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Business Coach Shares Success Secrets For Wowing Customers

You can learn from a business coach how your company can provide superior customer service.

At the Elephant in the Room, we offer each man who comes in for a haircut a complimentary beverage or adult beverage of their choice and it never fails to wow the unsuspecting customer. This simple act of providing a complimentary beverage always creates positive word of mouth and more referrals from our ideal and likely buyers to other ideal and likely buyers. Southwest Airlines has become legendary for encouraging their flight attendants to have fun with passengers as they make their federally-mandated in flight safety announcements. Take it from a business coach, it should not cost you boatloads of money to implement a wow moment into your workflow design, but it will cost you millions if you fail to do so.

“The only path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its loyal customers to become, in effect, its marketing department.” – James L Heskett, Thomas O. Jones, Gary W. Loveman, W. Earl Sasser, Jr. and Leonard A. Schlesinger, “Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work” –Harvard Business Review – July-August 2008 Issue

As a business coach, I recommend installing a rewards program for your customers. We all know people who faithfully buy their coffee from Starbucks each morning using their rewards card because soon they will rack up enough points for a free treat. We all know of people (maybe it’s you) who diligently and consistently only book flights on one airline using only one credit card to rack up as many points as possible, even when the logistics of doing so are tough, because they want to earn those points to take “that free trip to Hawaii.” Top companies understand how effective rewards programs are at building customer loyalty, but most small and medium-sized businesses are so busy putting out the fires of the day that they miss this opportunity altogether.

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Business Coach Teaches To Implement a Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling and Up-selling Program ASAP

Years ago I had an opportunity to work with several struggling wedding facilities and in each case, implementing this Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling and Up-selling Program saved the day. The best example of a company that has this down pat is Jiffy Lube. Every time I go in for my $19.99 Jiffy Lube oil service and leave with a $182.43 bill, I smile as I think of their mastery of this area even as I crying inside thinking about how they just upsold me nine times more services than I had expected to buy. Going into Jiffy Lube just creates a tornado of emotions for me. Here are the moves that work for Checklist-Driven Cross-Selling (it’s beautiful):

  1. Create a checklist of all of the related products and services that your company can currently offer to your ideal and likely buyers.
  2. Add all of the related products and services that your company could potentially provide to your ideal and likely buyers.
  3. Create a list of questions that you want to ask every time you meet with a customer to introduce the additional products and services you can provide. Phrase the questions in such a way that you’re offering solutions but not in a high-pressure way.

Again, Jiffy Lube offers a perfect example of this. The dude at Jiffy Lube always says, “Now Mr. Clark, the manufacturer recommends that you replace your air filter about every x number of miles and it appears to be about time. Did you want me to take care of that today or did you want me to leave it until next time? Mr. Clark, it looks as though your wiper blades appear to be a little worn. Did you want to go ahead and replace those or are you good to go? Mr. Clark, your manufacturer recommends that you replace your transmission fluid every x number of miles and it looks as though it’s time to replace that fluid. Did you want me to handle that for you today or did you want to wait until next time?”

This system is honestly so good, it gets me excited even as I write about it. People joke about McDonald’s saying that if you don’t get your degree you are going to spend your day saying, “Do you want me to super-size that for you?” Actually, that kind of checklist-driven cross-selling and upselling program has produced billions of additional dollars of revenue for McDonald’s. As a business coach, It blows my mind.

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This business coach shares some ideas to stimulate your brain and the creation of your cross-selling system.

“For business-to-consumer companies, you need to have a constant touch system to keep the relationship strong.” -Chet Holmes (Bestselling author and the former business partner of Warren Buffet’s business partner, Charlie Munger)

  • What are some services and products that you could package together in a premium package for your clients who choose to upgrade?
  • What are additional problems and needs that your customer has that your products and services satisfy? I once went to a restaurant in Tampa, Florida, after a speaking event. The owner of that restaurant shared with me that the introduction of jet ski upgrades, tiki torch upgrades, live music upgrades, beach fire pit upgrades, and premium ocean view upgrades (on the roof of his building) not only saved his business, but helped his business thrive.
  • What services and products can you begin offering your clients that will take their experience to the next level?
  • If the top 5% of your ideal and likely buyers had no pricing concerns or barriers, what products and services could you offer them that would provide them with the elite level of service they would gladly pay for? I once worked with a female sports coach who was charging the average athlete a membership fee of $150 per person for group sports training. Before we talked, she had approximately 140 students. After we talked, she felt as though about eight of the parents would be willing to pay $1,750 per month for more personalized training sessions and a one-on-one coaching experience. She was right. She signed up four parents the first week she offered the package and increased her profit from just over $7,000 per month to nearly $13,000 per month simply by offering a premium package that she believed 5% of her ideal and likely buyers were willing to pay for.
December 11th, 2017


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