Learn How to Take Your Business to the Next Level at Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Learn How to Take Your Business to the Next Level at Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Do you want to take your business to the next level with a greater online presence? An-dreas “Coach Andy” Hinterplattner is teaching his Facebook marketing secrets to launch a successful online campaign on Thrive15. This former professional football player and coach has learned to play a new game in online marketing. He is the current Chief Operating Officer for All Stages Marketing, a creative marketing agency that he and his wife Amber run with a productive team based on the West Coast. His team of professionals help high-profile clients locally as well as internationally business coach.

To have a true understanding of his path to success it is important to know how a pro-fessional football player changed his direction and achieved success as an international entrepreneur. Andy’s parents were both entrepreneurs and taught him the value of hard work. As a teenager, he participated in an education-work program that offered career opportunities and a lifetime of business insight. His work program started in the insur-ance arena, then moved to the automotive industry. During his time in the program, he learned about customer relations, sales, marketing, and later took a position in man-agement. He had the privilege of working with top car brands consisting of Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, and Fiat. He also learned from some of the top profes-sionals in the business. This experience played an important part in his own profession-al development and victories.

After finishing the occupation program he went on to play football for the Vienna Vikings of the American Football League. His team won several National Championships and Andy was awarded “Rookie of the Year.” He was also a part of the Austrian National Team and after retirement he was hired as a Defensive Backs Coach for the Vikings.

This professional athlete has accomplished many goals on and off the football field. He is using his proven business techniques to help clients expand their brands online so they can achieve results.

To start your online training experience with Andy Hinterplattner visit www.thrive15.com.

Learn How To Be Successful, Even If You Aren’t
The Smartest Guy In The Room On Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Tim Rokisky is a self-made millionaire and investor, earning his fortune after many challenging setbacks. His journey to success began in 1992 when he quit his job at an office supply store, put a second mortgage on his home, took out a bank loan, and borrowed $50,000 from his father-in-law’s retirement fund to pursue his dream of entrepreneurship. In 1992, he acquired an auto auc-tion business for $400,000. With little business training, he grew this auto business from two employees to over 50 employees. When he purchased the company it was selling 1,500 cars per year and when he sold the company in 2008, over 20,000 cars were sold each year.

How did he grow his auto business into a million dollar business? Well, Tim believes, “You don’t have to be the smartest person; you just have to be able to surround yourself with smart people.” That is exactly what he did to expand his business, making it a lucrative company. Tim has joined the Thrive15 team to mentor discouraged individuals that currently have no direction or lack the practical knowledge to succeed. He offers applicable action steps in his lessons with video topics including why hiring the right team members will help your business, surrounding yourself with people that are smarter than you, and tips to discovering your strengths. Tim un-derstands you can’t be an expert in every part of your business that is why it is so vital to the growth of your organization to hire the right individuals.

When Tim is not mentoring on the business education site, Thrive15, he spends quality time with his family and devotes time to his missions work around the world.

Learn How an Office Supply Store Employee
Became a Self-Made Millionaire on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Tim Rokisky is a self-made millionaire and investor, who went from poverty to prosperi-ty. This successful entrepreneur once lived a challenged life that almost led to destruc-tion. Fortunately, he was able to turn his life in a more productive direction that would benefit his family and his pocketbook. Tim dreamed of becoming his own boss and final-ly took a leap of faith in 1992 when he resigned from his job at an office supply store. He took a second mortgage out on his house, got a loan from the bank, and convinced his father-in-law to let him borrow $50,000 from his retirement fund to fulfill his dream of entrepreneurship. That same year he purchased an auto auction business for $400,000. The company only had two employees and was selling 1,500 automobiles yearly. With hard work and perseverance he grew the company to over 50 employees. When he eventually sold the company in 2008, he was selling over 20,000 automobiles yearly.

Tim did not have expert business training skills, but he did have a passion for owning a successful business. He knew he couldn’t be an expert in every part of his business, so he hired more qualified people to fill in the gaps. Tim credits hiring smarter people than himself for much of his company’s success. He says, ”You don’t have to be the smartest person; you just have to be able to surround yourself with smart people.” This philoso-phy helped him achieve his professional goals, as well as financial freedom business coach.

Learn how Tim went from an employee to a self-made millionaire, all by taking an en-trepreneurial step, focusing on the end results, and hiring the right team. He shares his inspiring story and tips for success on the online education platform www.thrive15.com.

December 8th, 2017


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