The F6 Life: How to Find Your Magnificent Obsession (Your Chorus, Your Anthem, Your Heart Song and Your Theme) Part 2

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You as a business coach can hear the shower come on. And no one’s no to help you in the shower. Your wife’s a vacation. So. Right. Now.

Yes. You know it’s a good song and it makes you sweaty. I mean just. Getting sweaty.

As a byproduct of medically speaking how is that possible to get sweaty as a byproduct of that great of a song. Well I think it just it just fires you up so much that it also fires up your I guess your sweat glands and apparently. Wow. And I apparently have hyperhidrosis because I am sweating like a doctor. The big medical term right now. Wow. Now tribe nation that we’re talking about the F 6 life and finding your magnificent obsession. Now here’s something that I get into.

I am a business coach and so I can just focus on something for a massive amount of time which to me and I don’t know if you can relate to this if you’re listening because this is like being vulnerable sharing my soul here for you. But when I’m in conversations I find that most conversations are superficial. So I when I hear people in a social setting having them it stresses me out so I have to tell myself OK this is OK I got a switch as an example. You’ll walk into a church or a restaurant Let’s go to a restaurant we’re going to a restaurant or go to a place where Susan they’re serving and a mommy and a mommy. It’s like that that the Toibin soybeans fancy. Yeah. And they said would you like a beverage and you said yeah I’ll take a you know a you know ice tea ice tea you know your friend says I’m going to you know vodka cranberry juice and you’re like oh gosh I didn’t know well this person is a drinker of drinking beer drinkers. OK. So one person’s streaker big drinkers get one person thinking you know a guy like guys that wanted a drink. So I was going oh it’s a T. Oh my gosh and then you just there’s kind of these pseudo thoughts are going through and then this is what someone will say. So what’s up. And that’s a question or you know like how are you. And the person will say well what’s up. And then someone’s phone ring. Right. Yeah.

And then someone will go oh my gosh they’ll take a picture of their food posted on Facebook. And the third party noticed four people out. The third person will go Hey Craig can you put your phone down. Crank crank. Put it down. And then there’s that tension between Craig and Lisa. There is a tension there. There’s a tension tension. Craig and Lizzie. Correct. And it goes. I’m sorry I’m sorry guys take this call. So he’s talking he’s like yeah I mean what are we gonna do you got a cell. I mean just so you’ve got to sell it sell now and then she’s like. Sorry but that it’s just she gets up go to the restroom. You know they come back and they reset.

What’s the what’s up in here and what’s up. Phone rings. And then everybody walks by. Well you know what. This is how people do life. I don’t think this is but this is like this peripherial epidermis. It’s the what’s up lunch.

It is it’s the epidermis. It’s the epidermis. There’s no we don’t go deep there’s no end to the marrow. We’re not getting into anything meaningful we’re just epidermis life. We’re just not having subcutaneous. And so for me I would rather go deep or not go at all. I’d like to really get to know you sincerely and know what you’re about and what makes you go or I just don’t want to know I don’t. So that’s why it’s always been easy for me to recruit employees and critique and recruit teammates because they know that I really do care if I go after it. But I just. And so I’m just telling you for me like so Mike Posner here with the new album Mike Posner was going to be a three mentor it didn’t work out he moved on to some different things in his life. Yeah. But he wrote the song cooler than me. He wrote girlfriend or his uncle boyfriend for Justin Bieber. He’s written a lot of really big songs that people would know on the radio top 40 songs and he came out with his album which you would love to go all night alone at night alone. OK I’m serious. And he says he wrote it so that you could listen to it at night alone. OK. And he has one song called Only God knows. And he’s talking about only God knows only God knows how hard i’ve tried. Only God knows. Only God knows.

He talks about how basically he’s got to the peak of fame and everyone hates him because he no longer goes out to clubs and smokes pot and he somehow he lost everybody because he now doesn’t view the world that way. And he’s talking about how he’s worked so hard to build will build these Twitter followers and friends and Facebook people. And so I listen to the song day or night and my wife shoots him a text message and they go back and forth a little bit on the text My wife actually you know talked to on the phone there quite a while a while back and he’s like a deep dude you know. He wants to go deep do like he wants to talk to you about how are you. He says this is what Mike Posner says. How are you. And he actually wants to know how you are. Yeah. Which is so different from the what’s up culture. So my ability to go deep to like get into his album and listen to every lyric and I read the lyrics and printed out the limericks and looked at him and I’m like oh well that’s pretty crafty That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty clever. That’s what that means. That’s what I do for everything.

So you mean a book I will tear that book up man I’ll read that book front to back you literally will tear up a book literally and figuratively will tear up a book that’s hard in a fast world.

So for me it’s just kind of like to see you know the business coach Clark experience. It’s easy for me to go deep. Harder for me to go shallow. But sometimes you got to be shells. You got to move on. You got to keep light fluffy. So that’s you know I just I think it’s important if we’re listening right now you know what you’re working with.

Well I think that’s why people love listening to you at the in-person workshop because you go you go deep you don’t just say hey you’ve got to optimize your web to the point. I mean you go deep whatever subject and there’s 13 course subject that you talk about the in-person workshop and whatever subject you’re talking about you burrowing deep you’re like I’m like a mole on steroids on someone.

May I brag on someone. You’re like a mold guy brag on a lady. Please. We have a virtuous lady named Dr. April lie. April live April. Say it in my epoche voice.

It sounds deeper and more meaningful sounds more meaning she’s a pediatric dentist in Tulsa and she has a partner named Dr. Morrow.

She works on kids. To give you what that means doctors have you met Dr. Morrow I’m going. Yeah I’m proper job Helen.

