What Is the Dress Code for Business Conferences?

We want you to be comfortable so that you can focus on learning and not focused on why your feet hurt because you are wearing shoes that look great, but are actually too small. Over the years we have found that most attendees like to dress for success and so business casual has become the norm, but you don’t have to dress up for us. 

Thrive Fashion Guide

We aren’t going to make you read our handbook and follow the company dress-code to attend our business conferences. The Thrivetime Show team of business coaches and marketing specialists will all be dressed with a business professional dress pattern. However, your comfort is our top priority. We’ve had guests from all over the United States and even as far as Guam and Canada.

If you happen to see someone in a golden suit, or a man in a business suit breathing fire, that’s just our employees not the actual dress code. Be sure to tell them “hello”. Our fashion guide can range from a business suit, professional blouses, skirts, slacks or a BOOM hoodie or BOOM shirt if you catch us in the office on a Friday or Saturday. 


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What should you dress like when you are sitting next to millionaires? 

When you attend our business conferences you will often find yourself sitting next to a millionaire, or multi-millionaire which will provide you with an excellent opportunity to network. However, if you are dressed like Jabba the Hut, you may find that is harder to network with the people around you. With that being said, Clay Clark can always be found wearing “And1” basketball shorts he bought at Wal-Mart for $10, a BOOM hat, a custom BOOM jersey with his wife Vanessa’s name on the back of it and a pair of tennis shoes.

Why does Clay Clark dress like Billy Madison?

When you are asking the world for something, you have to present yourself in a certain way. Ultimately, you have to brand yourself too. Clay Clark knew this to be true. He used to dress up when he was still selling and attempting to convince the world to buy something from him. 

However, now that he has built his multiple successful multimillion dollar businesses, he realized he doesn’t have to convince anyone of anything anymore. He has a set number of clients that he will work with (160 to be exact). Because of this, he realized that he was in a spot that he could dress however he wanted. That is why you will see our favorite radio talk-show host, Clay Clark wearing his Adam Sandler inspired outfit every day which he calls reverse networking. 

  1. The BOOM Hat

You can find Clay in a BOOM flatbill hat every single day. He has them on backup too just in case he loses one. BOOM here at Thrive stands for Big Overwhelming Optimist Momentum. Bringing the BOOM literally means being intentional about being able to bring big overwhelming optimistic momentum to work every single day. How much more intentional can you get about bringing the BOOM than to have it embroidered on your hat. 

  1. “Vanessa” basketball jersey

The famous “Vanessa” basketball jersey is a way for Clay to tell everyone in the room that she is his biggest fan. The basketball jersey also includes two of Clay’s companies as a way to show his support for his businesses. 

  1. And1 basketball shorts

No philosophical reason here except that the shorts were probably on sale once and Clay realized they were comfy and required zero thought about something as frivolous as your wardrobe in the morning. 


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If you have ever listened to the Thrivetime Show business podcast, you probably know our famous question at the end of every interview. We ask every guest that we interview, any successful entrepreneur exactly what their superpower is. For example, Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and Steve Jobs with Apple both wear or wore the exact same thing every day. This minimizes the decisions that they need to make starting with getting ready in the morning. Successful people know that this type of idiosyncrasy means getting to the things that matter sooner rather than later. Here at the Thrivetime Show, our fearless leader takes the same approach. He does this because he understands that he is not selling any more to the world and he knows he has much to offer clients. In fact, Clay’s prospective clients are coming to him. Because of this, he knows that he can wear whatever he wants. That is why he makes sure that he is able to be comfortable and start his day off with the least amount of decisions about the trivial things that don’t matter. 

Here at the Thrivetime Show we are all about efficiency. Waking up every morning and battling with exactly what outfit you’re going where that day does not increase efficiency. Here at the Thrivetime Show we love what we do. We are proud of Clay and his wardrobe because we understand his method of madness. We love it. In fact, on Friday, you can often times come into the Thrivetime Show office and see some of us in jeans, a boom hoodie, or a boom T-shirt just like Clay. However, we make sure that we present ourselves well to clients Monday through Thursday because we all act in a very professional manner and aim to present nothing but the best. Think of the Thrivetime Show business conferences as the same thing. We go above and beyond in every way possible to make sure that you have a good experience. So, whether you want to dress like a combination of something similar to Slim Shady and Adam Sandler, or you want to dress professional and feel like your best self, you have the freedom to do so. We truly want you to be comfortable and we want you to have a good time. That is the expectation that we set here at the Thrivetime Show. You will enjoy your time with us and you will completely understand why we do what we do here at the Thrivetime Show.

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