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“I was taking this bus to New York. I realized I’d forgotten my thumb drive. Suddenly I’m powerless. I thought, how long are we going to be doing this? I never want this to happen to me again.” -Drew Houston (Billionaire and co-founder of

The only companies I endorse for constantly backed-up and always accessible cloud-based systems for storing and saving your digital files are:

  • Amazon Cloud Storage
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive

Regardless of what provider you decide to go with, the provider you choose must be able to provide you and your team with a file storage system that meets the following criteria:

  • Your team must be able to access the files from anywhere in the world via their laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Your digital documents must be easily searchable and easy for members of your team to locate.
  • Your files must be backed up all of the time and every day without you having to think about it.
  • Your system must be secure. Although even the IRS, LinkedIn, and countless large organizations have been hacked, you want to make sure that the system you are setting up is as secure as possible.

To watch a step-by-step video on how to best set up a cloud storage system, visit:

Business Coach Says To Establish Your Company’s Master Folder Organization Method

Do not form a committee or task force to determine how you will name your files. Just get this done ASAP. You must decide which file naming system is right for you because everyone within your company absolutely must know where all of your digital files are at all times. You will know that your file naming system is working properly after experiencing the first week when nobody in your office asks you, “Hey, where did you save the _____ file?” As you scale your business, you simply cannot spend 30 minutes per day running around telling members of your staff where files are located.

Business Coach Mystic Statistic:

“It’s estimated that a manager loses 1 hour/day to disorder, costing the business up to $4000/year if earning $35,000/year or $8,125/year at $65,000.”

The file naming system rules I have established and use on a daily basis to stay super-organized are as follows:

Assign each aspect / part of your business a different name and number and include that name and number in the file name.

End the name of each file with your company’s or department’s name. If you begin setting up different sub-companies or different departments within your company, you will be glad that you did. To make your life 2% easier, I have included an example of how I would label all of the files if I was ever asked to take over the file organization of David Letterman’s company, Worldwide Pants.

Business Coach Ample Example:

1 – Marketing – Worldwide Pants

2 – Sales – Worldwide Pants

3 – Customer Service – Worldwide Pants

4 – Product and Service Delivery – Worldwide Pants

5 – Accounting – Worldwide Pants

6 – Administration – Worldwide Pants

7 – Human Resources – Worldwide Pants

8 – Public Relations – Worldwide Pants

Experienced business coach says to determine that everything has a place based upon what aspect / part of your business it relates to.


1 – Marketing – Worldwide Pants

Brochures – Worldwide Pants

Business Cards – Worldwide Pants

History / Staff Photos – Worldwide Pants

Landing Pages – Worldwide Pants

Mailers – Worldwide Pants

One Sheet – Worldwide Pants

Photography – Worldwide Pants

Social Media – Worldwide Pants

Sponsors – Worldwide Pants

Tradeshow Booth – Worldwide Pants

Trifold – Worldwide Pants

Videos – Worldwide Pants

2 – Sales – Worldwide Pants

Contracts – Worldwide Pants

Leads – Worldwide Pants

E-Mail Templates – Worldwide Pants

Scripts – Worldwide Pants

Training Videos – Worldwide Pants

3 – Customer Service – Worldwide Pants

Customer Ticket Sales Database – Worldwide Pants

E-Mail Templates – Worldwide Pants

Scripts – Worldwide Pants

Swag Items – Worldwide Pants

Thank You Cards – Worldwide Pants

4 – Product and Service Delivery – Worldwide Pants

Guests – Worldwide Pants

Product Listing – Worldwide Pants

Production Schedule – Worldwide Pants

Show Ideas – Worldwide Pants

Show Intros – Worldwide Pants

Show Outros – Worldwide Pants

5 – Accounting – World Wide Pants

Accounts Receivable – Worldwide Pants

Balance Sheets – Worldwide Pants

Depreciation Schedule – Worldwide Pants

Equipment List – Worldwide Pants

Inventory – Worldwide Pants

Profit and Loss Statements – Worldwide Pants

Tax Filings – Worldwide Pants

6 – Administration – Worldwide Pants

Organizational Chart – Worldwide Pants

Passwords – Worldwide Pants

7 – Human Resources – World Wide Pants

Disciplinary Action – Worldwide Pants

Employee Handbook – Worldwide Pants

Employee Information – Worldwide Pants

Operations Manual – Worldwide Pants

Resumes – Worldwide Pants

Staff Party Plans – Worldwide Pants

Temporary Agency – Worldwide Pants

8 – Public Relations – Worldwide Pants

Press Kit – Worldwide Pants

Press Releases – Worldwide Pants

Talking Points – Worldwide Pants

Top Business Coach Says To Hold a 30-Minute Workshop to Teach Each Division of Your Company How the System Works

Everyone on your team must be taught the logic behind your file naming system and shown how to find files within your system or chaos will ensue. Have each member of your team demonstrate his or her mastery of your file naming system before moving on.

This Business Coach Says To Go Through the Terrible Mind-Numbing Process of Renaming All of Your Files NOW

Now it’s time for the terrible part. Oh yes. Now it’s time to actually rename all of your files and move them into the right location. This process takes most businesses I’ve worked with over the years 10 hours or more. You will quickly discover that Karl in accounting has been saving super important files on his desktop and that Janice has been saving her files in her Google Drive while Randy can’t remember where he saved the passwords. This is going to take some time, but you must insist that all of the file saving and reorganization gets done within a one week period of time. Even though it is very important to delegate whenever possible, YOU AS THE OWNER must be very involved in this process and you must OWN IT. The location and security of your digital files is simply too important to delegate to anybody else. You are setting up the file naming system that your company is going to use until the end of time and you must know where everything is being saved and how everything is organized.

“Simple works, complex fails.” -Tim Ferriss (Venture capitalist, nationally-known podcaster, bestselling author of The Four Hour Work Week)

December 11th, 2017


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