He’s a beautiful man who comes in on Fridays he’s one of my coaching Yes. Yes he has the maturity to realize you know what. Dentists. And we’re going to grow this practice by reaching new people we’ve never seen before new patients. That’s a that’s a neat thought. And the only way we can reach new patients is through marketing but we’re not a marketing firm we are dentists. Interesting so they decided to hire us and then we got them to the top of Google the Google through reviews through content through ads and now guess what they are up 30 percent for the year and it’s been four months.

30 percent of that could happen for everybody. And you know how much it cost him.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Well because we eliminate the middleman it comes factory direct to you know it’s $1800 a month that’s all. That’s it. Wow that’s a great deal oftentimes I think we should charge more. Oftentimes I want to charge more. Often times people offer me too they offer to pay more. If will work with their competitor but we can’t because people call us and say Could you work with me and I go No. We’re already working with your competitor we have a non-compete. You know why we don’t charge more because we’re not Hawks going down to the.

Phone. Well number one rule in business. Deals with.

Banks. Yep. And it goes something like this. Mr. Pike are right. Pigs get fat they get fat cranky you watch out hogs get but your hatrack Greg. What does that mean. Craig. Craig you need to write it down.

I’m always I’m always talking about pigs. This redhead down Craig he’s going to tell you Gary Gary Gary really UPN. Gary get me over here right. Yes I’ll get you a pen.

Here’s what it means is don’t be greedy in business. What. Don’t be greedy as a business coach or in life and what you charge for your products and services. Don’t be greedy when you’re doing a deal with the vendor. Don’t be greedy when you’re paying your employees. Don’t be greedy greedy is just for rappelled wealth. It does it repels. Well pigs is the biggest sign of jackassery. It really is. And so we could do like some of the guys on line do we could charge you thirty thousand dollars for our proven system and fly you to Hawaii.

Why do the Maui the manly man you can even look him up you used to learn about business on the pineapple Drew.

We could charge seventy five hundred dollars a month and make you sign a 12 month contract to play Hello. That’s oh you can’t afford the point because you paid me. That’s $84000. Maybe we could say listen we’ll charge you $50 bucks a month. No commitment no contract quit whenever you want. In fact just you know. Or stay forever. It’s up to you. But we’re going to take walk you through our proven path to success. But what I would say is in the in-person workshop play you dig deep and you don’t leave. I mean you I mean there’s no bone left. There’s no chicken left on the bone when you’re done.

Well if you’re going to come to the workshop we’ll guarantee something. And is this is the guarantee here is one I guarantee that if you just Google thrive time show and reviews you’re going to see thousands of people hundreds of which you came before a video camera to to to share their story. People just like you who are not mentally ill who actually on the video say their first name your last name you can look at their company and they tell you what they learned and it is a game changer when you invest the time to realize how much of an impact it can make for you. You’ve got to block out those 15 hours of time. The money’s not really the issue. It’s the time. It’s $500. But we are the the owner of the we have an owner of a business in Tulsa that’s one of the most successful businesses in Oklahoma in terms of revenue. No exaggeration. The guy’s done. Eight hundred million dollars of sales. He handles all of the marketing for this major company in town. Major I mean this guy. People come to him for guidance and leadership. And guess who’s at the workshop in the front row taking notes this guy. You know why. Because he says you know what I can learn something from everybody. And I discovered how much time you put into notable quotables and researching all your shows and I’ve read your books and I know I need this knowledge. That’s pretty impressive.

That is very impressive. That’s why that guy is where he is in life. He’s never stop learning. He’s never you know he wants the business to be as he wants a business coach.

And we come back we’re going to talk about the importance of not settling the importance of not settling for anything less than the best it’s the drivetime business coach radio show. I’m a business coach and this is the word business coach.

Welcome back to the Thrivetime show on your radio this may be your very new best thing perhaps your sweetest thing. We’re playing nothing but YouTube today Doctor as he just returned from Pittsburgh where he attended an incredible U2 concert. And we’re just marinating or just marinating on the glory of YouTube.

They’re my favorite band of all time so I just really enjoy them and they’re just great guys. I propose you crank it up and I shut up. OK.

Here we go. Come on thrie nation. Here we go. Sign.

You come on and say we want to drown me out. So. You come on our.

Why is it so good. What about it. It’s so good.

I tell you what these guys are just and what’s really funny is you had a friend of yours that went to college with who now is a big deal in the music industry right. Yeah. And he has actually now written him songs for them right here and they’re opening for them on this tour like eight locations.

Well OK Ryan Tedder. It’s his story and I’m going to give you the abbreviated version. But this is a fascinating thing for talking about finding your magnificent obsession and this is just a fabulous illustration. Ryan went to college or you and he studied PR and in music like zonin or people I mean so people study PR and music. But he would play Peter Gabriel so did we ever listen to Genesis the old group back in the 80s and 90s. He would play Phil Collins era the night you know doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo. I couldn’t do that and he would sing it sing along. And then you’re going what are you doing. He’s not singing along to like sing along for fun. And he loved it but he was trying to imitate his voice. And then he would do another sing along where he would do like a Tupac song but he would nail it and you’re going you’re getting you’re moving beyond just good too you’re getting great. Well then he would sing five part harmonies in the end in his room he would record it and then loop the audio in and play all the different vocals. And he kept saying he want to be a top star. He wanted to do it he would become a musician.

