One of the Greatest International Entrepreneurs Shares His Journey on Thrive15 + Business Coach

One of the Greatest International Entrepreneurs
Shares His Journey on Thrive15 + Business Coach

SANTA BARBARA, CA – The journey of an entrepreneur is not always painless and free from obstacles. The business coach on know this all too well from their own experiences as entrepreneurs starting out to leading successful enterprises. The challenges future entrepreneurs face is one of the reasons SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark, designed Thrive15 is an online business education platform providing practical insight for individuals wanting to start or grow a business. Clark and the organization have partnered with top industry leaders that are compelled to mentor millions of entrepreneurs.

At 91 years old, Jack Nadel is contributing by helping others accomplish their dreams of entrepreneurship on He teaches his original methodology, “The Nadel Method,” which is a five-step process that has been developed to decrease the risk of failure in the beginning stages of a business. If anyone can relate to the ramifications of making big decisions for a business, it is Jack. It is for this reason that he offers powerful insight on conducting your own research. Jack also expresses the importance of written agreements and how they protect the parties involved.

Nadel has nearly seven decades of experience as an entrepreneur and is sharing his expertise with thrivers (users on the site). He has started and operated over a dozen companies, provided jobs, and generated millions of dollars in profits. His global promotional products company, Jack Nadel International, has 25 offices around the world. The Huffington Post welcomes him as a regular contributor focusing on economic and entrepreneurial topics. He is an award-winning author and has written six business books and a novel. Committed to assisting others improve their success as entrepreneurs; he dedicated 10,000 copies of his book The Evolution of an Entrepreneur to U.S. veterans.

Nadel’s industry experience and knowledge is impacting entrepreneurs worldwide. Learn more about Jack’s trainings and biography on

Entrepreneurs Learn About What Leads to Profits on + Business Coach

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Starting a business can be overwhelming. Many entrepreneurs feel discouraged with the current state of their business; dealing with time constraints, budgets, inadequate employees, inconsistencies, and low profits to name a few of their concerns. Unfortunately, many lack the sensible knowledge and guidance that only seasoned mentors can provide. A mentor that has launched a new brand into a successful enterprise can offer plenty of vital tips to entrepreneurs just starting out.

The education technology company was constructed for this reason, to fill the gap between proven mentors and future entrepreneurs everywhere. and their team of elite mentors are committed to meeting the educational needs of struggling professionals that are seeking wisdom to grow their businesses. offers useful business trainings delivered by business leaders that have proven entrepreneurial success. These edutainment videos are interactive and accessible anytime of the day so subscribers can learn at times which are convenient for them.

Jack Nadel is a business coach, international entrepreneur, and decorated WWII veteran. At 91 years young, he has quite an impressive track record. He brings to almost seven decades of buying, starting, and operating businesses all over the world. Jack Nadel International is a company he founded that specializes in promotional products and is globally recognized in the promotional products industry. Through his lifetime he has gained a wealth of knowledge creating processes and policies to ultimately lead to high profits. He delivers his approach to “The Three P’s” to subscribers on His wisdom is mind blowing and will benefit any individual looking to advance their organization or in their profession.

Jack Nadel is a generous man that continues to contribute to entrepreneurs that desire to further their businesses. To learn more about this industry guru and other Thrive15 mentors visit

Dr. Robert Zoellner Partners with Technology Company + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Doctor Robert H. Zoellner is the energetic CEO of and has been a successful optometrist and entrepreneur for over 22 years. He is a self-made entrepreneur who started with nothing but the desire to succeed. His current business ventures include: Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates, Z66 Auto Auction, Rockin’ Z Ranch, Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center, and Zoellner is known for repeatedly saying, “I’d rather invest in a business I have control over.” This could be the very reason he has his hands in several high-profit companies. For those readers that are interested in soccer, his success has earned him enough money to wear a replica soccer jersey in any situation he chooses.

In addition to his prosperity, the doctor truly cares for the well-being of people and is involved in many philanthropic causes. His true passion for helping others carries over to the mission of Like many Thrive15 mentors, Zoellner was once a disheartened entrepreneur that had to learn how to conquer obstacles and learn the practical steps to take to build several successful organizations. His challenges compelled him to assist others in decreasing their chances of failure when launching a creative idea or business. He is heavily invested in the cause to educate and equip discouraged professionals around the world.

With the help of the online education platform, Dr. Z is able to deliver sensible training tips through videos and the “ask the mentor” option. A few of his customer training topics consist of connecting customer satisfaction to employee satisfaction and learning from upset customers. In addition to these helpful trainings, he provides insight about firing employees and how a customer’s opinion of your brand matters. His applicable approach will also educate individuals about hiring mystery shoppers and how to use their feedback to improve your business. For more information, visit

December 8th, 2017


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