Are the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences Really Two Days?

The answer is, YES! See what you can expect from each day.

Friday at the Business Conference

The Thrivetime Show Business Conferences are two-day interactive workshops for business owners just like you. We take you up the proven path and teach you the specific steps to grow your business. On the path to success, many people get stuck along the way and don’t know how to keep moving forward. Many Entrepreneurs don’t have the systems and checklists in place and find themselves being run by their business instead of running their business.

At the Thrivetime Show Conference, you get all of the practical step-by-step business training you could ever need to run a successful business. The steps are actionable, hands-on, and you even get a “BOOM” book to help guide you.  You may be asking yourself, “Is this just another motivational hype fest of lights, theory, and emotions?” and that is an absolutely great question. If you have been to any number of business conferences, you’ve probably walked away feeling excited and motivated but realized a month later that your business has still not grown. At the Thrivetime Show Conferences, we focus on things that really matter like increasing your number of leads, increasing your revenue, and gaining more control of your schedule.

If you are looking for the next laser show of fluff, motivation, upsells, vague information, and beach balls, then the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences are not for you. We focus on actionable steps to get you to the top of Google and share with you the path to increased time and financial freedom. If that is what you have been searching for, look no further.

When you arrive at our 20,000 square foot office in Jenks Oklahoma at 7:00am Friday morning, you will be greeted by our welcoming staff at the door. When you step foot into our building, you step foot into an entrepreneurs universe. Quotes from successful people, proven systems, and inspirational decoration cover every inch of every wall.

At the Thrivetime Show business conferences, there are no upsells. There are just actionable steps to grow your business.

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes feel like you’re on an island and so does the Thrivetime Show Conference. The only difference is that on this island, there are hundreds of people just like you. You can meet business owners from all over the world and learn from their journey up the path to success. You will be able to meet people from different industries, states, and even countries that are all on the same path as you are.

Business Conferences 2019 April Thrivetime Show - Entrepreneurs at the Business Conference

Each session at the conference is 45 minutes long with a 15 minute break between each session. During the breaks, you can ask questions, talk with other entrepreneurs, hydrate, and caffeinate. During the sessions, you will laugh, learn and not be bored out of your mind. Yahoo Finance describes Clay Clark as “The Jim Carrey of entrepreneurs.”

At the end of most business conferences, there is a looming upsell that you have to buy or you “won’t know the secrets to success!” At the Thrivetime Show business conferences, there are no upsells. There is just actionable steps to grow your business.

Saturday at the Business Conference

On Saturday at 7:00 AM, day two of the conference, we dive deeper into the proven sales processes that Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner have used to grow 13 multi-million dollar businesses.

When you come back on Saturday, we know you will have questions that have developed overnight. This is why we have stations around the room that allow you to write down your questions so that we can answer them for you throughout the 45-minute sessions.

During both days of the conference, you can wear business, business casual, or your companies attire. This is a business conference to help your business scale and teach you duplicatable systems but is by no means formal. We will be serving you lunch on location both days of the conference so that you can engage with and learn from other entrepreneurs all in the same building. 

We know that you will do more laughing while at this conference compared to any other business conferences, but we also know that you will be doing more learning compared to any other business conference. Clay Clark breaks down every part of the business, gives you examples for how to make each one of them work, and makes sure that you enjoy yourself while doing it.

Although the fact that 90% of startups fail, according to Forbes, is not a positive fact, it is a problem we aim to solve. Most businesses fail simply because they are either flying blind without a roadmap or they are simply relying on the false hope of fluff and motivation to keep their business alive. 

Business Conferences 2019 April Thrivetime Show - Search Engine Optimization Workshop

The proven path that Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner have created to lead your business to success has been able to help thousands of companies to grow their business at 10x the national average. This path is not what we assume will work, rather, it is the path that Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner have used for their own companies. Between the two of them, they have managed thousands of employees and have discovered what works and what does not work. Our goal is to teach you what works and help you to get there faster.

As we wrap up the conference on Saturday, you might get that feeling in your gut that you get at every business conference of “Here it comes… The Upsell… I better hide my credit cards…” But that is not our goal. We aim to teach you the proven path to grow your business and not to sell you thousands of dollars of unnecessary “secrets” that will bury you, your family, and your business in debt.

At 3:00 PM on Saturday we will end our last session with a “BOOM!” You will be able to walk away with action steps, a new network of entrepreneurs who share your mindset, and a physical handbook that walks you, step-by-step, to the top of the mountain of success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team and we will see you soon! BOOM!

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