Kevin’s Business Conferences Experience

Attended conference Feb. 8-9, 2019.

I’ve been to several types of business conferences in my life. I use to plan and set up conventions for my old company, so I’ve seen many different styles throughout the years. I didn’t come into the ThriveTime Show’s business conference with any preconceived notions or ideas of what to expect. I remember waking up early on Friday, February 8th. Drove to the ThriveTime headquarters and remember smelling the sweet aroma of pinon wood burning in the chiminea out front. I was promptly greeted by several smiling faces at the door as they opened it up for me. They pointed me in the general direction and offered me coffee and water. I started talking with several business owners. I had the opportunity to speak with were repeat attendees before the event started and that was when I formed the notion that this was going to be a beneficial conference.

Clay Clark gets up in front of everyone and welcomes us to the event. He is very personable and bubbly. I knew he would be able to hold the room’s attention for these two conference days. We were given a packet of case studies and pertinent information. We were also handed Clay Clark’s BOOM book. This is a spark notes version of Business 101. It’s jam-packed with loads of valuable information. BOOM is Clay Clark’s saying, which is an acronym for Big Overwhelming Opportunistic Movement. I absolutely loved diving into the book and go back to it time to time. I’ve been to many different types of conferences. I’ve been to Daymond John from Shark Tank, Tony Robbins, Jim Abbott and Erik Wahl. But of all these motivational/business coaches and speakers, Clay Clark was by far the most engaging and I loved his unique approach. I’ve walked on fire in California, I’ve walked on broken glass in Oregon, I’ve laid in deprivation tanks in Kansas and I’ve broke arrows on my throat in Texas. Although I thoroughly enjoyed all these experiences at the various business conferences. I can definitely claim that I have never used my firewalking skills in any business setting and probably never will. Or have I impressed a potential client by grabbing their glass bottle and smashing it in front of them, then walking on the shards. Although I’m sure breaking an arrow on my throat in a board meeting could be the ultimate power move. Ha!

Of all these business conferences I’ve attended and/or hosted, none of them gave me any more insight on how to run or structure a business. They all just filled me up with mumbo-jumbo emotional nonsense. I actually have an issue with most motivational speakers and suspect many of them are frauds or cons, just trying to make a buck off the backs of those that are down and out. I can affirmatively say I was thoroughly impressed with the overall content and delivery here at the ThriveTime Show business conference. The course was split in easy to digest 45-minute sprints followed by 15 breaks. This really helped with the overall information retention. Everyone who attended the conference was given ample time to have all the questions fielded by either Clay Clark or one of the other business coaches. The attendee counts was capped at a certain number to help keep the group more intimate and give everyone a chance to have all their personal business questions answered. Many other business conferences I have visited you are simply just a number. I never had the opportunity to have any of my personal business questions answered. Although all the conferences I attended did offer a panel of experts or a Q&A at the very end. But, these were usually fluff questions or had no bearing on my life or livelihood.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to attend this life-changing event. I sell cactus as my side hustle and have applied many systems to my business and have seen an immense change already. At the ThriveTime Show business conference we went over everything that pertains to running a cohesive business. We covered, branding, customer service, sales, marketing, H.R., management, accounting and search engine optimization, plus many more topics. Everything was extremely important and I don’t feel like I had any of my time wasted with useless nonsense. There was a guest speaker who spoke at the event and he was extremely inspirational. His name was J.T. McCormick and he grew up in a very hostile environment. He had every right to be angry at the world and just give up. But, he persevered and is now doing quite well in life. It’s not the hand you dealt in life, but how you play your cards. It’s easier to blame your problems on others, but when you start to hold yourself accountable your whole perspective on life changes.

The processes and systems that were taught in the ThriveTime business conferences were the exact same that Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner used to create their 13 multi-million dollar companies. Many other business symposiums I have attended will have people that have never run or started a business, telling other business owners how they structure theirs. But, here at the ThriveTime Show business conference, Clay Clark spoke from personal experience and you can hear the conviction in his voice. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a genius to understand these proven systems or processes. You just have to stay the course and apply these systems diligently. They say habits can be created in 30 days and while it’s difficult to get started on a habit, once you keep doing it then becomes routine. Mr. Clark also talked about taking time for the 6F’s in your life. Which are: Faith, Family, Finances, Friends, Fitness and Fun. It really helped me focus my priorities in my life. We become some inundated with frivolous nonsense in our lives and we tend to forget why were are here. It was an immense grounding experience for me.

I highly recommend attending the ThriveTime Show business conference, it has definitely revolutionized my life and I know it will do the same for you!

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