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Business Coach Teaches About Strong Sales Systems

Top business coach provides steps to creating an effective sales system.

  • Step-by-step lead management and organization system creation –
  • Inbound sales lead system creation –
  • Outbound sales lead system creation –
  • Internal lead scoring and rating system creation –
  • Inquiry source and lead generation tracking system creation –
  • Measuring the true costs associated with generating a consistent amount of leads each month –
  • Scalable lead generation process creation that is not dependent on sales superstars –
  • Determining the overall quality of the inbound leads that your team receives –
  • Generating leads via search engine optimization –
  • Generating leads via social media –
  • Generating leads via online retargeted advertising –
  • Generating quality leads from e-mail marketing –
  • Generating quality leads from cold-call and call center-based marketing –
  • Generating quality leads from tradeshows –
  • Generating quality leads via print media –
  • Generating quality leads via public relations –
  • Generating quality leads from walk-in traffic –
  • Generating quality leads from sign-flipper generated walk-in traffic –
  • Generating leads via referrals from your current customers –
  • Generating leads from networking –
  • Generating quality lead generating ideas and actually executing them –
  • Generating quality leads via the mailing of individual print pieces delivered to your ideal and likely buyers –
  • Generating quality leads via television advertising –
  • Generating quality leads via radio advertising –
  • Generating quality leads via online radio –
  • Generating quality leads via guest podcast appearances –
  • Generating quality leads via ad spots on podcasts enjoyed and listened to by your ideal and likely buyers –
  • Generating quality leads via guest blog appearances –
  • Generating leads via the mailing of mass mailers where multiple coupons and print pieces are packaged into one envelope such as Valpak or RSVP:
  • Generating leads from executing an effective face-to-face representative-based marketing game plan – face-to-face-marketing

“The faster you run high quality experiments, the more likely you’ll find scalable, effective growth tactics. Determining the success of a customer acquisition idea is dependent on an effective tracking and reporting system, so don’t start testing until your tracking/reporting system has been implemented.” -Gabriel Weinberg (Bestselling author of Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers)

As an experienced business coach having worked with hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses over the years, I can tell you that it is all-too-common for a business to be stuck in the cycle of feast or famine. The average business owner is guilty of spending all his energy focusing on delivering the products and services he just sold, only to discover that his pipeline is now completely dry and the business is going to die if he doesn’t stop everything and immediately begin focusing on selling again. My friend, if this is you, you must get out of this cycle.

This business coach has good news. This entire feast and famine is going to stop right here and now because you are going to do the following six activities as soon as possible.

  1. Create a customer database – Watch the video at –
  2. Create an annual marketing calendar – Watch the video at –
  3. Create a step-by-step sales system for the three marketing systems you are committed to mastering – Watch the video at –
  4. Determine the daily metrics you will hold your sales team accountable for producing – Watch the video at –
  5. Create an inbound sales tracking system to determine which advertisement, marketing and sales activities are producing the most fruit for your business – Watch the video at –
  6. Once you have built a sales process, commit to training your salespeople and managing the sales and marketing systems (instead of actually working in the sales process) – Watch the video at –

“Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don’t have are enough customers.” -Gabriel Weinberg (Bestselling author of Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers)

Business Coach Says You Must Document the System that Works

Once you have gone to the trouble to identify the best sales and marketing systems to attract your ideal and likely buyers, you’re not finished. Take it from a business coach, you must go the extra mile and create duplicable sales systems that will help anyone who is honest and diligent to both produce and close sales leads. When you build systems that are stuck in your head and not documented on paper, you really set yourself up for failure. If a successful member of your team gets upset, gets hurt, or decides to move on to greener pastures and no one has any idea what they were doing that worked, you find yourself in a very dangerous spot. You also can’t easily tweak or improve a system that is 100% verbal and not recorded anywhere in a linear fashion.

“To succeed consistently, good managers need to be skilled not just in choosing, training, and motivating the right people for the right job, but in choosing, building, and preparing the right organization for the job as well.” -Clayton Christensen (Harvard Business School professor and bestselling author of The Innovator’s Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail)

Business Coach Gives 8 Steps for Creating an Effective Documented Sales System

  1. Identify and document which three marketing systems work best to generate both leads and actual sales.
  2. Determine which marketing and sales system is far and away the most effective lead generating activity. Ask yourself, if you had to only use one system to market your business, which system would you use.
  3. Create the step-by-step processes involved in executing the marketing system
  4. Buy a huge white board or sheets of white paper and a massive amount of tape (scotch tape, masking tape, etc.)
  5. Post in a highly visible place your giant white sheet of paper or a chalkboard or a massive white board.
  6. Write out all of the steps of your sales process on that paper or chalkboard or white board.
  7. Adjust the description and order of the steps of your sales process until you have developed a perfect strategy that actually works best for you.
  8. Once you have created the perfect system, take a picture of the written steps and produce a PDF image that you can easily distribute to your sales people to accurately detail the steps involved in your sales process.
December 11th, 2017


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