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It was my first business conference and I really didnít know what to expect. I had never attended business conferences before. I was a full-time writer at a nonprofit organization. What did I know about running a business? Very little. What could I learn about marketing that could help me become a better writer? A better employee? I had to admit, I was just a simple-minded girl when it came to entrepreneurship. But I was intrigued. I had seen how a friend’s life was changed for the better by being a part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching program, and I wanted to be around that kind of successful thinkers. As it turned out, my friendís invitation to attend one of the highest reviewed business conferences turned out to be the best invite ever!

A lot can happen in two-days at a Thrivetime business conference. I just didn’t know how much would! Michael Levine, public relations expert for Prince, Michael Jackson, and many other celebrities spoke on the value of becoming obsessed with your goals. As someone who didn’t own a business, I gleaned so much from his wisdom and knowledge. I learned you have to become obsessed with your dreams if you want them to happen. You have to be willing to do the little things such up show up, ask questions, and continue to grow! These small things can set you apart at work a place and help you achieve your bigger goals. I realized those tips could help me in my current job. I could apply them right away and begin to become a stronger employee. I could also apply it to those dreams that were in my heart, that somehow gotten buried along the way. The conference opened my eyes to new possibilities of what I could achieve and what I could accomplish through hard work.

There were many other great speakers at the conference. Ken Schmidt talked about marketing and the power of turning a company around through effective marketing. The knowledge he shared and his own personal stories of success and failure at Harley Davidson was brilliant! I began to see right away how I could apply his wisdom to my writings at my current job to be effective at marketing. Throughout the conference, we worked out of Clay Clark’s book BOOM. It was a very informational book as it provided us with wisdom and practical tips on marketing, branding, sales, and writing down your goals. Having goals is essential and the foundation of your success. Goals are a blueprint to success and keep you on a path. The right path.

The atmosphere was highly energetic and very inspiring. Clay Clark, founder of Thrive business conferences gave great speeches. I especially enjoyed the Q & A session and how it amazing it was to hear him share feedback with the audience. It was very interactive and very inspiring. It was the best 16 hours of my life! I was so inspired to set new goals and go to new heights. In all honesty, I was searching for more, but I didn’t know what that was more was. At the Thrive business conference, a desire to thrive and be super successful was awakened within me. I knew if I could work hard, put in the time and effort–consistently, I could achieve success. Hard work plus diligence plus wisdom equals success. It was a formula, I wanted to put into practice every day to reach my goals. I learned the value of hard work and the wonders it could do for me. It was a great business conference to attend. While at the conference, I also learned at the conference the key to becoming super successful is simply working hard and willing to do what everyone isn’t. By working hard and keeping a positive attitude, it can take you a long way. It will keep you on the path of success and from drifting. I needed to hear that!

If I wanted to go forward in life, I needed to get busy. I couldn’t stand still and wish dor things to change, I needed to make the right changes for good things to happen. Again, the importance of goals really stood out to me. I was reminded it’s important to moving forward in your life and reaching your potential. You never want to stay stuck. A vision gives you direction and keeps you on the target. Not having goals is one way we can miss the mark and get off track. In the past, I didnít always have goals. I didnít know the clear path before me. It was good to remind me of the value of having written goals and keeping it before you! Attending Thrivetime Show Business conferences, loaded me with so much information on marketing. As soon as I returned to work on Monday, I began to share my ideas with my boss. She listened and was very excited about the ideas I shared. I was able to get a meeting with our recruiting department and begin drawing up a more effective marketing campaign when it came to marketing/content writing. It was good to gain the knowledge I learned at Thrive Time Show. I was able to give the other writers on my team wisdom to begin to Thrive. For myself personally, I learned the value of being obsessed with where you want to go. You got to want your dreams more than anything! You have to put in the work. Becoming obsessed with my goals and dreams was what I needed to hear. The importance of having goals is important to moving forward in your life. It gives you direction and keeps you on the target.

At the conference, it was great to meet people in the business profession. It gave me the opportunity to see what other people are doing in business and how their business were growing and thriving. I was able to learn from others when it came to marketing, branding, and achieving success! The ThriveTime business conference isn’t just for business owners, it’s for people that simply want to get better at life. You can send your co-workers and bring them to hear to receive the knowledge to transform your lives. It’ll make them stronger employees and make them better. I can only attest that it did so for me.

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March 28th, 2019


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