Business Conference Testimonials

“They actually give you actionable information…NO UPSALES”


“Clay’s presentation is a mix between Jim Gaffigan and a good business coach.”

“I love all of the new ideas that I’ve learned.”

“The atmosphere here is very energetic and different from anything.”


“The atmosphere is electric and upbeat.”

“I would describe this atmosphere as my tribe…entrepreneurs.”

“Clay’s presentation is absolutely fantastic.”

“I like the headquarters…you actually get to see the whole process.”

“He’s so entertaining and it’s just been so fun!”

“It’s practical, entertaining…real exciting and practical.”

“I really liked the way people carried themselves.”

“I would recommend it to any small business person.”

“I want to come back. Unlike anything I’ve seen.”

“He helps us stay focused on the things that make us money.”

“Clay’s presentation and training style is funny and engaging.”

“It’s a nice mixture of entertainment and education.”

“It’s not boring. Clay mixes humor with truth.”

“Very fast moving. Alot of humor and TON of information.”

“I think it’s funny. It’s helpful and lowers barriers.”

“This conference is geared toward entrepreneurs.”

“The opportunity to take your business to the next level.”

“There is nothing boring about it. Clay is fun!”

“This conference provides a ton of information and systems.”

“We heard of Clay through Disney World.”

“It’s been fantastic. I’ve learned how to market more effectively.”

“Take away of ton of action items you can apply.”

“It’s amazing! His presentation style is very entertaining.”

“Clay Clark is hilarious and he teaches you what you need.”

“It’s very affordable. It will change your life.”

“I think it’s just a good way of learning. He’s great at teaching.”

“Finally I found Clay and everything is so much better.”

“No up-selling at all. It’s pretty awesome.”

“He’s hilarious. It feels as though he knows everyone.”

“He makes me want to get up earlier and work harder.”

“He’s so engaging and he’s inspirational.”

“He’s engaging and teaches you step-by-step basic business model.”

“No up-selling. Very entertaining and practical.”

“He’s fantastic and goes over every question.”

“It’s great man, it’s not your typical corporate event.”

“It’s unlike anything else in the marketplace today.”

“My questions are getting answered.”

“It’s a fast paced environment. He’s very engaging.”

“It’s a very motivating environment. Practical and motivating.”

“He’s really drilling down to my individual needs.”

“Clay’s presentation is a standup comedian and business coach.”

“He’s very personal and able to connect with everyone.”

“He answers your questions. He’s hilarious, but knows his stuff.”

“I like his teaching style because he tells it like it is.”

“Direction and clarity is abundant. He gives you guidance.”

“I think he has done a great job of creating a system”

“It was energetic. Very pointed. Amazing.”

“He keeps you engaged and laughing out loud.”

“He’s not your normal presenter. He’s interactive.”

“He’s a blue collar guy. Not a yuppy guy. He knows how to do it.”

“It provides a secret passage to get to where you are going.”

“I think it’s amazing. Never a boring moment.”

“It’s an excellent experience. It has a different energy.”

“He makes you laugh and open to receive and hear.”

“He’s very comical, but he hits the right point at the right time.”

“It’s so entertaining. I love being here. He is so awesome.”

“Clay taught me what the steps needed to be.”

“You get an opportunity to have all of your questions answered.”

“It’s no fluff. Clay is hilarious and very practical.”

“He’s humorous. He keeps your attention.”

“He teaches you the proven system.”

“Clay is very focused on helping you succeed.”

“I’ve learned time management systems.”

“They remember who you are, they remember your name.”

“Clay’s presentation is powerful.”

“A road map to get you where you want to go.”

“It gives you the missing pieces you don’t learn in business school.

“He jokes around a lot, but shows you on white boards.”

“The workshops are very interactive”

“I’ve learned more in 2 days that my entire time in college.”

“It’s easy to grasp and easy to follow. Great interaction.”

“You will actually learn how to craft your life.”

“Clay has more to offer and his teaches practical steps.”

“It’s amazing and I really, really like it. He’s very funny.”

“He’s in there talking with you and not at you.”

“He makes you laugh and open to receive what you’re learning.”


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For conference / customer service related questions and help text 918-851-0102

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