Ben Summers Shares His Business Conferences Experience

The business conferences that Clay Clark hosts with the Thrivetime Show are truly a sight to behold! It will be unlike any other business conferences that anyone has hosted. As you attend this conference you will be amazed at the knowledge you will learn. It all starts at seven in the morning and runs until three in the afternoon. When you first walk in there will be a soothing aroma of pinion wood, we burn some outside as well as have some of it inside. The walls will be decorated with pictures of successful people and quotes that will inspire you. The team that is working this conference will cheerfully help you find your seat so you can get settled in. The atmosphere of this conference will be one that you have never seen before. Sitting on the bar will be an ice sculpture that will show a giant F6. This F6 will represent your faith, family, finances, fitness, friends, and fun.

The conference will promptly be underway at 7 a.m. with Clay Clark leading the way. Clay will begin by telling the audience what the plan going forward will be. There will be no beach balls, no feelings being mixed with true facts. There will be real business owners telling you their real story about how Clay and his team helped them grow to new business heights. After Clay gives the introduction he gets right into it. All of the things he will be explaining to the audience will be from true stories and from the BOOM book. This book is a shortened version of the Start Here book, which contains the knowledge of Clay on how to grow and operate your business.

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The conference will go in hour sessions with a ten-minute break after each hour. During those hour sessions, Clay and his team will be going through the BOOM book and what it teaches. There will be speakers that talk about how to hire good people for your team and real business owners who have done this. There will be no paid actors who will make up stories about how they grew 100% in 2 weeks. On Friday you will learn how to properly set up file names, learn how many customers you need to have to actually make money and how many hours you need to work to achieve your dream.


“All of the people that attend this conference will leave with new knowledge on how to organize their business.”


Lunch will be provided that way you won’t have to leave the luxurious building in order to search for food. Nothing will be the same as you can chat with other owners of businesses during this lunch hour. They will tell you how much this company has helped them grow as a business and as a person. This will be an eye-opening experience for you to see business owners who have benefited from this business conferences. 

Everything will be wrapping up at 3 p.m. on Friday so you will still have time to call your business and deal with either problems that have come up, or just to simply check up on them. There will be a live band that will be playing as you are going to be leaving the first day. All of the people that attend this session of our conference will leave with new knowledge on how to organize their business. 

The Saturday session of the business conferences will be just as amazing as the first. The familiar aroma of the pinion wood will still linger in the air. The music will be playing to help energize people before the conference. Clay will be wasting no time jumping back into the swing of things. He will pick back up right where he left off on Friday. Everything will be right where you left it, except the F6 ice sculpture which will be just some water by now. On Saturday Clay and his team will be diving into many different topics such as search engine optimization, any sort of legal questions, how to make cold calls/sales, and so much more.

When it comes down to it many business owners will not be legal savvy. However, Clay will bring in a fantastic attorney that help answer your questions. This attorney will help you navigate the difficult waters of entrepreneurship. Many business owners will be asking him questions that range from deciding on a name for their business to should they pay their employees as contractors or as actual employees. Clay will bring up real business owners who have been through the struggle themselves and how they have overcome their obstacles of the legal side of things. 

Moving forward Clay will then bring up the call center manager for Elephant In The Room to help explain how to manage people. She will be a seasoned veteran of this company and will have many years of managing people down. She will tell the audience the struggles that she has faced managing fifty people and how she has kept her sanity. The room will open up and there will be many different questions asked on what she would do for a certain situation. As you can see for yourself there will be no fake spokesperson up there talking about how they changed their team in one day. This session will hopefully help many business owners realize that they need to be more active in the business coaching of their team and how to go about doing that. 

When it comes to search engine optimization, that will be a longer subject. Clay will break everyone into smaller groups to make it simpler for people to ask questions. They will explain the importance of doing SEO properly and show you step by step what needs to be done. The team will go over many things that will help your website rank well in Google and what to be looking out for. The amazing team will open the room for questions that business owners might have. Because all of this information will be brand new for many people, because no one knows how Google works, there will be no dumb questions. 

To wrap everything up Clay will thank everyone for coming out to this business conferences and the only thing he asks of you is to leave a Google review. There will be no giant upsell that you might be expecting, you will not be held hostage and bombarded with questions as to why you might not want to leave a review. In fact, our team will stick around so you can ask questions to our team. This conference has truly changed the lives of many business owners of the years.  

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July 8th, 2019


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