Guinness World Record Holder & Business Coach Teaches Guerrilla Marketing

Guinness World Record Holder & Business Coach Teaches Guerrilla Marketing

Two-time Guinness World Record holder, amazing business coach, and Chic-fil-A franchisee, Arthur Greeno, has teamed up with business coach website, to teach guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing tactics have become popular over the past few years and attempts to simulate a less expensive, grassroots approach to marketing rather than using traditional marketing avenues.

In his training on titled, What is Guerrilla Marketing?, Greeno explains how guerrilla marketing works and some ways that it can help increase business. Greeno shares his experience of using cheap guerrilla marketing to attract customers to his first Chic-fil-A store located in the food court of a poorly designed mall. One of Greeno’s tactics was use toys purchased from a toy store in the mall to simulate chickens running around the mall in front of his store.

Another key strategy that Greeno explains is company-wide is being generous with his products. In his experience, Greeno has gone from bringing in about $300 a day in breakfast to approximately $3,000 a day just from giving away free products. The biggest idea is to begin to generate conversation around the brand that is being created in as cheap of a way as possible.

Arthur Greeno, who holds the Guinness World Records for “The World’s Largest Sweet Tea” and “The World’s Largest Snow Cone,” is a master at guerrilla marketing. Greeno has also helped start Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages, a national non-profit owned by Keith Boyd, an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. His new book Breaking Conformity, co-authored by fellow mentor, Bryan Smith, at one point reached #1 on the Amazon Best Sellers list.

Top-Selling Insurance Agent Turned Business Coach Shares How to Turn Dreams into Reality 

Everyone has dreams, but few people ever take the necessary steps to making those dreams become reality. In his video training on as a business coach, top-selling insurance agent and Thrive15 mentor, Bryan Smith, shares his experience with setting goals and achieving them one step at a time.

Smith, in his training on titled, Turning Your Dreams into Reality, explains some foundational steps that can be taken to fulfill the dreams and goals that one has set in their own lives and businesses. According to Smith, it is important to track one’s effort and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Smith explains, “If you’re not getting just a little bit uncomfortable every single day in your life, then you’re not going to be able to go to the next level.” Smith shares a quote to compliment this idea of being continually uncomfortable from former Walt Disney World® Resort Executive Vice President, Lee Cockerell, that says, “If you’re not doing hard things all the time, then you’re not doing any right things.”

Smith goes on to explain that people who are looking to find balance or comfort in their lives are not going to find success. Smith unpacks this idea, explaining that if someone is continually comfortable, they will not grow and will over time become irrelevant.

Over his career as an agent for State Farm, Bryan Smith has experienced incredible success. Since beginning in 2010, Smith has become one of the top insurance agents in the United States, ranking as the 13th highest agency within State Farm. As a result of his hard work, vision and ability to deliver exceptional customer service, Smith’s agency has received several honors including being named by Oklahoma Magazine as a “Best of the Best Award” winner for four consecutive years.

Learn How to Clone Yourself in Your Business from a Business Coach

Many business owners claim that it’s difficult to find good employees who share the same values as themselves. For mentor and Business coach and top-selling insurance agent Bryan Smith it couldn’t be further from the truth. Smith, who has grown his business into one of the top producing insurance agencies in the United States, sees opportunities for business owners to clone, or duplicate, themselves in their business for maximum results

In his training on entitled Team Member Cloning, Smith explains why it is important to develop people into leaders in one’s business and some action steps for getting a business to begin this duplication process. According to Smith, mentorship is the key foundational building block for having a scalable business of likeminded employees. Smith sees the opportunity to invest in one’s employees as the first step to multiplying efforts in the business. Smith details, “When you invest in [your employees], they’re going to invest in your business. And they’re going to do that in ways that you never thought of because you’ve gotten them to buy into your business.”

One way that Smith shares that can help employees buy into the business is through recognizing their victories. Smith says that this can be done by recognizing the effort they put in or doing things they are not required to do. This recognition helps build trust between the mentoring business owner or manager and the employee. Smith points out that once this trust is built, it is important not to break that employee’s trust. Consistency is the key to maintaining that relationship, according to Smith.

Bryan Smith started his business in 2010 and has quickly become one of the top insurance agents in the United States during his four-year career with State Farm. Smith has earned several awards for his customer service including being honored as a “Best of the Best Award” winner by Oklahoma Magazine from 2011-2014.

December 8th, 2017


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