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Thrivetime Show Business Conferences: The Insider Look 


A Thrivetime Show business conference is not like any other business conference you have ever been to before. It is a two-day intense interactive business conferences designed to help you work ON your business not IN your business. At the Thrivetime Show business conferences, we focus on actionable knowledge bombs. There will be no walking on hot coals or bouncing beach balls. You will leave with the proven paths to success, no upsells or gimmicks; just facts. 

The conference begins on Friday at 7 AM and goes until 3PM. The conference is held at the Thrive office which is located at 1100 Riverwalk Terrace in Jenks, OK. When you arrive at the Thrive office you will be greeted by our amazing team members, the glorious smell of pinion wood (Clay’s personal favorite), and high- energy music either from our very own Thrive band or Clay’s son, DJ Aubs! Our team will lead you to your seat where you will receive a packet of worksheets and information along with your very own copy of one of Clay Clark’s books, Boom.  Before the conference starts you will have an opportunity to mingle around with other entrepreneurs just like you. You’ll get to know those around you, ask them questions, and you’ll see that everyone is in the same boat as you are. Feel free to grab some coffee and check out the infamous F6 ice sculpture before the conference begins. Once the conference begins we keep a simple format of sprints and breaks, 45 mins of discussion followed by a 15-minute break. With a 50-minute lunch break where you can expect to eat some delicious tacos from Los Cabos.

During  any of the breaks, ask our team members any questions you may have. Additionally, you’ll see several whiteboards around the office that are dedicated to answering all the questions you may have simply write your questions on those “Ask Clay Anything” boards and later in the day Clay will personally answer your questions. 


“The most wonderful thing about this conference is that it is interactive. If you are ever confused about what is being discussed the team is happy to further explain it.”


On the first day of these business conferences, you can expect to learn about things such as F6 goals. These are your personal goals for your faith, family, friends, finance, fitness, and fun. These goals define how you design your day and will play a crucial role in your business journey. Clay will teach you about the importance of having one calendar that you live and die by and to supplement that calendar with a daily to do list. Another topic you can expect to learn about on the first day is the importance of group interviews. This time-saving practice is essential to each and every business. Other topics that will be covered on Friday are things such as recording your phone calls, scripting your sales, improve your branding, changing your business mindset, and creating your purple cow. At this conference, you will have the opportunity to see these principles in action as each topic is supported by a verifiable success story! The most wonderful thing about this conference is that it is interactive if you are ever confused about what is being discussed our team is happy to further explain it. 

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Saturday’s conference starts at 7 AM and goes until 3 PM  as well. Now that you are a seasoned vet of the Thrivetime Show you know the drill and you are ready to dive headfirst into day two. The format will be the same as the format on Friday; 45 minute education followed by a 15-minute break, with a 50-minute lunch where gourmet pizza from Andolini’s will be served. On Saturday you can expect to learn how Google works, the vital role Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays in that, and the other systems that you can implement to get your business to the top of Google. This is a critical aspect of your business. It is so important that you get to the top of Google because as you get higher on Google, so will your number of leads and customers. 

Warren Buffet says, “I try to invest in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will.” Saturday we will also focus on creating repeatable systems so that if need be an idiot could run them. Other topics that will be covered during Saturday’s session are managing people, scheduling, and accounting. Just like on Friday if you have any questions or concerns talk to one of our team members or write it up on the “Ask Clay Anything” board.

As the conference comes to an end make sure to stop by the bookstore. All of the books there are full of knowledge bombs. The “Clay Clark Bundle”  is a must for all entrepreneurs. It contains the best-seller Start Here, which is filled with the important things you need to know when owning your own business. The bundle also contains The Art of Getting Things Done, this book holds all the super time-saving moves that you will need to implicate all the knowledge you learn in Start Here. Thrive is also included in the “Clay Clark Bundle”  which is all about the growth mindset that you need to succeed, not just to survive. The fourth book in the bundle is the business comedy, Jackassery. In this book, you will read all of Clay’s letters to his younger self about the dumb things he did and how not to make those same mistakes. With this bundle, you will get the F6 Journal for free! The F6 Journal is the ultimate planning tool it helps design your day and keep you on schedule.

Each Thrivetime Show business conference is 90% different from the previous conference. The roadmap is the same each time but the road is always under construction as different attendees have different questions that create the need to focus more heavily on a specific topic. The Thrivetime Show business conference is held one weekend every other month so come see us every other month and keep learning about how to grow your business. Request more information about the Thrivetime Show business conference or reserve your seat today by going to


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For conference / customer service related questions and help text 918-851-0102

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