Motivational Speaker & Business Coach Teaches the Importance of Self-Motivation

Award-Winning Motivational Speaker & Business Coach Teaches the Importance of Self-Motivation

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jim Cathcart, an award-winning motivational speaker and business coach, has teamed up with to teach on the importance of self-motivation and how it relates to becoming successful. Cathcart, a Golden Gavel Award and Cavett Award winning speaker, has over 39 years of experience in the field of personal development and sales. He provides invaluable insight for business leaders and employees alike.

As well as being a successful speaker, Cathcart is an award-winning author. His books, The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling, have gone on to become international bestsellers and have impacted thousands around the world. Cathcart’s passion for bringing practical training to companies and organizations has given him the opportunity to work with many top companies and industry leaders such as United Van Lines, Century21, Ritz-Carlton, Motorola Inc, Sony, Toshiba, Farmers Insurance Group, Re/Max Promotions, GE Medical Systems, and several others.

Cathcart has traveled the world as a keynote speaker and has had the opportunity to deliver over 3,000 motivational and sales talks over his career. He has been privileged to speak to audiences across the United States, Canada, Colombia, France, Panama, Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, and countless others. In addition to his global speaking engagements, Cathcart has also produced a TEDx motivational talk that ranks internationally in the top 1%, receiving over 320,000 views in a little over one year.

If Cathcart’s speaking accomplishments were not enough, he is also considered an expert in the areas of sales and marketing and was listed as one of the Top Sales Influencers for 2014 and 2015 by the London & Paris based Top Sales World Magazine. In addition to this honor, Cathcart was inducted into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012 which is why he is such a great business coach.

Cathcart’s training on self-motivation provides practical and immediately actionable takeaways for subscribers to Cathcart’s training, in addition to the complete library of video trainings on the site, can be accessed for less than the cost of traditional college courses with monthly plans starting at $19 per month.

Hall of Fame Entrepreneur Teaches Proactive Leadership On

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Jack Nadel, a Promotional Products Association International Hall of Fame inductee and WWII veteran, has teamed up with web-based business training site,, to provide practical trainings to the next generation of entrepreneurs. One of Nadel’s latest trainings on the site discusses the importance of becoming a proactive leader. His experience as an international businessman provides great insight into the leadership qualities needed to start and run a successful company from the ground up.

Nadel flew 27 combat missions over Japan as a member of the U.S. Army Air Corps and U.S. Army Air Force from 1942 to 1946. He began his entrepreneurial career founding Jack Nadel International in 1953. Nadel International specializes in distributing promotional products and merchandise and has become a global leader in the field of specialty advertising and marketing with 25 offices worldwide. Nadel has additionally founded, acquired, and grown more than a dozen other companies.

Nadel has been able to develop his own business methodology as a business coach, “The Nadel Method,” which integrates proven business principles to reduce the risk involved with starting a business while simultaneously increasing return on investment. The Nadel Method is an easy-to-follow, 5-step process that includes finding a business idea that incites passion within the business owner and reviewing the results.

Nadel’s passion for training the next generation of entrepreneurs is evident in’s video training library. Some of his other trainings on the site include The Three Ps: Process and Policy Lead to Profit, Understanding Your Strengths and Weaknesses, Business Startup Methods: The Nadel Method, and Find a Need and Fill it. 

The 91-year-old Nadel adds his lessons to an expanding library of practical business training courses on from successful businesspeople such as “mom-preneur” and founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan, and Golden Gavel and Cavett Award winning speaker, Jim Cathcart.

Top Franchise Coach Teaches About the Myths of Franchising On

NEW YORK CITY, NY – Franchise Source Brands International (FSBI) founder, Terry Powell has a passion for helping people reach their business goals through entrepreneurship and franchise development. One of his most recent demonstrations of this passion is through his partnership with the online educational platform, where Powell has created a training dedicated to dispelling the myths of franchising a business.

Powell, who also founded the Entrepreneur’s Source (E-Source) in 1984, earned his Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) certification from the International Franchise Association in 2004. Powell’s franchising career began with his business coach firm, the Entrepreneur’s Source, whose mission is to assist individuals that want to start their own businesses and become self-sufficient. From his years spent as a business coach and through extensive research, Powell discovered that approximately 75 percent of the population has the desire to become business owners and eventually be self-sufficient, but less than five percent of that group of people do anything to fulfill their desire. The E-Source is a response to the 70 percent of people that have not taken steps towards achieving their goals.

In 2005, Powell formed the entrepreneurial training “one source resource” with the acquisition of Business Advisers International, now AdviCoach®. Today, his business coach firm, E-Source, is heavily involved in the world of franchising, working with over 200 franchises in the United States and Canada. The Entrepreneur’s Source has successfully placed tens of thousands of people in businesses and franchises and carries Powell’s vision of helping people to achieve their life financial goals.

Today, Powell is well respected in the franchising community and is involved with the International Franchise Association (IFA). He also serves as a board member for the IFA’s Diversity Institute, an institution whose aim is to promote diversity and inclusion within the franchise community. Powell additionally sponsors the IFA’s annual “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”.

Powell’s training on confronts the seven most common myths of franchising and gives subscribers a foundation to build their opinions of franchising upon.

December 7th, 2017


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