Should I Pitch (Or Sell) Services to Attendees at Business Conferences?

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Prepare to Enter the No-Upselling Zone:

Typically when you attend business conferences you will find yourself listening to experts who are willing to teach you 5% or 20% of their system so that you will want to pay the additional 95% to 80% to gain access to their secrets, systems, and formulas. However, this is not Clay Clark’s approach at all. Our entire focus is on “making sure that you leave feeling whole and not full of holes”. Clay started the conference because as he was growing his businesses he would attend business conferences hoping for something like what we have but always left without tangible action items because everyone would just offer an upsell at the end. Finally fed up with this, he decided to create his own conference where he could teach business owners how to grow their business from an actual successful business owner. You can actually read our reviews to see that we don’t just say we don’t “upsell”,  we truly don’t. People are always surprised to find this out, but upselling is something that we do not do.


Exclusive Selection 

When you attend one of our business conferences, we will be very transparent with what we do here at the Thrivetime Show. We make it our mission to make sure that we never upsell you on anything. We only have a limited number of spaces available in our coaching program (just like the conference) and we don’t need or want to pressure you into buying something you don’t want or need. We truly are committed to making sure that we can help you every step of the way and that you never have to worry about any type of upsell. Our only goal is to make sure that all of your questions about how to grow your business are answered and you leave with the action items that you need. It is a “no upselling” strategy because we want to be selective and only work with people that get it. We cap our conference at a select number in order to ensure that we can get to each question that all attendees have. Clay is truly committed to excellence and he wants to make sure he is helping you every step of the way no matter what phase of business you are in. 


Continued Support

We make sure that we are giving you all of the answers you need and letting you know that we are here for your support. For example, all you have to do is submit your website through our system and we will do a free website audit for you to show you exactly what you need and explain every step along the way. This is completely free for you and this is just one thing we do to help you meet certain needs without the full package or “secret sauce”. A NO UPSELL ZONE means just that.

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