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Business Coach Explains Practical Steps to Achieve Success

Here is a great piece of advice from a successful entrepreneur and business coach: “The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference between the two is living fully and just existing.” -Michael Gerber (Bestselling author of the E-Myth book series)

3.4 – Build Your Business with the End in Mind

I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL ACHIEVE SUCCESS IF YOU FOLLOW THE PRACTICAL STEPS OUTLINED IN THIS BOOK FROM A TRIED AND PROVEN BUSINESS COACH, however you must have your vision for your life fully cemented into your mind at all times as you are building your business. My friend, I love my life because I know what I want and I know what I’m about all day, every day. I know what I call my “F5 Goals.”

“Drifting, without aim or purpose, is the first cause of failure.” -Napoleon Hill (Bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich and Outwitting the Devil)

You must intentionally know and take the time to clearly write down your F5 Goals because you will certainly never “drift” toward the achievement of them. For me personally, I know my goals for my Faith, Family, Finances, Friendships, and Fitness. I’m a dad with five kids, 38 chickens, six ducks, and I prefer spending time alone with my family, listening to R&B music, attending strong R&B concerts, engaging only in mutually beneficial friendships, watching TD Jakes sermons online, watching all New England Patriot Games whether I am on a cruise or at someone else’s house, and chasing my wife around whenever possible (that’s how you create five kids, you see). My friend, if you are going to go through the HELL of starting a business, you must make sure that you build a thriving business model that is not dependent upon you for the delivery of every aspect of the business’ value to customers. So I’m going to challenge you here for a moment. Take the Business Coach Assessment. What are your F5 Goals?

Define your F5 Goals (Faith, Family, Finances, Fitness and Friendships) at www.Thrive15.com/F5Goals

As your business begins to grow, you will be forced to make a major decision. Will you scale the company so it can grow and flourish without you being there, or are you going to be content only reaching that level of success you can achieve when the business is dependent upon you to a large extent. If you truly want to build systematic wealth, you are going to have to invest your time, focus and money into the creation of duplicable processes and the development of a quality management team. What’s the point of investing hours and hours into the recruitment and training of key personnel and creation of systems designed to scale if you aren’t actually willing to start working on the business and not in the business?

3.5 – Marshall Marination Moment: Working Harder and Smarter

This is Marshall here, and I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of business owners all over the world through the Thrive15.com platform as I’ve connected personally with them about the challenges they’re facing. We’re going to speak at detailed length about the systems, checklists, workflows and processes needed to scale your business. However, it’s important that you understand an important principle up front: working harder and working smarter are not mutually exclusive ideas. It’s not binary. It’s not one or the other. As a business owner, you may be encouraged to become more efficient in what you do as you build the business, but that is not to say that you will immediately begin working less. Growing a business is a grind, and you’ll put in more hours doing it than anything you’ve done before. In order to achieve your F5 Goals, you’ll likely have to work MORE than what you’re currently working now. BUT IT’S WORTH IT. This book has been written to help you navigate through how to work SMARTER, and you are in TOTAL CONTROL of the HARDER part. The question you must ask yourself is, “Where is my destination? My goal? My why?” And then, “When do I want to get there?” Your work ethic will mirror your urgency and willingness to get there.

“An organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes—the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor, energy, materials, information, cash, and technology into outputs of higher value. The second is in the organization’s values, which are the criteria that managers and employees in the organization use when making prioritization decisions.” -Clayton Christensen  (Harvard Business Professor)

Years ago I had the pleasure of working with a medical practice that helped men who were suffering from issues related to low testosterone levels in their bodies. The doctor was a quality hardworking dude who was pouring in up to 70 hours per week, every week. He had seen spikes in his business from time to time over the years as they hired “a talented internet marketer” or a “good sales lady.” However, when these employees inevitably left to pursue other job opportunities, the business would hop right back into the financial toilet again. When the doctor called me, I took him through the 29-Point Business Evaluation. After investing the 10 minutes needed to fill out the evaluation, it was clear why he was so frustrated. The doctor was doing nearly everything right, except he had never gone to the trouble to document their inbound call scripts, their search engine marketing practices, nor to set up single source customer relationship management software (CRM). It took him and his team about 60 days (working 1 to 2 hours per week on the business while spending the other 65 hours per week working in the business) to implement the systems. However, he began seeing a DRAMATIC AND LIFE-CHANGING IMPACT from taking the advice from our business coach within the first week of executing his new systems.

“You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.” -Jim Rohn (Bestselling author and world-renowned motivational speaker)

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December 8th, 2017


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