Successful Entrepreneur and Optometrist Educates the World on + Business Coach

Successful Entrepreneur and Optometrist Educates the World on + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – What do an entrepreneur and an optometrist have in common? They both describe the amazing Doctor Robert H. Zoellner. This tireless businessman is also an optometrist and entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience. He is now serving as the CEO of is an education technology company committed to assisting desperate entrepreneurs lacking the resources and knowledge to start or advance a business.

As a mentor and the CEO of, he is contributing to the success of “thrivers” (a name given to the site’s subscribers) around the world. Dr. Zoellner came from humble beginnings and through hard work and diligence he became a prospering, self-made entrepreneur. His current ventures include: Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates,, Z66 Auto Auction, Rockin’ Z Ranch, and Dr ZZZ’s Sleep Center. He has also served as the Director of the Board for Regent Bank.

Founder of Dr. Robert H. Zoellner and Associates Eye Care Clinic, his company is recognized as one of the top frame-selling clinics in America. Another profit-producer is Z66 Auto Auction, Oklahoma’s largest auto auction. His famous repeated saying, “I’d rather invest in a business I have control over,” is known by many people that do business with him. This philosophy is likely to be one of the reasons his companies are thriving business coach.

Dr. Z has a passion for helping others succeed personally and professionally. He is actively involved in charities and mentors individuals with the desire to launch or grow a business. His expertise and wisdom is available through’s library of training videos. Topics such as how to properly use a checklist and why they are important provide helpful tips for organizing a business. A powerful training called “The Balancing Act” teaches viewers how to balance their personal and professional lives. For more practical business knowledge, visit

Self-Made Entrepreneur Teaches the Importance of
Being Honest Even When the Truth Hurts on + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – Are you a business owner with an organization full of inadequate employees? Do you avoid confronting an employee’s mistakes because you are afraid of hurting their feelings? If either of those two questions describe your managerial style, you need the guidance of the mentors. Top business leaders on Thrive15 know how to start and grow profitable organizations. They also know a thing or two about the importance of weeding out unmotivated employees so a business can truly thrive.

Thrive15 is an online education website whose content is available to paid subscribers. Thrive15 was designed to offer discouraged entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate leaders practical insight to advance their organization. The great leaders on know the significance of having key players on a team. That is why mentors like Dr. Robert H. Zoellner offer sensible tips that can be quickly implemented to reduce breakdowns in a business coach.

As a self-made entrepreneur, business leader, and the CEO of, Dr. Zoellner is passionate about mentoring individuals that have been deprived of the vital knowledge needed to improve their organizations. Dr. Z has over 22 years experience owning and operating businesses, including Oklahoma’s largest auto auction, Z66 Auto Auction, and Dr. Robert H. Zoellner and Associates Eye Care Clinic, which is recognized as one of the top frame-selling clinics in the United States. As an owner of several businesses, he has learned the value of hiring and developing the right people. He also knows the importance of firing employees that don’t contribute to the desired results of the business.

Managing a company and staff has its challenges, but Dr. Z is more than qualified to educate administrators on how to be honest with an employee even if the truth hurts. In his training videos he offers practical steps and ways to deliver an often uncomfortable message. For more on Dr. Zoellner or other mentors, visit

Learn How Your Customers Can Help You Improve Your Business on + Business Coach

TULSA, OK – The education technology company is educating professionals and entrepreneurs how to transform their businesses. Thrive15 was created to connect uninstructed professionals to expert mentors to fill in the gaps that exist in their business. Mentors deliver insight and direction on business-related topics available through thousands of premier videos. Devoted mentors are providing support and knowledge to subscribers so they can revolutionize their brand and prosper.

Business trainings available on are what the team likes to call “edutainment.” These premier videos are intentionally created to be interactive and entertaining in order to engage the viewer. In addition to the videos available on, the site also offers an “ask the mentor” option where “thrivers” (a name given to subscribers) have the opportunity to ask questions concerning their businesses. Their questions are then answered by the experienced experts. No one knows the answers to difficult questions better than experts that have actually built profitable enterprises.

Dr. Robert H. Zoellner is an optometrist, self-made entrepreneur, and the CEO of He has over 22 years experience starting and growing businesses, as well as creating a professional environment that benefits customers and employees. Dr. Z delivers practical action steps to obtaining information from customers about your business. Customer observations and experiences can give an owner insight on where improvements need to be made in an organization. Some of Zoellner’s popular trainings provide insight about how managers can learn from their customers and how the level of customer satisfaction can inform an owner about improvements that need to be made.

As an experienced business owner and self-made entrepreneur, he has a lot of wisdom to share with thrivers all over the world. For individuals looking to improve their organizations or learn more about managerial truths, visit Dr. Zoellner’s bio page on

December 8th, 2017


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