Learning to Thrive in Your Business with Dr. Z on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Learning to Thrive in Your Business with Dr. Z on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Entrepreneurs around the world are frustrated with the status of their businesses. They are lacking the necessary skills, tools, and knowledge to create and build a successful business. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have had to overcome challenges, some consisting of low budgets, ignorance of business laws, lack of accountability, and inadequate employees. Through hard work and diligence, entrepreneurs that have made it to the top learned valuable knowledge along the way.

The education platform Thrive15.com was created to assist entrepreneurs and teach them the valuable knowledge needed to start or grow a successful business. Thrive15 offers thousands of practical business training videos taught by mentors that have created and built profitable enterprises. Business Coach Dr. Robert H. Zoellner is just one of the experts on the Thrive15.com team. Dr. Z is a self-made entrepreneur that started with nothing and through determination was able to launch several profitable businesses. His current ventures consist of Z66 Auto Auction, Rockin’ Z Ranch, Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center, Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates, and Thrive15.com.

This optometrist and self-made entrepreneur knows a lot about hiring the right employees, firing unproductive employees, and cultivating a culture that will advance an organization. His video trainings dive into topics like the importance of the truth when dealing with your staff, checklists and why they are so important, and how to learn from your customers. All of his trainings provide applicable nuggets of information that can be put into action. His passion for teaching others to thrive is obvious on his videos. He is eager to equip entrepreneurial-minded people with the knowledge necessary to reach their goals and dreams.

Individuals looking for inspiration in their personal and professional lives will want to access Dr. Z’s trainings. In his videos, he has the ability to motivate the most desperate entrepreneur. For more information about Dr. Robert H. Zoellner visit his mentor page on Thrive15.com.

Learn From Self-Made Entrepreneur “Dr. Z” on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Professionals and entrepreneurial-minded individuals are struggling with similar issues in their businesses all over the world. Discouraged by the lack of skills and knowledge they possess to start or grow a profitable business. These very concerns are why Clay Clark, SBA Entrepreneur of the year, created Thrive15.com. Clay was once a confused and uneducated entrepreneur that had the passion, but was missing the insight to grow his business. After overcoming challenges that could have been avoided, he set out to connect experienced entrepreneurs with struggling professionals.

Clay carefully recruited industry experts that shared his passion for helping others succeed. Thrive15 offers thousands of business video trainings taught by mentors that have launched businesses and grown them into major enterprises. Business Coach Dr. Robert H. Zoellner, CEO of Thrive15.com, optometrist, and founder of one of the United State’s top frame-selling clinics, Dr. Robert H. Zoellner and Associates Eye Care Clinic, is eager to assist individuals with the desire to learn practical knowledge to advance and prosper.

This respected businessman is known for his devotion to helping others. He actively contributes and gives to charitable causes. He also gives his time and wisdom to people that want to learn and transform their lives and businesses. His insightful and engaging trainings are available on Thrive15.com. Viewers are benefiting from his relevant topics like overcoming fear and worry, how to move forward in the early years of your business, and ways to balance your personal and professional life, to name a few.

Dr. Z’s business trainings are practical and carefully delivered so individuals at any stage in their business can implement the nuggets of knowledge immediately into their organization. To learn more about Dr. Robert H. Zoellner and other expert mentors available on the site, visit Thrive15.com.

Dr. Z Teaches Business Owners About the Connection
Between Customer and Employee Satisfaction on Thrive15.com + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Are you a business owner operating your business with unproductive employees and unsatisfied customers? The Thrive15.com team and Dr. Robert H. Zoellner have designed an online platform to educate business owners about ways to advance their business. Thousands of trainings are available through online videos that can be accessed through the Thrive15.com website. The videos are entertaining and interactive to keep the “thriver” (a name given to subscribers on the site) engaged while learning at their own pace. Thrive15 subscribers have the opportunity to learn from business videos, as well as connecting with mentors through the “ask the mentor” option. The entire Thrive15.com team is eager to assist its subscribers so they can start to thrive in their lives and businesses.

Dr. Zoellner is a self-made entrepreneur, optometrist, and the CEO of Thrive15.com. He is an expert on building successful businesses. He founded Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates one of America’s top-selling eye-frame clinics. Some of his other successful ventures include Rockin’ Z Ranch, Z66 Auto Auction, and Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center. This industry leader knows plenty about providing customer satisfaction and how a customer’s opinion of your business can promote or hurt your brand. He also shares his insight on the connection between employee and customer satisfaction in his video training sessions.

Dr. Z shares his practical action steps that can be applied into a struggling business. Some of his relevant topics include learning from upset customers, firing employees, dealing with an unproductive staff member, and hiring mystery shoppers and the mastery that follows. Thrivers in over 43 countries are learning practical nuggets of knowledge from this experienced mentor. His simple tips are helping business owners and managers improve their organizations by creating an environment for satisfied customers and employees. For more information on improving the culture of your business, visit Dr. Robert H. Zoellner’s mentor page on Thrive15.com.

December 8th, 2017


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