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What trusted service providers could you work with to establish a pay-for-play referral program? For example, on, you and I can buy airplane tickets, rent a car, and book a hotel. Last time I checked, Southwest Airlines had not acquired 50 hotel chains and five national car rental companies, yet they still offer these services on their website. How? Southwest Airlines has entered into win-win relationships with service providers that offer related services and products Southwest’s ideal and likely buyers need. Are you tracking with me? I’m getting myself pumped up here. What is the perfect amount of time after the initial purchase to introduce the additional products and services that your company provides? Is it at the time of the initial purchase? Is it two months after the purchase? I once worked with a mortgage company and after doing my research, I asked the owner if his experience confirmed the statistic that the average American family refinances their home or moves every three years. He told me that based on his experience, this was true. We created a series of letters that we mailed out to his former customers at six-month intervals and it worked like magic. This lending company that formerly did approximately 18 deals per month was now doing nearly 40 deals per month as a result of this little magic move. What is your current customer repeat buying cycle? How often do your customers rebuy and how can you stay in their minds to convince them to buy more often? I once worked with a family recreation and skating facility and we were able to increase the number of skaters coming to this facility by nearly 100 people per week by simply installing a membership model and a drip-marketing campaign (e-mail, text, and calling) to let people know about our upcoming events.

Business Coach Teaches About Converting Leads into Actual Sales 

When working with a business to help them grow quickly, I often find that their marketing team is already doing a great job, but their sales team is just brutal when it comes to closing deals (or vice versa). At the end of the day, it’s the marketing team’s job to produce leads and it’s the sales team’s job to close deals.  These two groups must both be functioning at full capacity. It doesn’t matter what kind of business model you have, your sales team must close deals. Your company needs to have a system in place that everyone can trust to produce consistent paying deals. I’ll teach you the specific mechanics of how to build this system, but I want to first intensely look at the system that you already have in place. Currently, you may have a system that only resides inside your brain, but if it works, let’s analyze it.

Business Coach Teaches About the Sales System Analysis

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest, as a business coach, I want you to rate yourself on the following statements:

  1. You have a concise way of explaining your product and service to your ideal and likely buyers.
  2. You have effective sales copy in place that emotionally connects with your ideal and likely buyers while supplying them with verifiable facts that support your claim that your company really can provide the products and services you’re offering.
  3. You have a step-by-step and well-defined sales system in place.
  4. You have a step-by-step and well-defined sales system that is written out and visual.
  5. You are not the only salesperson in your business capable of closing deals.
  6. You do not close more than 10% of your company’s deals yourself.
  7. You have a scalable system in place that allows you to properly follow-up with all of the inbound leads you are currently receiving.
  8. You have a sales system that is not trapped inside the brain of your top sales person only.
  9. You accurately track where all inbound leads come from.
  10. You have sales scripting in place for all inbound leads.
  11. You have sales scripting in place for all outbound leads.
  12. You have a written and scalable face-to-face sales presentation system.
  13. You have a systematic cross-selling and up-selling checklist in place that you use every time.
  14. You have standardized all sales contracts and agreements.
  15. You have standardized sales brochures in place.
  16. You have standardized sales one-sheets in place.
  17. You have equipped your team with industry statistics, customer case studies, testimonies, provable facts and verifiable data to support the claims they are making on behalf of the company.
  18. You have recorded video testimonials available to show to your ideal and likely buyers.
  19. You have created a pricing sheet that clearly shows the prices, price ranges and pricing boundaries that your sales people must quote within.
  20. You have scheduled weekly ongoing sales training for your sales team that actually takes place and is effective.
  21. You record your calls for quality assurance.
  22. You have a linear diagram of your sales process that you can easily refine over time.
  23. You are aware of your conversion rate.
  24. You are aware of your cost per lead.
  25. You are aware of your cost per paid customer.
  26. You know how many deals each sales representative needs to generate each month to pay for herself.
  27. You know how many deals you need to close per month to achieve your financial goals.
  28. You know how many deals you need to close per month to break even and pay all of the bills.
  29. You have a solid lead organization system in place for sorting and accurately keeping track of your hot leads, your cold leads, your upcoming appointments and your missed appointments.
  30. You have a well-organized follow-up system in place for systematically converting the ideal and likely buyers of the future who are currently in your pipeline.
  31. You have a solid e-mail drip-marketing campaign in place that will be sent to your ideal and likely buyers during the months and weeks after their contact with you.

I would rather earn 1% off a 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.” -John D. Rockefeller (The boy who began working while still a teenager to help support his mom, who went on to become the world’s wealthiest man)

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Business Coach Fun Fact:

At the time of John D. Rockefeller’s death he was worth $1.4 billion dollars. Adjusted for inflation today, he would have been worth $ 23,358,891,429.51. The devaluation of your currency since President Richard Nixon’s alarmingly stupid decision to move America off the gold standard in 1971 can be calculated by visiting the website or by visiting

There are a total of 310 points that you could have scored on the evaluation above. If your score was less than 275, YOU REALLY NEED TO FOCUS ON IMPROVING YOUR SALES SYSTEM as quickly as possible. Take it from a business coach, massive sales can cure a lot of problems and remove massive amounts of financial stress from your entire team. Then you can come back and knock out creating the rest of the systems with a large bank account and the confidence that comes with it.

December 11th, 2017


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