Well he actually does the crazy thing where he takes action on his passion. He takes the action on the passion so he actually moves what he moves he moves his body over there to Nashville and he wants to get a job in turn. He wants to intern for Timbaland. OK now Timbaland if you ever heard the song. I’m bringing sexy back. Yeah. That’s Timberlake. If the producer of that song is Timbaland or a song called Try again that’s a dead or Timberland’s song. He produces a lot for a lot of pop music you hear today he produces it. So he wants the interim how many people one in turn for Timbaland a guy who’s sort of a you know a big deal. A lot of people I would imagine. So he does. And how did he get. How do you do in England how you do it. I kept showing up. He said I’m going to work at the pottery barn. You don’t need to pay me I’ll just keep showing up until you know you think it’s worth paying me. So he’s doing it whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa back up yeah.

You just skipped over something that can be life changing for somebody out there listening to you would you break that down a little bit.

He showed up and decided that he was going to work for free would work in a different job Pottery Barn to pay the bills. No fool but that he is going to work for free for this guy. And I remember I talked to him on the phone and he had just sold everything so he couldn’t afford to get back so we could just afford more studio equipment and more microphones a condenser microphone so he could sound better. He had a studio quality demos he’s making. Well he keeps interning keeps doing this and he’s told you have to get to 1 million views on MySpace MySpace MySpace Oh gosh I do JASO somebody told him high up you have to get to a million views or they’re not even gonna acknowledge you a million like fans or followers or whatever it was. Wow. So he commits every day I’m going to get like 10. Do the math that’s about 3000 here minutes it’s going to get 100 this week 400 this week. But I’m not kidding this is a relentless focus. I talked to him and he says hey you know A.J. from the Backstreet Boys CD. I just wrote a song for him and I’m like what. And he goes there’s a song called tushie tried by Bubba sparks where it goes. She tried to tell me then. And that’s his voice. Now I’m like did you sing that song. Yeah that’s a new That’s a new song that Timbaland produced. I’m doing the lyrics of the chorus I’m going What else do you do.

He goes oh I wrote a song for Jackie last guess and I’m doing a song with Lance from N Sync and it looks like my song too late to apologize which he wrote a long time ago is going to be on the radio. Now like too late to apologize because this is like a song he worked on for a while. If you go on YouTube you can see the original version and Timbaland says Hey man I’m willing to executive produce it. Add that beat to it. So today to apol I love it. I know everyone knows that. Oh yeah. And he says OK. So he produces the song Timbaland does that the beat to the song he already wrote. It’s the number one played song of all time in the United States cause it’s a it’s a weird it’s kind of an easy listening song and a pop song. So it plays everywhere. Yeah. And it’s the number one song of all time. Well Ryan really is it really one played song of all time I prefer property ever. I mean we’re talking I had a Michael Jackson it’s crazy. So anyway yeah it’s it’s it’s like it’s on both formats it’s easy listening and it’s like pop it so it worked both places but had it hit that the hard hitting beat. So Leona Lewis reaches out to him and he wrote he writes songs for artists before they want him. OK so he reaches out to you and says you know doctor is he based on your vocal range. You know here’s a good song for your book. All right.

So he wrote a song for Labiatae Lewis called Bleeding Love and Bleeding Love was the number one song in Europe ever. So he had two in the number one in the U.S. and India. Wow. Then he keeps doing all right. So halo Beyonce. He does. He starts writing for a well you know rumor has it he wrote that song for he’s just writing songs hit after hit and he told me the last time I saw him it was about two and a half years ago. I saw him at his house and I said So what’s on the horizon what’s the gameplan. He goes I have two goals because you know I insane because I want to write a song for Paul McCartney and U2. There you go. So like iconic iconic already writing songs for Taylor Swift already writing songs for the who’s who but he’s still lighting up cold calling these people. Oh there you go. And guess who’s opening up for you. For you to select cities Guess who just wrote songs for their new album. Guess who just wrote he just did it in the last month for Paul McCartney. He just wrote for Paul McCartney dropped the mike dropped like way to go Zach.

Yes that’s a real deal. I wonder where it is now. New goals are because you know a guy like that always got you know you’ve always got the next thing the next thing. That’s cool.

I don’t know. Well I think he I think he and Bieber are pushing it to a post album format. You’re starting to see this. They released a song called No Vacancy and new no vacancy is not attached to an album. And Bieber keeps doing this releasing songs that aren’t related to an album they’re just songs. And I think Ryan what he’s doing is he’s taking music to the next level because for music the music industry forever say you’d write an album and then you would have to sell those albums. Well now people are illegally downloading and they’re not following the rules. And so artist make most of their money touring. So now it’s sort of freed the artists again where they don’t have to stick within the album box. They can just write. So he’s like stream of consciousness putting out new things he said he wrote 57 songs for their newest album and they only released like 17 to start so they’re going to keep dripping out. So it’s going to be fun to see what he does. But Ryan Tedder. He should check him out.

In my opinion there’s nobody better because of all the formats He writes for unbelievable while that’s what a success story but it’s all because he has his magnificent obsession he knows what it is and he’s following through with that that is very cool.

Now he wanted to I want to ask you about not settling because this is where people get it wrong. And I would like you to help us solve it. So many people get into a weird business partnership and you partner with your cousin and he just won’t say you’re an air conditioning business and your cousin is supposed to do the accounting and he won’t do it. And you’re supposed to do the service but you do it but you stay in it because you’re loyal. You want to stay committed you want to but yet you hear all the time hey you got to you know don’t settle or you’re in a really really dysfunctional location like you’re in a location where your restaurant you know and I know that you can’t make money there. So the lease it’s time to expire the leases are expiring it’s time to renew it. Do you stay there or do you move somewhere else more strategic. Z when do you when is it time to to settle and when is it time to move on.

