What Is the Difference Between a Conference and a Convention?


Here at the Thrivetime Show we want to educate you on exactly what business conferences are. Our conference is a little untraditional. Ok… ok.. You caught us. A LOT untraditional. Our business conferences are very different than most. However, we have similarities like most business conferences too. You will find all the criteria at our conference like any other, and that is why we classify our conference as a conference. For example, at a conference you can expect a keynote speaker. We have a keynote speaker, Clay Clark. Clay Clark is the former U.S. Small Business entrepreneur of the year award-winner and he and his partner have built 15 multimillion dollar companies and continue to grow their companies every day.  It is very intentional and we actually want to make sure that our business conference is set up in an untraditional way. This is very strategic. However, we don’t just stop there. We go above and beyond to make sure that we are providing you with exactly what you need while having fun in the meantime. You’ll be amazed at what we were able to do here at the Thrivetime Show business conference and what our conference consists of. Another thing that makes a conference very similar to what we have is our itinerary. However, here at the Thrivetime Show, we not only have an itinerary but then make sure we are answering questions. Our business conference is unlike any other because we will make sure we answer questions before we move on. If we are unable to get to certain aspects of the itinerary because we are stopped answering everyone’s specific question, we are completely fine with that.  Our goal is to make sure that we answer any specific question that you may have and that is what we do. Here at the Thrivetime Show, we the extra mile to make sure that we are creating an atmosphere of our own little oasis of Thrivers.


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Our business conference is set up very different, yet very similar to other conferences. Most people categorize our December conference as more of a ‘conference” feel. The rest of our “conferences” resemble closer to a workshop format. We purposely keep our workshops smaller with not as many attendees throughout the year to be able to offer that hands-on training and answer business specific questions. During the December business conference, we will have an attendance of close to 300 people. Whichever one of our conferences you decide to attend, you will have either tables or chairs depending on if you have a VIP or a general admission ticket to the conference and we will have materials at each station. These materials will include things that you need that we will be discussing during the conference. This can include a business plan, a calendar, a to-do list or even a Search Engine Optimization Checklist. Either way, you will have all the materials that you need to understand all of the topics covered at the Thrivetime Show. We even make sure that you leave with the actual tangible business playbook called the BOOM book that Clay Clark and Dr. Zoellner have used to build their multimillion dollar businesses.  The conference is very untraditional with the atmosphere and surroundings from a business conference that you expect. However, we still structure a business conference very similar to others that you’ve been to. Think about it, we have a keynote speaker, materials, an agenda, an itinerary and more. We just make our time a little more entertaining and a lot more practical. In our opinion, conferences beat trade shows any day when you are looking to learn. You will learn valuable information from the tradeshow, like what your competition is doing and how to sell more effectively. However, conferences are a way to learn before you go to something like an Expo or Tradeshow. Here at the Thrivetime Show, our business conference is set up to teach you and answer any specific questions that you may have.

Our goal is to make sure that we help you overcome any limiting factor that you may have. Our conference is specifically set up to include whiteboards everywhere so that you can write specific questions down and we will answer questions. Every single conference is different because people bring different questions every time. People will be in different industries and they will be asking similar, but different questions every time. The content here at the Thrivetime Show is always different every year no matter what workshop or conference you attend year-to-year.  We make sure that we provide you with the materials that you may need. Our conferences are very different than any other conference. But, we provide you with materials, we provide you with an itinerary, and we go over specific things you may be needing for your business. We cover branding, sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, on boarding for your hiring process and much, much more. You will love the Thrivetime Show business conference and you will love our ability to make sure that we are setting this up as an environment conducive to learning rather than some type of tradeshow offering to upsell you the entire time.



A convention is something that you will find to be closely related to the corporate world style of business conferences. A convention is typically hosted at some type of event center such as a hotel, Expo Center, convention center or something along those lines. However, we host our business conference at the Thrivetime Show world headquarters so that we can be in our own environment to help you the most. We believe that giving you a backstage pass to the Thrivetime Show world headquarters is a way to show you that our founders and our systems are real and they are proven to be successful.


Our Business Conferences Are Focused on Implementation and Execution (Not Feelings)

As you spend time with Clay and hear him teach the proven business systems and processes you will quickly discover that he has a bias for action and implementation and an impatience for “new ideas” and “concepts that are not proven to work.” He will teach, preach, encourage and hammer home the need for P.H.D. “Pig Headed Discipline” and you will hear him openly advocating firing anyone that is not willing to implement your proven systems, strategies and processes. As a man who focuses on teaching you how to create a business that exists to create both time and financial freedom for the business owner, he will quickly offend anybody on your team who does not have the entrepreneurial mindset, so for their benefit (your employees), your benefit (as the business owner), for our benefits (at the Thrivetime Show workshop) and for the benefit of America it would be wise to not bring your entire team to our 2-day in-person business workshops.


Are You Looking for the Practical Steps That You Need to Take to Grow Your Business?

Our 2-day interactive business conferences are designed for entrepreneurs who are looking to improve their search engine rankings, the retention rate of their current employees and who are looking to improve their sales conversion percentage. The attendees of our conferences comment over and over again that they love sitting next to and fellowshipping with their kind of people. Successful entrepreneurs in America represent just .009% of the population and thus getting hundreds of them in the same room is exciting, encouraging and a perfect place for you to exchange ideas, best-practice systems and questions with the person sitting next to you.

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