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Business Coach Teaches About The Importance Of Tracking

These incredible sales systems that can advance your organization are taught by a top business coach. Create a mini-sales system overhaul and delegate effectively. As discussed earlier, when you delegate effectively, you must clearly document what needs to be done, who needs to do it and when it needs to be done. If you do not follow-up it will not get done.

“Equally important is what ‘writing it down’ symbolizes…the act implies a commitment, like a handshake, that something will be done. The supervisor, also having taken notes, can then follow up at the next one-on-one.” -Andy Grove (Founding team member and former CEO of Intel)

Anything that you assign must be tracked and reviewed on a weekly basis or you simply will not get things done. If you find yourself delegating to people who need to be followed up with daily to keep them on track to hit their weekly goals, make a note of it, attempt to coach them, and replace them if they cannot be coached.

“If you’re wrong, you will die. But most companies don’t die because they are wrong; most die because they don’t commit themselves. They fritter away their valuable resources while attempting to make a decision. The greatest danger is in standing still.” -Andy Grove (Founding team member and the former CEO of Intel)

Business Coach Marshall Marination Moment: Nothing Happens Without Sales

It’s important to understand this concept: nothing happens in the business unless there are sales. It doesn’t matter if you have the most incredible accounting system or the most beautifully designed checklist, if you cannot close deals. Spend as much time as necessary to refine this area of your business.

Business Coach Offers A Booming Business Foundational Principle – Executing Your Daily Operations

Elite business coach teaches game changing moves to scale your ability to deliver and produce the products and services desired by your ideal and likely buyers. As discussed earlier, the Daily Operations Team is responsible for producing and delivering the products and services that your company sells to your ideal and likely buyers. This team’s job is to deliver what you committed to when you took payment from the customer.  They’re in charge of the overall administrative and back-office aspects of your company. As a expert business coach, I’m going to teach you GAME CHANGING MOVES that will help you consistently deliver an insanely high amount of value to your ideal and likely buyers as you scale your business. First, I’m going to provide you with the proven game plan to help you build out your critical business processes and systems. I call these “Guru Systems” because I cannot legally refer to them as “Yoda Systems” without paying George Lucas.

Business Coach Fun Fact:

After selling the Star Wars franchise to Disney, George Lucas’ net worth stood at approximately $5.1 billion. I’m sure he’s spent it all on Yoda figurines since then.

Second, I’m going to teach you something that I am passionate about on almost a spiritual level and that is “Universal File Nomenclature.” This is the system you will use to properly name files so that people quit asking you where something is saved.  This is especially important as your business scales and the number of customers and team members you interact with increases exponentially.

Third, I’m going to teach about the horrible blame-game-causing-problem I see in most businesses called the “Fumbled Handoff.” Essentially, this is the part of the business where one of your team members blames the other for not completing a project while your customer is made to suffer. Improving the way projects are delegated and handed off will eliminate this problem almost entirely.

Fourth, I’m going to teach you about the awful wealth destroying mental disorder that has taken over the minds of at least 49% of our population called, “Work-Related Jackassery – The Interactive I-Did-Not-Know-I-Forgot-Or-Was-Not-Properly-Trained-Responsibility-Repelling-Game.”

Let’s start with “Guru Systems.”

Business Coach Teaches About Guru Systems

I don’t care how motivated you are or how many times you have attended a Tony Robbins coal-walking seminar, your ability to grow your business exponentially is directly related to your business’ capacity to quickly produce duplicable systems.

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” -Jack Welch (The former CEO of GE who completely reinvigorated the company and grew it exponentially during his tenure)

When you work as hard as you do, you must be able to create replicable systems that you then outline and formalize to reproduce the desired result over and over again. When you do this properly, you will end up with the following items for each of the company’s core competencies:

  1. Defined outcomes and deliverables
  2. Defined workflow and step-by-step processes
  3. The checklists, tools, or systems that allow you to actually delegate the completion of the process
  4. The checklists, tools, or systems that allow you to measure the quality control aspects of the process
  5. A training system to teach the process once it has been properly documented
  6. A training video or system that allows you to teach 15 new people per day the systems without an investment of your personal time to teach each person
  7. A quiz based upon the training video or system that you have produced that helps you see what the members of your team are or are not learning from your training videos

For a life-changing and process enhancing video that explains how to create duplicable processes for businesses, visit:

I realize that for many of the clients I have worked with over the years, this is the part of the discussion where their brain begins to melt and they fall into a boredom-induced coma. However, this is where the magic happens. Just imagine what you would do with your day if you had consistent revenue coming in and you had all the time freedom in the world. If that were the case, what would you be doing? I enjoy running around my backyard chasing my wife, harassing my five kids, feeding ducks, feeding the Great Pyrenees, watching the New England Patriots, reading business case studies of successful companies, writing books like this, and having marital sex. Alright, with SEX on our minds, let’s get to work. I need you to grab that white board yet again. If you are telling me that you can’t afford the white board, then sell some crap on Craigslist and cancel your premium TV subscription because we have to get this done.

December 11th, 2017


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