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Business Coach Teaches The Steps To Improving Your Systems

A top business coach will provide step by step instructions to enhance your company’s existing systems. Follow the content below to learn more information regarding improving processes and systems for your business.

Grab that dry erase marker and starting writing on the far right side of the board, the Defined Outcomes and Deliverables you are trying to consistently produce and achieve.  

Write out all the step-by-step processes needed to create and deliver the core products and services that your company sells to your ideal and likely buyers.

Write out the checklists, tools, or systems that you would need to have in place to fully delegate this system to an honest and diligent person who has never done this task before.

Write out the checklists, tools, and systems that you would need to have in place to fully delegate to a manager who was honest and diligent the quality control aspects of verifying that the systems were executed correctly. How would they know if the products and services were being delivered properly?

Take a picture of the system you have just drawn up on the board and have it turned into a PDF graphic that you can use to train people.

Create a training video of you or a team member who is excellent at performing the task being systematized for use in scaling the training of your staff without you personally having to participate in all trainings moving forward.

Create a quiz that corresponds with the training video you have produced to verify that learning has taken place. If you trust that your people are watching your videos but do not go the extra mile to verify that they are, you will get frustrated when you discover that WHATEVER YOU INSPECT IS WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT.

“In God we trust; all others must bring data.” “You can expect what you inspect.” -W. Edwards Deming (Legendary management expert and bestselling author)

This elite business coach says after you have built this system (or any system, for that matter), you must invest the time to reflect upon the system you have built and constantly ask yourself:

  1. What results are you producing that just do not matter?
  2. What results are you producing that really matter?
  3. What results are you promising that you are not delivering?
  4. What results are your customers asking for that you currently cannot produce or deliver due to your current pipeline?
  5. Can you reduce the number of steps required to produce the results that your ideal and likely buyers want?
  6. How can you dramatically decrease the number of people needed and yet still consistently deliver high-quality results?
  7. How can you dramatically decrease the number of people needed but still improve the results you are currently producing?
  8. Can you design or automate a more streamlined process?
  9. How can you reduce the costs associated with producing the desired result without decreasing the quality of the product?
  10. What easy-to-implement enhancements can you employ to improve the quality of the output you are consistently producing?
  11. Would slightly increasing the costs of the products and services you deliver dramatically increase their value or perceived value in the eyes of your customers?
  12. How can you increase the value of the products and services you produce to allow you to charge dramatically more for what you deliver?
  13. How can you increase the perceived value of the products and services that you produce by teaming up with a celebrity, improving the quality of the branding, etc.?

Business Coach Fun Fact:

The Armand de Brignac brand of champagne used to be sold in the same $60 price range as Antique Gold. However, since Jay-Z began to endorse the champagne during his music video, “Show Me What You Got,” the brand has now increased its retail price to $300 per bottle simply by gaining that endorsement. The story gets a little complicated, but Jay-Z essentially claimed to have no financial involvement in the company until he purchased a controlling interest of the brand in 2014.  It was reported by that “Jay-Z had a favorite champagne brand, so he bought it.”

Business Coach Says To Ask Yourself These Questions:

Who is your top competitor on the planet who has produced a related system or process that you can study and ultimately reverse engineer to help better your systems? Are there any portions of your system that you could delegate to a reliable company who could frankly do what you do better and at a better price than you could do it?

Business Coach Ample Example:

At, we happily delegate out the transcription of our videos to two companies that do an incredible job when it comes to transcribing content: and

  1. How could you decrease the number of errors that are currently committed using your existing system?
  2. How could you make your current system less prone to error?
  3. What type of person should ideally be executing these systems?
  4. Do you currently have the right people executing your systems?

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” -Jim Collins (Bestselling author of Good to Great and Built to Last)

After you have asked yourself these tough questions, it’s time to get back to your white board and begin to adjust, tweak, remove, erase, and enhance aspects of your system until your system is better, more efficient, of greater value to your customers, less expensive, and more duplicable.

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December 11th, 2017


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