Personal Development Business Coach Teaches the Art of Concentration

Personal Development Business Coach Teaches the Art of Concentration

LOS ANGELES, CA – Jim Cathcart, a Cavett Award winning speaker and personal development expert, has teamed up with as business coach to teach about the art of concentration. Cathcart has traveled the world delivering presentations, giving over 3,000 motivational talks over his 39-year career in the industry. He has presented to audiences around the world including trips to Canada, Colombia, France, Panama, Singapore, and Poland.

Along with his success as a speaker and salesman, Cathcart is an award-winning author, with two international bestsellers, The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling. Cathcart has had the opportunity to train many large organizations such as, Sony, New York Life, Pfizer, IBM, Toshiba, Pacific Mutual, Thrifty Rent-a-Car, Ritz-Carlton, GE Medical Systems, and several others.

In his business coach training on entitled, Learning the Art of Concentration, Cathcart explains how learning to set aside time to concentrate and think on tasks that have to be done can be a game changer in one’s life. Paraphrasing Apple founder, Steve Jobs, Cathcart points out that success is not so much what someone says yes to, but more what they say no to. In a workplace environment, Cathcart explains that it is important to create a culture of understanding that setting aside time to concentrate is important for the success of the company.

Cathcart’s other trainings on the educational platform include Focus on Core Tasks Until Success, Self-Motivation is the Key to Success, The Purpose of Ongoing Education, You Have Greatness Within You, and several others. boasts an extensive library of practical and engaging business trainings from world-class mentors including “mom-preneur” and founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan, NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson, and decorated WWII veteran and hall of fame entrepreneur, Jack Nadel. Subscriptions to the site include unrestricted access to the entire library of trainings and start at $19 per month.

Top Selling Insurance Agent Teams Up With Business Coach Team

Top selling insurance agent and business coach, Bryan Smith, has teamed up with the educational platform Thrive15, similar to Lynda and Khan Academy, provides web-based learning video courses, but with a bit of flair coined, “edutainment.” The educational site prides itself on partnering with world-class mentors and successful business people to provide engaging and practical trainings for people who are looking to start a business, grow a business, or advance in their careers. Smith joins other successful mentors on the site that include former Walt Disney World® Resort Executive Vice President of Operations, Lee Cockerell, Golden Gavel and Cavett Award winning speaker, Jim Cathcart, and NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson.

Smith’s career as an insurance agent began in 2010 and he has quickly turned it into a successful one. Within four years of beginning in the insurance industry, Smith has become one of the nation’s most successful insurance agents. Smith attributes his success to the implementation of best-practice sales systems, pig-headed discipline, and the creation of a success-oriented sales organization culture.

Smith’s journey to success has taken many twists and turns. Smith grew up serving as the head of household for his mother and brother after his father deserted them during his early teenage years. Smith still flourished as a student-athlete and had been considered to have potential for starting a professional baseball career. Those aspirations were flattened, however, when he was hit by a drunk driver, effectively ending his hopes for a career as an athlete.

Smith’s persistence and drive in the face of adversity has made him successful and helped him get to where he is today. His insurance business has received several awards including Oklahoma Magazine’s “Best of the Best Award” from 2011-2014.

When Smith isn’t selling insurance, he is dedicated to brining hope to his local community. Smith is actively involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Board, Tulsa Men of Vision, the Chairman’s Circle, and, where he serves as a business mentor.

December 8th, 2017


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