What Do The Thrivetime Show Business Conferences Actually Teach?

A Memorable Experience

On June 7th I woke up at three am and got ready to attend a conference that would help change my life. As I was getting ready I was anxious about what was going to happen that day. Would I enjoy the conference? How many other people would be there? Was anything at the conference going to include information I would need to be successful? Was this going to be one of those business conferences full of happy hopers, and high pressure upsells or would I be able to take away useful knowledge that I will be able to use and apply on a daily basis

I was very nervous but as I got ready I remembered reading some of Clay Clark’s books, hadn’t these all been useful for my business? The answer was yes, so why was I still nervous? After attending many types of business conferences, self-help conferences and time management conferences in the over 25 years I’ve been in the workforce I’ve rarely found experiences and advice I would be able to apply not only in my personal life but my work life as well. Too many times I’ve run into the “if you only believe you can be successful, you will be a successful mentality”. But I pushed on and finished getting ready and went to the Thrivetime Conference.

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As I arrived at the Thrivetime Conference the parking lot was extremely full, “wow” I thought to myself, there are a ton of businesses here. Many business vehicles were in the parking lot with their beautifully wrapped vans, trucks, and cars. There were vehicles from every kind of business from Carpet cleaning to Dog Training, to Mortgage sellers. 

Once I parked and got out of my car I found myself greeted by not only the amazing business coaches at Thrive, but Clay’s personal team of cheerleaders greeting me by name, telling me how happy they were we had come and how excited this day was going to be for Diligent Doers such as myself. Then I went inside, it was an amazing space. With success stories of the clients of thrive scrolling along the number of large TV’s, and popups that were around the seating areas. There were so many people inside smiling and talking to each other. I was warmly greeted by a number of these people, many of whom I’d never met before but each helping ensure I felt welcomed. 

I got a drink and found my seat where a book awaited me that would help change my life. Boom by Clay Clark. This book was going to be our guide through the conference. I casually flipped through it listening to the music being played by the live band. Then it was time for the man himself Clay Clark took to the microphone. 

As Clay began to speak, he outlined what the day would entail, discussing some of the strategies he would be teaching us as well as many comical anecdotes that would keep us laughing through the entirety of the conference. Many things were covered and we as attendees were actively involved the whole day. Systems were discussed that are easy to take back to any business and implement with great success. We heard from clients of the success stories they have had while working with Clay and his team. The growth of many of these business is astounding!  Lunch was provided and then we had Justin Wren speak to us. The phenomenal MMA fighter that has found a cause, Fight for Freedom the mission of Freeing the Pygmies in the Congo from Slavery by building wells and getting them fresh water.  

I was amazed with the amount of useful and actionable information learned just in day one!  Never was there any high pressure upsell, never was there the be sure to attend the next one where you will actually be taught the secrets to success. Things were clearly lined out in actionable items. He was giving us the systems he used for his businesses in this conference!!! 

Day Two WOW!

On day two I arrived at the conference, where I was greeted by the cheerleaders once more! (They were so cute and enthusiastic about all of the attendee’s arrivals.) Inside I was once again greeted by people, and Clay Clark personally. He was not one of those speakers that waited to be introduced before his appearance, or disappeared during breaks,  through the entirety of the conference Clay was walking around and talking to attendees. Shaking hands and answering questions. He greeted people by name as they were an old friend. Those he didn’t personally know quickly became people he did, as he asked questions and discussed their business goals, and how he and his team could help. 

On day two we also found out more secrets to his success, as he continued to wow us with a large amount of amazing information he shared. He talked about his family and the podcast. Many of the struggles and adversity he had faced in his climb to success. His speaking was elegant but comical and on a level easy for anyone to understand and relate too. 

There was a giant whiteboard up in the conference area this time with a number of dry erase markers. Clay made sure to let everyone know that if they had any questions all you had to do was simply write them down and he would answer them. AND HE DID! Through the course of the day, he would cover a topic then look at the whiteboard and have Eric Chupp read a question off. Then Clay would seriously answer it, honestly and completely. You are not going to find this level of sharing at any other conference. 

Lunch was also provided on day two from Andolini’s Pizza! While you get an hour to eat and talk to other entrepreneurs such as yourself, you are going to find that they all have success stories from the systems they implemented that Clay and his team suggested and talked about. 

Business Conferences 2019 April Thrivetime Show IMG 0001After lunch we broke off into smaller groups where they taught us about SEO. Now if you are as unfamiliar with SEO and what it does as I am let me break it down for you. SEO equals Search Engine Optimization. Implementing and SEO program for your business is how you are going to reach the top of Google. We were shown how to look up how many pages of content your competitors have, so you are able to see how much content your page needs to beat them. They also explained what the content is for each page and why it matters. Did you know each page of your website needs to contain 1000 words of ORIGINAL content for it to be counted by Google? The more pages of original content your website contains the higher you will rank on google. You must also ensure that your company is getting google reviews. While doing SEO is also important to make sure your site is Google compliant. Here Clay’s team actually broke down what we have to do to our websites to be compliant. If your page doesn’t meet Google’s standards of compliance it won’t make a bit of difference how much content your page as you will not make it off page 10! 

As we wrapped up day two, once again I found there was no hard upsell, or make sure to check out the next one where we actually teach what we promised this time. I actually learned a lot of amazing information that will continue to help me be successful. I was truly pleased with the entire experience and by choice, not a necessity, or part of an upsell, absolutely plan on attending the next conference!

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