Well here’s the deal is that if when you have a business and let’s say you if you didn’t have two or were it your idea you need to always make sure that you have a controlling interest in the business. I see all the time that people do these 50 50 business coach or business partnerships and that in my humble opinion is a huge mistake because the average person the cognitive load it’s sometimes hard to remember things unless something crazy happens.

So I’m going to make this sound as weird sound and then as I make that sound I would like to say that again because that’s such a huge idea. So this will be the sound that will remind you of this sound. So here we go we go ready.

Do not enter into a new business and be a 50/50 partner or someone. Make sure if it’s your idea and your baby. Make sure that you are at least the majority are right. Then you can make those hard business coach decisions. And when you have to.

That is such a big idea right. That does blows the mind of a lot of people listening right now they’re doing it 50/50. Carl you and I and Craig the three of us could keep us together. And then I’ll say this is that they will we’re in partnership how can we all don’t get an equal voice. Z help us sort it out.

I’ll tell you what. When you start a business you have to make sure in control because there will tough decisions that you have to make if you have somebody else that comes onboard with you. Day one and they own some stock they own a piece of it. That’s OK. But you have to assert that you’re going to be the boss. Someone has to be the boss. If you see someone walk around they have to head on their shoulders and the heads are competing about where the bodies are going to go. The body is going it seems a lot like a monster or it seems like it’s fly. That’s so weird. That’s where you have to have to wear first. Now there’s talk nonsense. The thing about it is you have to do that to them when you’re asked the question clay of when do you make the hard decision. Yes. Then you have to always put through the filter of what’s best for the business so yes on the restaurant if it’s best move. Didn’t you move and you move at the right time if it’s best to let go of uncle or cousin Eddie because he’s not doing his job. I look at him as employee. Oh he owns stock. He’s a partner. And you know what. Yeah but you were different hat. One is I’m an employee over here right. And treat them as an employee.

The other one is I am a I own stock in the business so OK Will you still own stock and we probably have a buy sell agreement we probably have a you know one of us walks away and we can buy out that stock at determine price. Or you say well you still own a third of the company needs to go and get the benefits of doing that but you’re not going to work the company anymore. And that’s a tough decision to make but someone’s not doing their job. You’re going to put up with that. As long as you want to put up with.

I you. You’re saying so many knowledge bombs per capita per capita. I just. I’ve studied the human brain quite a bit with all cognitive load thing. And what happens is we if you get something that’s profound and you’re not caused to interact with it in some way you don’t remember it.

And so I want to ask you right now thrivers in what way are you stuck in a commitment that doesn’t make sense. It’s just you’re committed to it doesn’t make any sense. OK. In what way or in your business in what way are you doing this committee. Maybe it’s not in ownership it’s it’s committee based holiday parties. Well Sarah and I were going to do the holiday party together. Craig someone needs to decide. No but Sarah and I. Craig Don’t talk so gentle around Sarah freaks are out now. Sarah and I were going to do this together and we’ve decided black is too intense white is too.

It’s just that we’re going to go with gray and you see people to do that all the time.

Yeah you’re right. And and the problem is is that whenever you have when you get those that’s mixed up in other words I’ve had business before where the guy running them I gave them a little sweat equity in the business right. Right now I’ve had make that decision when I walk up to the guy and say hey listen guess what. You no longer work here.

What would bother me. I swear I’m an owner. I’m an owner. I’m getting old and I’m going to I’m an owner I’m a twice wedded owner. I own five what is a five or 10 percent. And over and over and I tell everybody in the place that’s when I’m right around. As the owner. Because I own some stock and therefore I’m the general manager and my focus is on the business card.

And I go No no no you don’t understand. You have to have you have two roles. One you own 10 percent the company. True. OK. The other one is you are the general manager. And that means you’re an employee and I’m your boss and you know what. It’s not working out. You no longer work here. There’s the door. Bye bye. Now I will deal with that 10 percent I’ll buy you out or we’ll negotiate that or we’ll work on that down the road.

But today you’re out when you said what. Just remind me a lot of when you go out a door and you leave the place and I will look at more than I can introduce and I look at this as an opportunity for us to embrace a new place to go into the outdoors. So yes you’ve released me to go in the out. I understand I’m going into a new place this is. This is awesome. Thank you for this new change of our partnership.

You bet you. Yeah. So what you’re saying is at the door I’m actually going in that door which is really out.

I’ll tell you this you’ve got Tom Brady you’re not alone.

You got Greg on Koski you’ve got Edelman you’ve got Emma Dola you’ve got Bella Jack but they don’t have a business coach do you think.

Well we got the super almost business coach Bill Bellichick. And one thing to Bill Belichick would say if he was a business coach as business coach business coach and freakin business coach. Still no days off. Business Coach. See or is getting better.

What do you say will it make it easier. You.

Just don’t understand I don’t understand why it’s so it’s it’s not it’s almost not fair. When you think about the ethics of U2 they always came across to me as some ethical guys but they’re putting an addictive chemical in their music. It must be it’s emitted through audio since I drank the Kool-Aid. Apparently I drank the Kool-Aid. So it’s worked on me. I struggled to I’m I mean I mean this sincerely I if you are somebody who wants to go on a rabbit trail of studying this this is something I I’m I’m Bertoni about magnificent obsessions. And one thing I’m into big and big into is how audio affects the mind. So I’ll give an example. We talked about on some previous shows but scary music can really impact the mind. It can it can really do it. And Ryan Tedder they were talking about from Tulsa. He talks about what makes great music. And he says when it’s when it says it’s a subject that everyone can relate to when somebody can everybody listening can get into that path and get into the groove. And once you get into that groove it’s like people didn’t know how to get you into that groove where you can relate and empathize and think about reflect and just go there. And then they deliver that chorus that we could all sing along to it just awesome.

