepreneurial-minded people prosper in their lives and businesses. The founder of Thrive15.com, Clay Clark created the site for struggling entrepreneurs to help them avoid common pitfalls that occur when starting a business. Thrive15 founder Clay Clark has partnered with some of the best entrepreneurs and business leaders in world that share his passion to help others succeed.

Dr. Robert H. Zoellner is a business leader that shares Clay’s passion for mentoring others so they too can accomplish their goals of owning a profitable business. Dr. Z brings over 22 years of industry experience to Thrive15.com. He is the CEO of Thrive15.com, an optometrist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He has founded and operated many thriving businesses. His latest ventures include Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates, which is one of United States’ top-selling eye-frame clinics, Rockin’ Z Ranch, and Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center. His company, Z66 Auto Auction, is Oklahoma’s largest auto auction. Zoellner is known for saying, “I’d rather invest in a business I have control over.” This business philosophy has served him well.

This energetic, soccer jersey wearing CEO is available 24 hours a day on Thrive15.com. His trainings include tips for running a successful business, how to be candid with your employees, the importance of customer and employee satisfaction, learning from customers, and creating checklists for your business. Dr. Z educates “thrivers” (subscribers on the site) on topics he has actually experienced and mastered. His insight is powerful and applicable to entrepreneurs and professionals at any phase in their business. To learn more about this amazing CEO, visit Thrive15.com.

Optometrist Sees the Importance of Educating Entrepreneurs on Thrive15 + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Dr. Robert H. Zoellner is an optometrist and self-made entrepreneur with over 20 years experience of starting and operating businesses. He started his first business from humble beginnings and grew it into a profitable enterprise. His current businesses include Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates, one of the United State’s top-selling eye-frame clinics, Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center, and Rockin’ Z Ranch. He founded Z66 Auto Auction, which is the largest auto auction in Oklahoma. Did we mention he is also the high-energy, jersey wearing CEO of Thrive15.com?

Dr. Zoellner or Dr. Z (the name most people call him) has been devoted to helping others thrive personally and professionally for quite a while. His own experiences and obstacles as an entrepreneur just starting out made him realize the importance of mentorship. As a successful entrepreneur he now knows he could have avoided some of the challenges he faced if he had the guidance of someone that had started and grown a business. For this reason he is committed to educating individuals that lack the practical knowledge and action steps available on Thrive15.com.

Clay Clark, the founder of Thrive15.com and SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, and Dr. Z have partnered with top entrepreneurs and business experts to provide premier training tips and knowledge to help entrepreneurs and professionals further their businesses and brands. Both Clay and Dr. Z are experienced mentors on the site and deliver dynamic trainings to “thrivers” (users on the site) in over 43 countries worldwide. Thrive15 also provides subscribers an opportunity to ask business coach questions concerning their businesses. This is just one of the extra perks the site offers to provide ongoing knowledge to its “thrivers.” The passion Thrive15.com mentors have for future entrepreneurs is obvious in the delivery of their sessions. They truly want to help people succeed. For more information about Dr. Zoellner, visit Thrive15.com.

The Mastermind Behind Guerrilla PR 2.0 on Thrive15 + Business Coach

LOS ANGELES, CA – Michael Levine is the mastermind behind 19 books, including the bestselling PR book Guerrilla PR 2.0. In 1983 he founded Levine Communications, which has represented some of Hollywood’s most prominent figures, including Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Peter Guber, George Michael, Cameron Diaz, and many more. He has also represented popular brands such as Nike, Pizza Hut, and the Laugh Factory. The high-profile clientele he has represented have earned a record-setting 58 Academy Awards, 34 Grammy Awards, and 41 New York Times best-sellers.

The author of 19 books on communications, public relations, and branding, Levine has written many articles for prestigious media outlets including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, and U.S.A Today. Lev-ine is recognized by the press as being a prominent media expert which has caused him to be a frequent guest on media outlets including NBC’s “The Today Show” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” discussing topics about celebrities and the media business coach.

Success was not handed to Levine. He is a self-educated man and has been self-employed since the age of 18. His journey to becoming a media expert was not without effort and diligence. This public relations guru is passionate about educating and inspir-ing others to invest in themselves and ongoing education. He gives his time and knowledge (many times for free) by speaking to groups in men’s and women’s prisons, and homeless shelters. Individuals aspiring to enter the entertainment industry attend his seminars to gain his insight.

The Thrive15.com team shares Levine’s intensity to help willing professionals thrive. Together they are mentoring subscribers on the education website Thrive15.com by providing relevant knowledge that can be implemented into their lives and businesses. To learn more about Michael Levine and his industry knowledge, visit thrive15.com.

December 8th, 2017


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