Time Management Strategies to Help You Accomplish More Every Day

Time Management Strategies to Help You Accomplish More Every Day
Taught by Lee Cockerell and Thrive15.com + Business Coach

Orlando, Florida – Thrive15.com and Lee Cockerell have teamed up to help people accomplish more in their professional and personal lives. Thrive15.com is an educational platform that is changing the way professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs learn. The educational platform provides practical business coach training videos, access to world-class mentors, like Lee Cockerell, and a team that is ready to support your journey whether it is as a business professional, manager, or as an entrepreneur. All of these video trainings are provided as “edutainment” to keep the subscriber engaged and eager to learn more.

Lee has developed a six-step strategy for making the most of your time and getting more done every day. He is the author of Time Management Magic and shares these vital steps with subscribers or as the Thrive15.com team likes to call them “thrivers.” He is a time management expert and is making a tremendous impact on professionals around the world by asking tough questions to help them realize where they are wasting time. He also dives in and explains the vital steps individuals should take to take back or gain ownership of their time.

Cockerell created these steps through his own real life experiences, successes and failures. In his trainings, he teaches individuals how managing their time can eliminate unnecessary obstacles. Thrivers will also learn the importance of time management and how taking these six steps can prepare them for success in business coach along the way.

Lee faced many unforeseen challenges when he served as the former Executive Vice President of Operations for the Walt Disney World® Resort and as the Senior Operating Executive for 10 years. He successfully managed over 40,000 Disney cast members and was responsible for the operations of 20 resort hotels, water parks, theme parks, and an entertainment and shopping complex. He is without a doubt a time management expert.

For more information on Lee Cockerell and his steps to time management visit Thrive15.com.

Award-Winning Speaker Jim Cathcart Teams up with Thrive15.com

SANTA BARBARA, CA – Jim Cathcart has teamed up with the educational platform Thrive15.com. Together they are teaching business professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs practical business training and professional speaking skills by providing engaging training videos. These trainings are designed and created to educate the site’s subscribers, called “thrivers.” The business skills taught on the site are designed with the user in mind by providing practical information that thrivers can actually implement in their field with help from a business coach

Cathcart was an obvious choice to join the Thrive15.com team. He has over 39 years of professional speaking experience and is credited for being one the most recognized and award winning motivational speakers in business. Cathcart has received the Golden Gavel Award, which is awarded to the best speaker in the world by the Toastmaster’s International. His TEDX videos reached 320,000 views in just over a year and ranks in their top 1%. He has also delivered over 3,000 presentations to audiences around the world.

To go along with these accolades, Cathcart is a bestselling author and radio host. Jim is an expert in the field of public speaking and sales and marketing training. In 2014 and 2015, he was listed among the Top Sales Influencers and was inducted into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012, (London/Paris).

Jim was not born into success. He actually claims he was a just a regular guy with little motivation until he decided to change his mindset and accomplish his goals. With diligence and a mindset for success he was able to accomplish his dreams. Fortunately for individuals looking to improve their own professional and speaking skills Jim is sharing his knowledge and expertise with professionals in over 45 countries through thrive15.com.

For more information about Jim Cathcart and his trainings visit Thrive15.com

Jim Cathcart and Thrive15.com Partner to Educate the World on the Art of Public Speaking

Are you afraid to speak in front of large audiences or even a team of employees, but you have the desire to become a presenter? Then you will want to check out Thrive15.com. The award-winning speaker Jim Cathcart has partnered with the educational platform and together they are changing the lives of business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers around the world. Thrive15.com provides training videos taught by world-class mentors while always keeping the viewer in mind. These trainings are “edutainment” and teach “thrivers” (subscribers on the site) practical business coach skills while keeping them entertained and engaged.

Jim has been speaking professionally for over 39 years and has presented over 3,000 presentations worldwide. He is also a recognized and award-winning motivational speaker in the field of business. Toastmaster’s International selected him as the Golden Gavel Award winner, an honor that is awarded to the best speaker in the world.

Without a doubt, Jim is an expert in the field of public speaking, sales and marketing training. Cathcart has written sixteen books including “The Acorn Principle,” a guide to a life checkup and discovering your strengths and talents, and “Relationship Selling: The Key to Getting and Keeping Customers.” In 2014 and 2015, he was listed among the Top Sales Influencers and was inducted into the Sales and Marketing Hall of Fame in 2012, (London/Paris).

Jim and Thrive15.com are eager to teach professionals all over the world the art of effective communication and public speaking. His trainings equip viewers with the skills necessary to speak in public, communicate with clients and employees, stay motivated, increase sales, and help individuals acquire the appropriate mindset to achieve success.

For more about Jim Cathcart’s trainings visit Thrive15.com.

December 8th, 2017


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