They’re great songwriters great performers and they really you know it’s hard to think any more that a band and we learned their fifth decade I believe. I mean even more I mean for guys for guys to get along that well for that long is I mean everybody out there think about your three closest buddies Yeah in our view been closed for 50 years. I mean that’s pretty challenging for that.

Now think about this thrive or stick about your favorite song What’s that chorus. Think about the song of all the two songs.

I mean you have one that’s what one stands out to you as being like my go to is probably and it’s probably in a little while which is kind of not one of their biggest hits but they’re not really saying that it is my favorite one. It is. Did you just copy cat Tumba. It’s great. It is. It’s a great song.

I love what they’ve got so many iconic great songs and so the thing is when you think about the song right most of us think about the course we think about the course that’s the main part of the song right. Right. That would be could be called the anthem. That’s the main That’s the mantra. Think about your life what’s your mantra What’s your anthem what’s the thing that you’re going to do. You know a lot of times you hear songs on the radio like a soccer mom kind of songs you know. Yeah yeah. And it’s kind of like you know live in the beat.

And then live in the beat. You know you don’t know the words you know yet. But it isn’t and we’re all kind of mumbling to the beat you know we don’t know but we get to the chorus Oh we sing that while we get another. Although you know that that’s how it works. And so I’m asking you people are going to remember the chorus of your life. They don’t really know oh you’re going to get Remember that. And so you’ve got to. What is the answer they’re going to remember. People are gonna remember that anthem.

What was the anthem. And I want you to think about that today because you were talking about finding your magnificent obsession and superzoom number one as you just have to make sure that you find your one thing. It’s your anthem your chorus move number two though you get to define you’ve got to define what you’re going to settle for what you’re not going to settle for. So as an example I live in a home in Broken Arrow that I like. That’s kind of what’s going to campy and I that’s I’m not settling.

I’m declaring that that’s what I want because my wife and I have lived in gated communities which we liked. And after talking about it with Mary about 15 years I decided you know this is what I want and I was talking to Dr. Z and he said are you going to think about your goals man. And I want a man cave and what a bunch of chickens. I want a big wall around my house. And so I have a wood burning pinion 24/7. That’s what I wanted. And so it’s not that I’m settling. I’ve decided that that’s what I want but anything less than that will work and be less than the best is just too much stress. OK. Some of them are three in room number three. You know define what life balance means to you. Because Steve Jobs says this and this is something that’s that’s big. I’m going to be doing Steve Jobs a notable notable quote he says. Let me read this to you. A second book on Dr nation give me a second there is there is a snafu on the Steve Jobs quote trade here. So you’ll come back to it just a minute. But Steve Jobs gave a Stanford address to a group of college graduates and he was talking about how when you know that you’re going to be dead soon. It makes it easier to make great decisions. Wow. That’s the that’s. So he says that basically because he knew he was going to be dead twice it made it easy for him to live that way all the time.

And I encourage you to just look at his Stanford address so you can play the audio yourself and listen to it. But knowing that you’re going to be dead soon is because it causes you to make those big decisions. And it’s a life balance I’m asking. What is life balance mean to you.

This is a question actually that gets asked probably it’s up there near the top that gets asked me a lot by young entrepreneurs and when I say young entrepreneurs I mean people that are early in their career. The thing that they always ask is How do I know if I’m working too much.

How would I know how well and how will I know.

And so you look at them and they go what do you mean they go well you know I just you know I’ve got a passion for this thing I’m doing and I’m just there all the time. And I just you know I don’t want to have it showered and it’s my living in my car. I don’t want to ignore my family. And yet I want to move of there. I’m driven I’m driven to do my thing. And so how do I know if I’m doing my thing too much. I still remember their names. I still remember. I think I know where they live. Am I working too much working too much. Why would I tell him as I listen to him I let him talk I go Well you know how much you work and what doesn’t matter what they say. Well that’s good. You know they know your business healthy and jolly and doing well. You know we’re growing but we’re you know we’re a quarter big you have got to do a lot of stuff myself because you can’t really afford that third employee or that employee but I’m going to work in like heck and here’s how you’ll know here’s how you know. Here’s the little birdie that was in your ear. Tweet tweet tweet tweet. Is that one day you’ll get the call hello. This is I. Dr. wabbits office private office.

Can I get the call from your wife or I’ll I’ll transfer you in elementary emulous or your family and say illegalization husband or wife or father or some some form of that from your family they’ll say come home.


And that pendulum will swing back the other direction and what you need to listen to your family. OK. Because hey they want your cheering for your success. They want you to do well. They want you to be able to provide for the family but they also want you to interact with them. And the key is is that when you’re home.

Your home. Now I have also noticed something you know is a Judeo-Christian. One thing we talk about a lot is monogamy and abstinence and that kind of thing. I noticed that when you’re in the context of marriage you’re married and your spouse starts talking to you about abstinence.

That’s that’s probably where you know you’re in that zone where you’re going to at home hey why don’t you sleep for the next couple months and you’re going what do you mean this is a whole sanctimonious committed relationship. Why are you encouraging me to live on the couch so often.

You’re never home your the office and I know you love you loved work get your passion and you just like you like your grind your body and you are grind dot com. I love it. I mean you you look in Webster’s and a grind is a picture of clay in there but we get to the top of Google for the word business coach.

Couple these are going to happen. One is I’m not going to stop talking about it. It’s going to be a thing where.

