Learn To Get Out Of A Mental Rut To Grow Your Business At Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Learn To Get Out Of A Mental Rut To Grow Your Business At Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Are you an entrepreneur in a mental rut? Do you have a bad attitude about your life or business? If you are feeling discouraged you will want to watch Tim Rokisky and his online trainings on www.thrive15.com. Tim is a leading expert on Thrive15 and is mentoring desperate individuals looking for guidance and inspiration in their business. He once was a man without a vision, but chose the right mindset and in return was able to build a successful business.

Rokisky went from working at an office supply store to becoming a millionaire. His in-spiring story takes you from a life of destruction to a life of hope and prosperity. Tim al-ways dreamed of being his own boss and in 1992 he finally took the first step into en-trepreneurship. After resigning from his job he took out a loan from the bank, took a se-cond mortgage out on his house, and borrowed $50,000 from his father-in-law’s retire-ment account. In the same year he bought an auto auction with two employees. At the time of the purchase the business was selling about 1,500 cars each year. After Tim took over the business he and his team grew it to 50 employees. In 2008, he sold the company with a yearly total of 20,000 automobiles sold.

Tim did not have an expert entourage when he purchased his auto auction. He did have a strong belief in hiring competent team members that were smarter than he was in cer-tain areas of his business. Together he and his loyal team grew the small business into a lucrative business. He now has financial freedom and knows the practical steps it takes to grow a thriving organization.

Learn How a Self-Made Millionaire Built His Team on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Are you an entrepreneur or business owner struggling with your employees? Are you needing to grow your team, but not sure how to find the right people? Tim Rokisky is an investor, Thrive15 mentor, and self-made millionaire. When Tim was starting his busi-ness he had a limited budget, so he had to create ways to entice qualified employees to join his team.

In 1992, Tim took several different loans out to purchase an auto auction with two em-ployees and with a yearly sales total of 1,500 cars. He knew he wasn’t qualified to run every aspect of his business, so he hired team members with the knowledge he was lacking to fill in the gaps. He hired the right employees by offering a low base salary with incentives and commissions that made the opportunity more appealing. Together he and his loyal team worked for the same end results and grew the company into a suc-cessful auto auction business. Over a decade invested in the company, he and his team grew from two employees to 50, and were selling about 20,000 automobiles each year. In 2008, Rokisky sold his business for a large profit and became a wealthy man. He credits much of his success to surrounding himself with people that were smarter than he was in certain areas of his organization business coach.

Tim has overcome many obstacles and his family had to sacrifice for many years to be-come financially independent. He would say it was all worth it now, so he can devote more time to the people he cherishes most. His time is also devoted to working on glob-al missions. Whether he is mentoring “thrivers” on Thrive15 or working on world-wide missions he is committed to improving the lives of others.

To learn more about building a productive team for your business visit www.thrive15.com.

Learn How One Man Went From Living Paycheck to Paycheck
to a Self-Made Millionaire on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Are you struggling in your life? Do you feel like you have no direction or motivation to carry on? Many people get in a mental rut including Thrive15.com mentor Tim Rokisky. Tim once lived a desperate life, he was a self-diagnosed alcoholic, and living paycheck to paycheck. He had little direction and was an employee at an office supply store. In 1992, he chose to pursue his dream of being his own boss. He stepped into the shoes of an entrepreneur, took out a loan from the bank, took another mortgage out on his house, and borrowed money from his father-in-law. He also resigned from his office supply job.

In the early nineties Tim took the borrowed money and purchased an auto auction busi-ness for $400,000. This small business had two employees and sold about 1,500 cars every year. Not being the smartest guy in the room, Tim decided to surround himself with team members that were equipped with the skills he was lacking. In the beginning of his business funds were limited, so he had to provide big incentives to prospective employees to get them on board.

Tim and his dedicated team worked together to grow the auto auction into a successful business. He invested over ten years into the company growing the organization from two employees to fifty employees, increasing auto sales from 1,500 to 20,000 yearly. In 2008, Tim was presented with an attractive offer that he couldn’t refuse. Rokisky sold his auto business making a hefty profit. He finally entered the world of financial freedom and was able to devote more time to his family and passion for missions.

No one understands life struggles business coach more than Tim Rokisky, yet he was able to preserve and achieve victory. If you are a struggling individual yearning for guidance consider Tim’s online trainings available at www.thrive15.com.

December 8th, 2017


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