Praise For Our Business Coach

Business Coach, Clay Clark Has Transformed Our Companies

These words of praise and testimonials are for business coach and founder of, Clay Clark.

“I own Facchianos Bridal and Formal attire and have had to pay thousands of dollars in the past to have websites built that were subpar and not what I needed for my business, until Clay taught me how to do it myself. Now my company website comes up on the search engines in the first three searches. “It has changed my business overnight on how many times our phone rings. It can change the life of your business to be in control of your website.”

Jennifer Thompson

Owner/Bridal Stylist

Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire

“The attendees all left with pages and pages of takeaways. They really enjoyed the energy, and the SPECIFIC ACTION POINTS you gave everybody. You and our Accounting Presenter got top marks. You really made this year’s training EPIC.”

Anitra Nichols

Maytag University

100 S. Anaheim Blvd. Suite #250

Anaheim, CA 92805

“We’ve gone into overdrive to get Brenda trained. We’ve had a record month!! We’ve collected $60,000. We have quite a bit pending insurance as well. Can’t wait to finish all the numbers!! That’s awesome! Thank you, Clay, business coach extraordinaire, for all that you do! We had over 30 leads in March alone!”

Jennifer Cushman

Office Manager

Face & Body Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa

“You single-handedly saved this event (Tulsa Sports Charity Fundraisers for Hall of Fame Basketball Coach Eddie Sutton)…. He also asked if they could do an ‘Eddie’s Worst Scowl’ contest with the TV stations, and I thought he would love that… I think they are now drinking from your Kool Aid!!!”

Stephen E. Sutton

Vice President of Spirit Bank

Public Sector / Financial Associations Portfolio Manager

“In terms of our website, we weren’t even on Google and now we are the top in Google search results.  Already 70 kids signed up for camp. Could have 80-90 before it’s over. The site really gives us a big time look. I’m happy with it.”

Don Calvert

Founder of Score Basketball

“We were able to move to the top of Google searches in the competitive mortgage Internet search category, we got featured on the news twice and we closed nearly 35% more loans within the first six months. The contact management system, your expert business coaching, search engine strategy, and PR system are producing results. Our only issue now is scaling. Let’s talk.”

Adnan Sheikh

Founder | President

ZFG Mortgage

“Clay, you have helped me from day one to be a better leader of my family and my business through the passion you bring to both! Thank you, sir. I’ve applied some of the philosophies from your awesome book, Make Your Life Epic to my LegalShield business and they have helped me achieve the top spot in the state…THANK YOU for your leadership.”

Robert Johnson

Legal Shield

“So far we’ve generated $63,600 of additional annual gross revenue as a result of the ACCESS plan you helped us create. We are closing in on $10K in monthly revenue. I just signed up an additional ACCESS client and it’s the 2nd one that I’ve landed in the last 30 days from LinkedIn. And the only thing I’m doing on LinkedIn is the Myth versus Law and the Legal Mumbo Jumbo. I’m not doing any other activity. So that appears to really be working in that medium. So I’m making $850 a month off of my free LinkedIn subscription. So I’m kind of excited. So I just wanted to let you know that some of what we are doing is working. Thank you for being a phenomenal business coach”

Scott Reib

Attorney at Law

“Great flexibility substituting for another speaker. Good job. The ‘winning @ work’ got highest marks from 44 of 56 survey respondents.”

John E. Trubey

Senior Analyst U.S. Government Accountability Office

Dallas, Texas

“Hi Clay. You have no idea how you blessed me with our conversation and the book recommendations. When I was in Tulsa, the Brazilian government made a sudden change in the regulations for the housing market that drove a lot of people out of business.

“We pretty much had to reinvent our business to survive. February through June were not fun… However, God blessed us and we were able to survive and prosper. We have now about 20 employees working on three different construction sites. The principles in the books you recommended and the ones I ‘caught’ during our conversation have helped me a lot

“I often tell my wife: ‘If Clay Clark can run five businesses, then why can’t I run a business and a ministry?’ You have been an inspiration! Thanks my friend!”

Rubens Cunha

Brazilian Missionary

“Clay Clark has been instrumental throughout in providing me with business guidance at the right times! He has moved both of my companies to the top of Google searches and helped me to be featured in countless media outlets and publications. I have a big vision in what God has called me to do and sometimes as an entrepreneur you can dream so big that you can lose focus. With three successful companies, I knew that it was time for growth and sustainability so that we could reach the people that we needed to reach. I truly believe that God brings certain people into your life at certain times and I thank God for bringing Clay at a time of need. Clay has been instrumental in combining his business savvy with my big vision. The bottom line is that I am in business to help people…but I am also in business to make money, and that is what Clay has helped me do! If you are considering bringing Clay on for anything business related, it will be the best investment you ever make. He is the best business coach worldwide.”

Jonathan Conneely

“Coach JC”

Founder / President, JJC Enterprises

“Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you for your input and for working so hard for me behind the scenes while we were back and forth for this (for the TV show, “The Voice”). I’m humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude. So glad to know you and your sweet family. Thanks for believing in me!”

Amanda Preslar

Founder of

“Clay, I just want you to know that this last year has been unbelievable.  I’ve gone from poverty thinking to just a small measure of wealth thinking and, as the book said, the universe has discovered me!!! I’ve never felt so free!  I truly have become what T. Harv Eker calls, ‘a money magnet’!  And it’s only the beginning.  We have seven revenue streams now and each of them are growing and contributing daily.  Thank you Clay Clark!  You are a phenomenal business coach! My life is expanding and you have been a major influence on me! Have a great day, my friend!”

Clay Staires

Professional Speaker/Trainer and Growth Expert

The Leadership Initiative

December 8th, 2017


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