But no seriously like that I think about that an elephant in the room I used to write checks every week for 2000 bucks a week to in the room and at some point I would love this thing to turn. Well then it does. And all of a sudden it’s a thing and the system works and it grows over your optometry clinic and I’m not asking you to volunteer on much money you have maybe had to borrow to buy real estate but you had to borrow some money when you borrow money to buy a big piece of land to build a big old building that’s nice and empty that doesn’t do good.

It’s a commitment it’s a commitment and you got us you’ve got to stick in there you’ve got a grind you can’t grind away.

And we come back we’re going to talk more about this whole concept of living this fight finding that magnificent obsession.

Finding out what it is that drives you. Specifically we’re going to be talking next year on the rap type business coach about who you allow to speak into your life that’s so important man it’s so important and hopefully your business codes begin to your life because if you have a business having a business coach three important bank.

Or doctors say educate what are we going to hear on those five times. All right. The name of love. How could you break it out man. I am a big. Pushed to the course you go.

Oh yeah oh yeah.

So awesome I get to wear a helmet.

I’m so excited and I sort of bounce off the walls inside the box that rocks have the padding on the walls like you used to put in here for me.

I know we need a safety net around you. We do need to say it was a safer safety harness. Yeah. And like I’d like a you know a rope. Did you ever watch that Saturday Night Live skit about the safety harness. Mike Myers plays the part of a kid who people want to know why his mom makes him wear a safe Tyrann is not what the guy. And they take it off. He just breaks everything. Oh yeah. I knew a kid just like that.

I took this kid to Brom’s with my son. He walks into Broms and immediately falls down like I don’t how you like Sprint. Somebody falls and he just throws stuff in the air. I’m like dude you got to sit down. You just get this ability to break.

And Chris Farley be developed well all well now Mason We’re talking today about how to find your magnificent UBB session how to find your aunt. There’s a song. Typically in a song you don’t remember the lyrics unless you’re a sick freak like me and you study lyrics. Right. But as a general rule you don’t remember the lyrics you remember the chorus. That’s why people love pop music because you’re listening to a song and all of a sudden you get to that chorus of a justin bieber song and then you know that part you know you’re like I’m the only one. Yeah and I’m the only one and you don’t know the rest of it you know because that’s how it works. You know the course in life. Well that’s how life is. People aren’t going to you know I can remember like all these other things here. Remember your chorus you know your big F six life your goals for your family your goals for your faith your fitness your friendship your foot. But there’s a bunch of stuff that just is a bunch of unnecessary details that get in the way and you want to figure out your anthem on today’s shuttle what to do. And so the supermoon number for. You to define who you allow who you who you will allow to speak into your life. Easy for me to speak. Define who you will allow to speak into your life. And so we have Caleb the super intern.

This guy is from Pepperdine who went with her allegedly since the update. The big update at Pepperdine. They don’t just let anybody in there anymore Caleb is that right I mean you should take some exams and do some things to get into that college. No they just let you in. They just let Jenna straighten up. OK so you were Where’s Pepperdine located. There’s that Mogi or is that over there near Toronto. Whereas in Malibu Malibu. OK. And the theme of today’s show is my eating because these mikes are just super sensitive supersaturated get up there now. OK so you know you you are obviously a guy you’re going to college you’re a sophomore. You can ask any question you want because this guy’s had a ton of success in the world of business. But ask him any question you once we’re talking about. Speaking

of letting some good came about you what do you study there Pepperdine business. Oh very good. OK so perfect. So ask the wizard Caleb you have the floor. Oh wow. OK I’m ready. Woo woo. Here we go. Rumor has it it’s kids from Pepperdine are pretty clever. I mean I’m going to hope I can deliver. I don’t know. Here we go. Pressure. So

did you start in your passion. When when did you discover your passion. How old were you. Did you do you do business with your pastor and you keep them separate from your business.

Wow. Great question. Oh man my passion actually is a young man was was acting.

I was a thespian and I wrote plays in fact our school did one of my plays a lesbian.

Wow. You know and I I wanted to be an actor slash comedian slash rapper entertainer.

And as I got older I kind of you know put my head around it I mean kind of going through high school I did all the competitive you know acting stuff in high school and all and I really had a lot of fun with didn’t really enjoyed it. And you know it was a passion of mine. But I said to myself you know there’s a lot of great actors out there and you look at like Los Angeles or you look at these big New York and you know every waiter.

Every bartender every you know person in catering they’re all wannabe actors. Oh you what they want to be. They all want to be an actor right. And they’re all you know very handsome. You know very talented. Oh yeah. You’re sitting there going wow you know you just kind of the you hear you hear actors talk about it and got them lucky break they get a break get a break. They got discovered.

They got they you know they did this they met that guy but I met a guy in like I said are going to I want to just you know compete in that arena or do I want to kind of more guarantee guarantee success because I grew up with that a lot. You know I grew up you know without much money means and all that kind of stuff and so I thought you know I kind of don’t want to go the rest of my life that same way. You know I kind all you know like to be able to have some time and financial freedom some accoutrements. Yeah. Well I thought well what’s a career path that I could do that would almost not insure but give me a better chance of success. And I did some research and I did some thinking. Oh being an optometrist because it’s the perfect mixture of being a doctor helping people see better which is a wonderful thing.

Yeah. I mean you’re excited to go the numbers now I get to say and I like a dentist for you and my tooth her I’m sick of the doc because I’m sick and I got this coming out my this and now that I know I’m going to get my plastic surgeon and I look at him and say redo. Hell just help me. Right. And so I thought well of just because it’s kind of a nice mix of business and doctoring is not really a cure but you know a doctor of Doctor scam doctor. And so I said to myself when I went to college I purposely did not take any drama classes. I purposely did not do any school plays on purpose and I I set that aside and I said I purposely didn’t date anybody I purposely and I focused on the math and the sciences and the things I needed to do to get an optometrist goal and then further that career because as you know when you start a business the fewer people that can enter in that arena the better advantage you have. Does any of your question my man is that is that is that good. Good but my passion was actually acting back in the day when I was a lesbian. And then when I got out I started my thing. I went to the Tulsa theater company and I was in some place down there I actually got to then do go back and can go back and visit that Passhe.

