Charles’s Business Conferences Experience

The Business conferences experience at the Thrivetime show was incredible! I went to the conference in December of 2018, and my Dad and I were really happy about how much we learned while at the event! We learned so much information from Clay Clark and all of his famous speakers during the conference. While learning from the likes of Ken Schmidt, the former communications director of Harley-Davidson and Michael Levine, the famous PR representative for famous celebrities such as Michael Jackson and I was able to write nearly an entire 1/4th of my notebook full of a ton of business and life lessons from the conference.

It was really fantastic how much I was able to learn from these successful business leaders and we were able to learn a lot about creating and maintaining a business! At the end of the conference, I felt as if I had a life-changing experience and was able to see how much of these lessons I was able to take from the conference and use in my personal and professional life. Now one of the first things that you learn during these business conferences is how to keep your personal and professional life balanced. Clay Clark teaches what he calls his F6 goals to everyone which are super beneficial. In those F6 goals are how to balance your faith or religion, family time, as well as the time with your friends, your fitness goals, and how to control your finances, as well as the fun times.

Clay Clark’s F6 goals and truly have helped me every single day since I learned how to properly manage my time. After the conference, I was able to learn how to reverse engineer my finances and was able to finally find a way to save nearly 20% of my money! This can also help with your business, for example, you can reverse engineer the number of clients your business will need in order to cover expenses and also how many customers you will need for your company to actually make a decent income. This has been super helpful for me because I am now able to save up for a house for me and my wife!

I now always make sure that I plan out my days and weeks ahead of time and that I have my F6 goals in mind! At the conference, I saw that whenever it comes to your business it must exist to create time and financial freedom, not limit your time and finances. You must work on your business, not inside of the business. Now there is a huge difference because you want to be able to make sure that your business is succeeding every day, but you don’t want to waste your time doing what an employee can do. Now Clay also said that whenever it comes to the people that you know and network with, it also becomes like your net worth. You should definitely find other business owners like yourself to spend time with so that you can have a really awesome team of like-minded individuals to surround yourself with. So if you want to be able to have friends that support you in your endeavors then you must cut out other friends who cause you problems or get in your way of not completing your F6 goals. Clay also said that in order for you to become successful you must work harder than anyone else out there.

You must make sure that you outperform your competitors because they will try to be better than you in every single way and they will do this every single day that your business is a competitor to theirs. This is very important because many businesses fail within their first year of being built and that can be very hard for many and you want to make sure that that you stay ahead of your competitors. This can be very scary for many business owners and as a business owner you may have failed several times in the past but we want to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Clay also said that alot of little inconveniences can lead to becoming a big deal. You should always hold your employees accountable and make sure that they are never late because that can lead to it happening every single day thus having to fire them. Having No control over your employees can be a very bad thing and you must make sure that this is taken care of as soon as it happens. Holding people accountable can be super hard but it is something that you must do as a leader. You must also limit your distractions as a business owner because sometimes you need to take priority over the bigger things in life. Making your company have a successful product or service can be easy, Clay says, but having a good salesman can be hard. You must make sure that your business is shown through good marketing techniques towards people who may be interested in your service or product. Now, this can be very hard without a good team of marketers behind you helping you along the way. We also learned from Clay that there are really great ways to get clients to check out your offers such as having a no-brainer offer or making something low-price for their very first time with your company.

Credibility is super important for a company to stay afloat as well. This is where Google reviews come into the mix. You must make sure that you have the best reviews out there because only the top service providers have the most five-star reviews on the market. So in order to be the best of the best you must make sure that you have good search engine optimization and Google reviews in order to rank higher on Google than your nearest competitor. You could also use influencers or other opportunities to get the word out about your no-brainer offers as well! Clay Clark helped me a lot whenever it comes to learning how to grow a successful business. Before his conference, I really didn’t know much about how to have a company run without you even being there and now I know more than what I had learned from several of my college courses! You must make sure that everything is going well within your business and sometimes you might even have to sell some things in your home or downsize to keep it running. But that is all a part of the process and you must make sure that you do whatever it takes to make your business a success.

The conference really did change my perspective on how to create and grow a successful business and I would love to go back again during the next session! Michael Levine the famous PR expert for celebrities like Michael Jackson, talked a lot about starting from scratch and becoming the biggest influence for celebrities and it was really awesome to hear! We also were able to learn a lot from the former director of communications for Harley-Davidson who saved the famous company from going bankrupt and made it extremely successful during his years of working there. The conference always has new speakers and I would like to personally recommend you to show up to the next one, where I will also be attending!

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