Successful Business Coach Teaches Importance of Candor in the Workplace

Successful Business Coach Teaches Importance of Candor in the Workplace

Tulsa, OK – Dr. Robert Zoellner, an optometrist, business coach and serial entrepreneur, has teamed up with educational platform to provide training for entrepreneurs, business owners and business professionals who have a desire to grow in their current careers. Zoellner, whose first optometry clinic opened in 1991, has started and grown a number of businesses including Dr. Zzz’s Sleep Center, A-Z Medical, Z-66 Auto Auction and his dream venture of owning a horse ranch, Rockin’ Z Ranch. Over his 20-plus years in business, Zoellner has gained invaluable experience and shares one of his core values of candor in business in his training on the site titled, Captain Candor: Being Honest Even When the Truth Hurts.

In the training Zoellner outlines the necessity of candor in business, stressing the importance of having those difficult conversations because they are necessary to having a successful business. Zoellner goes on to explain that if someone is not doing a good job, be honest with them and tell them they are not doing a good job so that they can improve or move on to another job where they can grow.

Dr. Zoellner’s training adds to a vast collection of practical and engaging business trainings on Zoellner’s courses are complimented by trainings from an impressive list of mentors on the site that includes decorated WWII veteran and internationally successful entrepreneur, Jack Nadel, “mom-preneur” and founder of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donovan and franchising expert, Terry Powell. Subscriptions to the site start at $19 per month and offer 24/7 access to the entire library of trainings and a world-class time management system based on Lee Cockerell’s book, Time Management Magic, to successfully turn those notes into action items.

Some of Zoellner’s other trainings on the site include The Link Between Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction, The Balancing Act: Faith, Family, Finances, & Body and Learning from Upset Customers.

Popular “Mom-Preneur” Teaches About Getting Serious About Business

Atlanta, GA – Popular business coach, “mom-preneur” and founder of the nationally recognized DIY blog Handmade Charlotte, Rachel Faucett, has joined to teach about getting serious about one’s business. Her training entitled, Getting Serious About Your Business (Warpaint is Gorgeous) reinforces the importance of acting on one’s good ideas. According to the training Faucett has a great passion for “making things happen” and it has shown throughout her career.

Faucett, who has become known by her work as a successful blogger and social media expert has stepped in as a consultant for numerous top organizations. A list that includes Disney, HP, Home Depot, Meredith, and several others. Faucett, also a talented designer, has had her product lines featured in top retailers such as Anthropologie, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Michael’s stores.

Faucett’s success as a “mom-preneur” is inspiring to people around the world. Homeschooling her five children while working to grow her businesses, Faucett carries on her passion for creating and sharing with others. Some of Faucett’s most popular trainings in the video library include titles such as The Art of the Thank You: Send Five-Foot Blow Up Alligators, Time Management: How a “Mom-Preneur” and Homeschooling Mother of Five Gets Things Done, Tips for Finding a Mentor with the Million Dollar Blogger Rachel Faucett, and Starting the Business: Dismantling the Safety Switch and Completely Going for It.

Thrive15 is an online educational resource for businesses and organizations with people who want to start a business, grow a business, or advance in their careers. Thrive15 offers access to practical trainings from top business leaders such as award-winning author and publicist, Michael Levine, business coach legend, Terry Powell, and teen chef and Student Ambassador for Sodexo, Remmi Smith.

Popular Blogger Teaches Brainstorming Techniques on

Atlanta, GA – Founder of the popular blog Handmade Charlotte, Rachel Faucett, has teamed up with the educational platform to teach creative brainstorming techniques in her training entitled, Brainstorming 101 – Fill a Room with Balloons and Pop Your Way Out. Faucett’s training discusses the importance of developing creative and unrestricted ideas and creating a process to eliminate the less feasible ideas and pursuing the good ones.

Thrive15 is a web-based educational platform for businesses and people who want to grow in their current careers. Thrive15 offers access to practical trainings from world-renowned business leaders such as NBA Hall of Fame basketball player, David Robinson, former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World® Resort, Lee Cockerell, and Golden Gavel and Cavett Award winning speaker, Jim Cathcart.’s video trainings take each mentor’s experience in the business world and combine it with immediately applicable action steps for subscribers.

Faucett, who has gained notoriety through her work on her blog has opened the door for her to become a social media advisor and business coach for several top brands such as Disney, Hearst, Nestle, and several others. Faucett’s product lines have also been featured in some of the top retailers in the world like Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Anthropologie.

Faucett is a successful “mom-preneur,” homeschooling her five children while working to grow her businesses, and an inspiration to countless other women like her. Faucett’s most popular trainings on include Tips for Finding a Mentor with the Million Dollar Blogger Rachel Faucett, Time Management: How a “Mom-Preneur” and Homeschooling Mother of Five Gets Things Done, The Art of the Thank You: Send Five-Foot Blow Up Alligators, and Blogging 101: How Do I Know What Kind of Content to Create.

December 7th, 2017


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