Can I chime in because I would like to chime one up because come Monday morning quarterback this right now like this particular show. Interacting with you right now helping the listeners. That’s the only thing I’ve ever done in business that I care about. Passionately. There’s never been a business I really know deejaying. I will tell you how it made me feel every night. I always left empty. People would cheer high five me go. This was the best show ever. But I never got to touch anybody in a meaningful way so they would always go home and me and I would return home. I remember when we got staples like us was like a celebrity at Staples because maybe like maybe a thousand weddings and it just happened. I go into the go to the staples and a guy and my aunt with me and this guy at Staples is like oh my gosh it’s the deejay is it.

You rocked our wedding will we turn over to a different aisle and produce. Oh my. You do.

And it’s like four or five people and that would happen a lot. So I was dodging so many weddings here at Staples a lot of imagine what is going to happen to me twice what my aunt thinks is like oh my gosh everyone Tulsa knows you to go. But it was like it was fun to do it but I always left empty like the Easter Bunny who was kind of hollow. But when you do mentorship and you do thrive it’s the first thing where I can always tell people like you know when people know your tap they’re tapping into your passion they’ll applaud and they’ll come back and bring friends. So the acting of deejaying I always enjoyed that but I never got that lasting satisfaction like I do with the business coaching in helping people so that I don’t know if that answers your question but what is there a question you have for big Z.

So you mentioned a little bit. Your passions changed. How much. How often do you start off in business. And then you become passionate about something that you were possible before.

Oh wow. That will pass. I think that’s another great question. And what I’m going to do is we’re going to take a ridiculous commercial break. You got bills. Yeah I just did like you know obnoxious capitalistic move today. And when we come back from this break I’m going to answer that question and I’m going to bring the thunder.

It’s could be like a Thunderdome question terms.

I’m going to take my business coaching skills to Oklahoma Joe’s grab some baked beans maybe some burnt ends and then talk about business coaching with other business coaches.

Really. Because you’re a business coach and you do business coaching. That’s what I do and I’m over there at Oklahoma Joe’s me and the business coaches get together we order whatever we want off the menu we’re sort of a big deal. Steve. My name is Blake Clark. And to the left.

Is the inventor of all things good in Oklahoma it is Dr. Robert Zellner the number one Oklahoma and the number one YouTube fan on the planet. Sir what are you listening to. Elevation. It blows my mind every time you play to U2 hits. We want to thank the Thrivers of our business. You know I don’t I don’t climb mountains. I don’t swim. I really fear outdoor activity but I can tell you what I could jam out to some U2. I mean. So good. Is it the course. Let’s get to our last day.

Right Nation we’re taking you to a new elevation today during today’s conversation because we’re talking about how to find your magnificent obsession.

Are you a song without a chorus. Are you a song that so many independent artists are these independent artists. There’s all these artists out there they’re very good very talented indie artists and you and I know these people we’ve met these are they’re good people good people. They write songs that no one wants to sing along to. And Steve Martin did a joke about it but Steve Martin you just did comedy. Yeah. How being an easy mark and he plays the banjo so he gets out there and he’s running bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing bing and he sings a song that if you can’t sing along to honor but he wrote this new song for tonight is going to huge. People on the left said I want to sing along with him. And he’s like butting bing bing bing bing and he’s talking the whole song’s about like tax deductions like depreciation is really important to me. I’m ramblin man. I love to depreciate things when I’m not ramblin around. Is the one that out and no one knows what to say.

Let’s go get it the character was that he was oblivious that no one could obviously follow along. But the point is if you’re writing a song and there’s no chorus people can sing along to this just in. No one wants to hear it and no one wants to follow somebody who doesn’t know where they’re going.

Boy that is for sure. And that’s why leadership is so important that’s what some of the things we teach on our pithing dot com Web site and so you have to define where you’re going.

Right now you have to define who you’re going to out to speak into your life and I’m going to give you some pretty intense notable quotables here. CONAN Haught from Napoleon Hill who oddly enough. He’s not a business coach or author he’s not a business coach and been many people might say is he a business coach. No. He actually was the best selling author who documented Andrew Carnegie’s a gospel of wealth. Why is there a good while he says a Carnegie or Rockefeller or a James J.

Hill or Marshall Field accumulates a fortune to the application of the same underline that in your mind to the application of the same principles available to all of us. But we envy them and their wealth without ever thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to ourselves. We look at a person in the hour of triumph and wonder how they did it when we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods.

And we can’t we can’t. The price they had to pay in the careful and well organized well and organized seems like multiple words will organize preparation that they had to be made before they could reap the fruits of their efforts. Z What is he talking about.

He’s end. Every success story there was a lot of hard work is so hard and we all want to focus on the success and focus on the big house. The big blue wall and it come with the accoutrements of life. I deserve it I guess. I believe he knew I attract money. I’m a money magnet anybody goes. Ooh. Tony Robbins. Some hot cold Swink cold can’t get on a cold. But to think about it behind all the success stories it was a lot of hard work a lot of determination a lot of will. I like the way he says that well organized preparation.

