Mom-Preneur Shares Her Tips for Starting a Business on + Business Coach

Mom-Preneur Shares Her Tips for Starting a Business on + Business Coach

ATLANTA, GA – The online education platform has partnered with top business leaders like Rachel Faucett, a social media expert and founder of Handmade Charlotte, Jim Cathcart, a Golden Gavel Award winner, and Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World® Resort. These world-class mentors are educating subscribers how to start or grow a successful business. Video trainings are accessible 24 hours a day so “thrivers” (users on the site) can learn at a time that is convenient for them. These videos are created to be educational, interactive, and engaging for the viewer. Another feature offered is the “ask the mentor” option, which allows “thrivers” an opportunity to ask the mentors questions concerning their business.

Mentor Rachel Faucett is a homeschooling mom and the founder of the popular brand Handmade Charlotte. Her products are sold in retail stores such as Hobby Lobby, Wal-Mart, and Michael’s. Many large companies covet her brand expertise and has led Faucett to consult for brands such as Nestle, Four Seasons, Target, Disney, Martha Stewart, Ford, P&G, Subaru, and McDonalds. Her brand received global recognition after collaborating with Anthropolgie and Pottery Barn Kids. This is just the beginning of her list of accomplishments.

No one knows more about starting an original business than Rachel. That is why she is eager to share her expertise with struggling entrepreneurs that lack the knowledge to grow their brand. Her trainings provide entrepreneurial-minded people with specific tips for letting go of fear so they can start focusing on their big idea. She delivers industry insight, ways to use social media to gain brand recognition, practical approaches to launching a brand, tackling obstacles, and when it is important to watch your competitors. Entrepreneurs around the world are benefiting from Rachel’s entertaining and practical trainings. Who better to learn from than mom-preneur Rachel Faucett?

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International Entrepreneur Shares 7 Decades of Knowledge on + Business Coach

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Are you an entrepreneurial-minded person thinking about starting a business, but not sure where to begin? You might want to consider logging on to Thrive15 is an online education platform offering thousands of business training videos. Trainings are taught by world-class mentors like international entrepreneur and decorated WWII veteran, Jack Nadel, Jim Cathcart, a Golden Gavel Award winning speaker, and Lee Cockerell, the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World® Resort.

Thrive15 has partnered with top mentors like Jack Nadel to provide practical business knowledge to entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals around the world. Nadel is a successful business leader with nearly seven decades of entrepreneurial experience. He has started, acquired and operated companies worldwide that have produced hundreds of original products, thousands of jobs, and profits in the millions. His company Jack Nadel International, is a global leader that specializes in promotional products with over 20 offices worldwide.

As an author, Nadel has written books for the purpose of helping entrepreneurs gain greater success in their businesses. He is the winner of five Global Ebook Awards and three Gold Awards with his latest book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur has gaining popularity among entrepreneurs. In addition to his business and writing accomplishments, he has been a lecturer of choice at many universities. His original methodology for entrepreneurs called the “The Nadel Method” is a five-step process that was developed from proven principles to create new brands or businesses and minimize the risk of failure Business Coach.

At 91 years young, Nadel is committed to mentoring entrepreneurs and individuals with the desire to prosper in their field. He shares his wisdom and expertise with “thrivers” (subscribers on the site) in over 43 countries on For more information about Jack Nadel and other Thrive mentors visit

International Entrepreneur Jack Nadel Still Mentoring
at the Age of 91 on + Business Coach

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Do you have a big idea or the desire to start a business, but are not sure where to begin? This sense of confusion and lack of direction is felt by many entrepreneurs, and stands as the reason why was created. To get answers to your questions and practical actions steps to start a business, consider checking out Thrive15 is an online education platform that offers thousands of videos taught by top mentors to increase one’s chances for success and reduce the risk of failure.

The practical knowledge taught on is interactive and applicable to starting and growing a successful business. The information provided by world-class mentors like Jack Nadel is real and can be easily implemented in a business. The team knows starting a business is time consuming. That is why subscribers have access to videos 24 hours a day so they can learn on their own time.

Nadel is one of Thrive15’s top mentors with nearly seven decades of international entrepreneurial experience. At the age of 91, he is passionate about sharing his wisdom and educating individuals about creating a business and how to grow that business. His company Jack Nadel International is a global marketing and advertising leader with 25 offices around the world. He has produced hundreds of original products and created thousands of jobs for people. His expertise and diligence has earned his companies profits in the millions business coach.

He has many books that focus on helping entrepreneurs gain success in their businesses. “The Evolution of an Entrepreneur,” Nadel’s latest book, has gained popularity among business professionals. Nadel has also been awarded five Global Ebook Awards and three Gold Awards. The Nadel Method is a methodology created by Nadel that is a five-step program with proven principles to successfully create a business by showing entrepreneurs how to minimize their risks.

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December 8th, 2017


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