What Can You Learn at Our Business Conferences?

At the Thrivetime Show Business Conferences, we answer questions regarding…

How to create a service or product that will wow your ideal and likely buyers.

If you create a product or service that people love and that solves real problems for your ideal and likely buyers then customers will actually come back and bring friends. However, if you create a product that is “just good enough” and a service that is “just okay” people will not refer you to their friends and family and your business will barely survive. During the conference, we teach you how to create a customer experience that wows so that you ideal and likely buyers will refer you NOW.

How to establish the number of customers needed to break-even.

Having a “big vision” and “big dream” is incredibly important, yet on a very practical level you must know how many customers you need to break-even and to achieve your goals. During the 2-day interactive business conferences Clay teaches you how to practically figure out how many customers you and your business actually need just to break-even each and every month.


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How to establish the number of customers needed to achieve your financial goals.

After you have set the “big goals” for both you and your family you must invest the time needed to determine the number of customers that you need to actually achieve that dream. During the workshop Clay spends time working with you to figure out on a very practical level how many customers you actually need in order to achieve your financial goals. 

How to design your ideal schedule and the millionaire mindset towards time-management. 

If you have all of the money in the world, but you don’t have the ability to control with whom and where you spend your time, what is the point? During the conference, Clay shares with each and every attendee his personal schedule and covers the specific steps that you must create to also create your “dream schedule” by being relentlessly intentional about where and with whom you spend your time.

How successful people manage their email, voicemail, text messages, social media messages and the countless distractions that are currently bombarding the average business owner as they try to get things done and to turn their dreams into reality.

The harsh reality is that smartphones are making people dumb. Psychology Today is now reporting that the average smartphone user is now being interrupted over 90 times per day while Nielsen is now showing that the average American is now interacting with media an incredible 11.3 hours per day. If you are going to be successful in the modern world we live in you are going to have to learn a proven system for dealing with the endless bombardment of email, voicemail, text messages, social media updates and the countless digital distractions that are being thrown at you. We teach you the proven strategies for overcoming this digital dystopia that we are all living in by default.


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How to determine your ideal and likely buyers.

You already know instinctively that not every human on the planet is the ideal and likely buyer for your product or business, however we teach you specifically how to determine who you should be investing your hard-earned marketing dollars to reach and which people are an epic waste of both time and money as it relates to your advertising dollars. At our conference, Clay will work with you on the ins and outs of marketing to the right demographics so that your marketing dollars will produce a harvest for you instead of just additional and expensive frustration by taking you through a questionnaire that is sure to help bring some clarity.

How to stand out in the cluttered world of commerce with memorable marketing.

When you are driving down the road in most American cities you are being bombarded with billboards, signs, and marketing materials and when you hop onto your smartphone or personal computer you are also being hit with an endless barrage of digital marketing attempts. With all of this constantly being thrown at you, how do you make sure that your marketing materials are standing out and are producing leads? We go over the art of creating memorable marketing campaigns that will resonate with your ideal and likely buyers which will help you break out of the constant clutter.

How to optimize your website to rank highly in Google’s search engine.

The statistics show us that the vast majority of humans on the planet earth are using Google to search for the products and services that they are looking for, yet do you really know how to optimize your website for Google’s search engine results? This is an important aspect that we cover at the conference as we teach how to optimize your website to rank on the top of search engine results while also teaching you about the importance of adding https encryption to your website, using reliable hosting, being mobile compliant, how to create relevant and search engine rankable content, etc. This is a very confusing topic so we make sure to have handouts and break into smaller groups to help ensure that all questions can be answered.

How to effectively market your business using social media marketing.

Social media can be a great place to waste time or for business owners it can be a great place to market to your ideal and likely buyers as never before. Because the unbelievable amounts of data that have been collected about social media users you can now laser focus your advertising dollars to market to your ideal and likely buyers. Do you want your advertisements to only be shown to soccer moms in their 30s and 40s? Social media now allows you to do this. However, the potential power of social media marketing doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to harness and use it effectively. Clay will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to market your business and to make millions using social media marketing.

The power of gathering objective online reviews from your real customers.

According to Forbes, over 90% of consumers now read objective online reviews before buying a product or a service. Thus, the question is, “How many objective reviews have you taken the time to gather from your ideal and likely buyers?” When people Google search the name of your product or service what do they find? Clay breaks down with never-before-scene clarity the importance of being proactive about managing your online reputation in this digital world we now live in, the proper way to respond to negative comments, how you can’t automate your reviews, and much more.

How to sustainably and effectively generate qualified leads from your ideal and likely buyers.

Are you struggling to generate leads from your ideal and likely buyers? Are you struggling to reach new customers? Are you finding that you business growth has become stagnant due to an inability to market effectively? Being able to sustainably and effectively generate the right (and realistic) leads and those qualified leads that your business needs to succeed is vital so we be sure to cover exactly how to do that.


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How to create a scalable sales system, strategy and process. 

In order to create both time and financial freedom you must create systems, process and systems and strategies that can be executed by high character people who don’t have as much experience and skill as you. On a very basic level if each and every lead must be called by you personally then your life will actually get worse as your business grows. Learn from Clay how to create sales scripts, scripted emails, pre-written text messages, one sheets, presentation materials and a sales experience that is easy to duplicate while still wowing your ideal and likely buyers.

How to create repeatable systems, processes and file organization within your company.

Once you sell something you are going to have to deliver on the promises that you made to your paying customers. However, if you are the only one who knows where the passwords are, how to do everything, and where everything is saved then you cannot possibly succeed. Learn how to create processes and systems that can be repeated by high character people who don’t have as much experience as you which will allow you to scale. Also learn how to keep your digital files, assets, and universe organized so that you will never spend another day asking people “where are those passwords saved again?”

How to hire, inspire, fire, train and retain today’s employees.

We now live in a world where we know that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly according to a study published by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and CBS News, and where 85% of employees now lie on resumes according to Inc. Magazine. In order to succeed in the world of business, we must quickly learn how to find that top 15% of available employee candidates. We must learn how to find the caliber of employees that you can find at Disney, QuikTrip and Chick-fil-A and not the employees that we can all easily find at the vast majority of bottom-feeding businesses and poorly run gas stations. During this portion of the workshop Clay teaches you the specific steps that he takes on a weekly basis to find high-quality and “A-Player” employees.

How to do your accounting in a proactive way versus a reactive way.

Taxes aren’t fun, but we have to pay them. Saving isn’t fun, but we have to do it. Accounting is even less fun, but it must be done. During this portion of the workshop Clay teaches you how to become proactive about your accounting so that your strength will soon become how well you know your numbers (and don’t worry, we keep it fun).


One of the most incredible portions of the business conferences that we put on is our frequent FAQ section. During the 2 days, attendees can write any business related questions they might have on several whiteboards placed throughout the room and Clay and the speakers (WHO HAVE ALL STARTED AND GROWN SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES) answer them. The day isn’t over until ALL of your questions have been answered.

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