Thrive15 Business Coach Teaches Goal-Setting Mastery Business Coach Teaches Goal-Setting Mastery

Effective goal setting is a key to success according to Business coach and great mentor, Jim Cathcart. Cathcart, an award-winning personal development author and speaker, has become an expert on the topic of goal setting, implementing the principles he discusses in his business coach training on, Goal-Setting Mastery.

In his training, Cathcart outlines a powerful strategy for overcoming obstacles and following through on goals until they have been successfully completed. His strategy is made up of several key steps starting with writing goals down. The next step consists of breaking those big goals into smaller, more achievable steps, then completing those smaller goals until the main goal has been achieved. Using this system, Cathcart has gone from working as a government clerk with no clear direction for his life to a world-renowned author, speaker, and business development consultant.

Today, Cathcart is considered an expert in the field personal development and has become an international bestselling author for his books, The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling. He expanded his reach as a communicator in 2012, creating an incredibly popular TEDx presentation that gathered over 320,000 views in just over one year, placing it in the top 1% of TEDx videos worldwide.

Over Cathcart’s 39-year career in the fields of personal development, marketing, and sales, he has received numerous awards and opportunities. In 2012, London and Paris-based Top Sales Magazine inducted him into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame. He has also been awarded the prestigious Golden Gavel Award, an honor presented to many of the top speakers in the world including Zig Ziglar, Dr. Stephen Covey, Walter Cronkite, Tony Robbins, and John Maxwell.

Business Coach Teaches Remedy for Being Overwhelmed

When one is learning at an advanced rate, as many subscribers to choose to, it is easy for one to become overwhelmed. business coach and friend Jim Cathcart, has developed a strategy for overcoming the issue of being overwhelmed. Cathcart, an expert in the field of personal development and sales, explains that creating habits for implementing newly acquired information is the key.

In his training entitled, Don’t Be Overwhelmed; Create the Habits You Need, Cathcart shares his experience with learning and putting into practice the knowledge he gains. Cathcart’s professional career started as a government clerk, but changed when he started to apply Earl Nightingale’s principle that if one were to dedicate one hour of additional study in their field of choice, they would become an expert in their field within five years. He found this idea liberating and began studying the field of personal development and applying this information by the use of systematic dedication. Cathcart’s system was simple, break his goals into smaller goals and then commit to work towards each smaller goal each day.

As a result of Cathcart’s dedicated approach, he is now an expert not only in personal development but is also an industry leading speaker, marketer, and salesman. Cathcart, over the course of his 39-year career, has traveled around the world speaking to audiences from Canada to Colombia to China and several countries in between.

In addition to his success as a speaker, business coach, and salesman, Cathcart is an award-winning author, having written two international bestsellers, The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling. Cathcart has been named as the speaker and trainer of choice for numerous successful organizations such as Toshiba, Farmers Insurance Group, United Van Lines, Marriott, New York Life, American Medical Association, Sony, IBM, and countless others.

Sales Hall of Famer and Business coach Teaches How to Increase Sales

Without sales, businesses would quickly fail and cease to exist. Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame inductee and personal development expert, Jim Cathcart, has teamed up with, an online educational platform for business owners and professionals, to present 14 Ways to Increase Sales This Year, a video training series with practical “power moves” to attract more buying customers for one’s business.

Cathcart, who has been named as a Top Sales Influencer by London and Paris-based Top Sales World Magazine for both 2014 and 2015, shares his knowledge of sales and effective marketing strategies for acquiring new customers in the training. One of the first tactics mentioned by Cathcart is to “prepare yourself to excel.” He explains, if one wants to be an exceptional salesperson, they must “prepare to do an exceptionally good job.” Cathcart says that setting expectations for the day lets a person know what to get ready for. By defining what the outcome should be, one can be better prepared and have a higher rate of success.

Another key step mentioned in the training is to log onto The web-based business training platform offers a variety of video tutorials that range from hands-on topics like accounting or sales to more abstract areas of discussion such as mindset and personal development, two categories that Cathcart also excels in.

Jim Cathcart, as a business coach and consultant, speaker, and personal development expert, has served as the speaker and business trainer of choice for industry leading organizations such as Motorola Inc., Sony, Pacific Mutual, GE Medical Systems, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, Re/Max Promotions, Century21, and more. Cathcart has been able to speak and present in front of thousands of business leaders and professionals around the world, speaking in countries as near as Canada and Panama and as far as Singapore, France, and Poland.


December 8th, 2017


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