Kathy’s Thrivetime Show Business Conferences Experience

When I made the decision to attend the Thrivetime Show business conferences for the second time in February 2019, it turned out to be a wise move for me! The second conference was inspiring, encouraging, and packed with even more business knowledge. Although I donít personally own a business, it was great to be there because my goal is to help business owners thrive. It provided me with wisdom and knowledge when it came to marketing, writing search engine optimization content, branding, and so much more. One of the greatest highlights for me at the two-day conference was the guest speakerís personal story of triumph in the midst of great adversity. I learned you simply can’t quit because your victory is on the other side of the mountain (or mountains!).

Sometimes when you go to other business conferences you can go with is a set agenda and simply get a little bit of information. At the Thrivetime Show business conference, I’ve learned you must go with an open mind and be ready to learn everything and take tons of notes! It ís so important because you’re going to get so much good information! At the conference, you’ll definitely learn about business, but you will also learn about the value of how to overcome great adversity. I think because everyone will face adversity at one point or another in their life, and how the well you respond to adversity will determine whether you step forward or remain stuck.

The guest speaker’s personal story of overcoming difficult situations when he was younger and becoming very successful really impacted me. Today, he is one of the leaders at a very successful book writing and publishing company. At the business conferences, I never thought you could hear such powerful stories that can not only impact you to know that you can make it in your career, but that you can make it no matter what you face in your own personal life. It was a good reminder that no matter how bad it looks if you have a great attitude and continually press forward, things will turn around in your favor.

It was also nice because conference host Clay Clark said he would pay for anyone that wanted a book from the guest speaker at the conference. This was a good reminder that there really are no upselling at the conference. Sometimes at conferences, youíre constantly being presented with products to buy. But sometimes you just want to come and enjoy the conference and learn. Clay really want us to get a hold of the fact that even though you face adversity, you can still go forward and be successful. Everyone knows that life isn’t always wonderful, there are difficult moments along the way, but you simply canít quit. It was very inspiring and definitely gave me the courage to know that no matter what I faced, if I stayed positive and upbeat then I could be successful.

It’s good to always keep learning. You can never stop learning or refuse to think you know enough. I made the decision to attend the Thrivetime Show Business conferences for a second time, because I wanted to learn more. The first time I attended, I gain so much wisdom and knowledge on marketing and branding that helped me in my current job.

Another thing that I got out of this conference is just the value of standing out in a crowded marketplace. It is so important to stand out in a crowded marketplace because if you don’t stand out, you are fitting in. Although I do not own a business, it was a good reminder for me to remember that even with my own personal writing, I need to aspire to stand out from the competition. This knowledge as the conference has been beneficial because also have friends that are business owners and I’ve been able to give them wisdom as well when it comes to their business.

The conference was different from what I expected because it allowed me to hear someone’s personal story of when they were younger, faced great adversity, and how they overcome those challenges. It was so great to know that no matter what we face, there’s always a better way for us to go. It was a good reminder that I can overcome the difficulties when they arise in my life today and in the future. The guest speakerís story was simply amazing. It gave me a greater perspective on how we really can triumph!

At the Thrive conferences I have attended, Iíve learned you will definitely receive knowledge and understanding when it comes starting and growing a business. You’ll never waste your time. It ís so worth the two-day investment in yourself (See the business conferences itinerary here). I am so glad when I made the decision to attend the second time because I was able to gain even more insight into what it takes to have a successful business. I also was able to meet some really good people again. These people were business owners and they were eager to learn just as much as I was. It was good to be around positive people who just wanted to go after goals and learn as well when it came to business.

It’s always great that we receive another copy of Clay Clark’s book Boom for free. This book is amazing because it ís filled with so much practical knowledge and practical wisdom when it comes to marketing, sales, and branding. It gives you the wisdom to reach your dreams and pursue your goals. Although I already have one a copy of the book, itís great for me to have an extra copy just to invest it into someone else’s life. We will find will always have an interest in business or are thinking about starting a business and it is great to pass this book along, so they can gain wisdom and knowledge they need so they can.

It’s great to be an atmosphere to be in and be infused with inspiration and knowledge. When t you look around on the walls inside the Thrive office building, youíll see the inspirational quotes that reminds you to press forward, keep grinding, and you will see get great results. One of the quotes that continually stands out to me is that in order for you to be successful, you must put in a lot of hard work. Another one is ìGrowth comes only through continuous effort and struggle.î Being a conference for the second time was a great decision and so worth it!

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