So here’s here’s the interviews that aren’t happening but this is what needs to be happening is what I see. I see so many people you’ll go to a talk like one million cups ten thousand entrepreneurs souls on fire American entrepreneur insert topic and they’ll go a question and answer people can ask any question. This is the question again. Oh so not a question for you. Would you save for retirement. Well I mean it’s great that we’re talking about that but it’s working off the assumption that you have anything left over to invest in anything. Correct.

So the first step is making a profit and to make a profit you’ve got to learn sales. You’ve got to earn marketing time management accounting. There’s so many things you have to learn and that’s what we teach in our workshops. My man but you’ve got to be so careful about who you’re allowing to speak into your life.

If you missed yesterday’s show get on primetime show dotcom and download the podcast and listen to it but there was there was a statement that was made that was just like oh my gosh I could marinate on that for a long time and that is economic wealth is living below your means. Yes. And whatever no evidence stuff whether you make a million dollars a year or $100000 a year being really economically wealthy is living below what you earn i.e. having some left over to then invest and save for a rainy day and then also to go towards retirement.

Have you seen the new Michael Jackson movie called Finding Neverland.

It’s a documentary. No I haven’t. I want to see that. I saw I saw that on HBO where they seem really but I haven’t.

Michael did a really smart move and he bought the catalog of his music and he bought the catalog of The Beatles and he basically lived off of the income of that. But he also made a bunch of wild decisions throughout his career and here he was at the peak of stardom and he had to sign an agreement to perform in Vegas every night just to get even that just to afford taxes and to get caught up yeah because you have so many people on his payroll you understand that like his abusive father was still coming to him for a check at the end. You understand his brother crazy brothers. They were still getting paid from him up until the end. I mean. So Jackson had this man massive regalia. He had a massive entourage of people that he had to pay and no matter how much money he made. He kept raising what he was paying these guys. And so the end of his life he decides at an age where he was physically improvs those hips in his knees that he would go ahead and do that this is it tour and this would allow him to finally achieve financial freedom in his 50s. And when he signed up for the regimen he realized he couldn’t actually recover the next day like an NFL player after after playing a game. They’re so sore a lot of those guys that unfortunately take painkillers and it’s kind of a bad deal. I mean Brett Favre publicly came out with how many painkillers he was taking as a way to recover from the game on Sunday. These guys are pros practicing every day.

And so we got on this painkiller regimen and it killed him. And I’m just saying right now you’ve eventually got to get off that rollercoaster of earn and spend earned it’s been earned in a hamster wheel that just cycle of ISS. If you want to get ahead. If you’re tired of just barely getting by the final move you have to create firm boundaries. I’m not going to give you a notable quotable and I’m going to tell you how we’re going to teach this to you in depth at our next in-person workshop. So Daniel Goleman is a psychologist a psychologist that’s a big word. Well here is what he says he says we need to recreate boundaries. I don’t like this guy or at him like this guys. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office you need to create a virtual boundary interlinked this guy that didn’t exist before he wrote the book called Emotional Intelligence. And you’ve got to set boundaries so today if you are going to find your magnificent obsession you need to find your one thing move number one. Number two do not settle. Move number three to find what life balance means to you. Forget me what it means for you for define who allow you to speak into your life. Find create those boundaries and 6. Z you’ve got to create a profitable business so you can fund all this.

Still just theory and that’s what we’re here to help you we are applying to be your business coach. For those of you out there we know it’s not everyone. Forbes says about 57 percent. That number not mine. You can google to find that out. Want to start secretly you like best. I wanna start the. I want to start a business but what do I do where do I go. I need a proven path.

And this is where we come in. So I encourage you to google Tulsa. Pediatric. Dentistry. Kind of a sexy thing to type in a sexy cloud. I would say that Herman Gooden Google Tulsa Cookie’s.

Go ahead and google Tulsa men’s haircuts. Notice that the companies we coach are top in Google. Does that impact their sales about dog training. Oh yeah. Doogal Tulsa dog training.

So what do I say.

Even Barbie cookies are. You know Steve Curry and mortaring the ladder dogs are dog Tip-Top canine. I don’t believe in the Google. My customers are more sophisticated to use is Luga word of mouth. They call the Tulsa Oilers and talk to their general manager and ask them how they’ve been able to set in attendance record and a financial record in every category the last two years in a row. Is it luck. Is it through just randomisation like the Big Bang of business. You know I get motivated. No it’s actually implementing a proven path that we have. Humbly I say humbly I’m not super humble about it but I have taught them the system that works. And why do we know it works because we do it in our own lives.

So if you go into Dr. Robert Zimmerman associates So rumor has he been in business for 25 years 25 plus 26 November and two locations here in Tulsa and we love what we do and it shows.

And your auto auction if you go to 66 a you’ve been blessed to have success have a great team up there.

But you’re selling cars where every Friday but you have to be a huge dealer huge auto dealer to come and do business with this. But you know there’s about a thousand i’m in our area and we get a lot of them out there and it’s fun.

If you’ve ever rented something from party pro you’ll notice there’s a company called Party perfect that I sold the party Pro which is now party bro. I’m just telling you what Thrivers these are real through its of our efforts. We can teach you how to do it too. We can only teach you if you’re willing to take action in the four following areas. Moon everyone going to thrive time showed how come and sign up for our podcast you never want to miss a broadcast you can share it with people to get at Thropp time should I come and book your tickets for the next in-person workshop. It’s a game changer we’re sold out for June. Get the tickets for July 3. Sign up for 315 dotcom the world’s best and most affordable business school for just a dollar for that first month and moon ever for Center for that one on one business coaching that you need.

I’m a business coach. We’re applying to be your business coach thrive time business coach radio show 3 2 1.

December 9th, 2017


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