What’s the Difference Between a Business Conference, Expo or Tradeshow?

You may be wondering exactly what the difference is between a business conference, tradeshow, Expo or convention and what this all means. We are here to educate you. We host a conference or series of workshops. This is not a tradeshow. This is not an Expo Center. These are the business conferences in which you will learn the practical knowledge you need to grow your business. Whatever limiting factor you may be having in your business that is keeping your business from its full potential, we teach you the proven system to fix it. Maybe you are needing help with marketing, sales, branding, accounting, hiring, managing employees, or you need help with time management skills. We have the proven step-by-step process to help you along the way. Here at the Thrivetime Show, we host an in-depth business conference. We host a conference that is actually teaching you practical information you need to grow your business. This is not a tradeshow at all. We want to make sure you understand the difference between a trade show or Expo, convention and conference if you want to know exactly what you can expect from the Thrivetime Show business conference. So, we will explain the difference for you.

Business Conference

Our business conferences are set up to teach you practical skills based on an agenda. A conference will have a keynote speaker and a conference will have a set of materials that you can take with you. Most conferences, just like ours have a specific itinerary that we must cover. However, what makes us different than other conferences is our ability to make sure that we answer everyone’s specific questions. We keep the conference large enough that we are providing diversity in questions, information, industries, networking opportunities, etc. However, we keep the conference small enough so that we can answer everyone’s specific question and make sure that we are helping you every step of the way. No matter what, we encourage you to contact the experts today. If you are looking for someone that will actually help you when it comes to building a business conference, we can help you do just that. However, if you are looking for more of an Expo or trade show, the Thrivetime Show business conference may not be for you.


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Our conference is structured to help you when it comes to answering any specific questions you may have about your business. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and steps to overcome whatever limiting factor you may be facing. Our main goal is to teach you the actual 13-point system that Clay Clark and Dr. Robert Zoellner have used to build their multimillion dollar businesses. This is the whole reason we host conferences. We’re not here to sell you anything. We are not here to “upsell” you on anything either. Our specific goal is to answer your questions and make sure that you leave feeling empowered to grow your business in a way that is proven to be successful.

So, think of a conference as a massive classroom where the teacher is teaching you specific steps and answering your questions immediately. We encourage direct feedback. We don’t let things linger or drift. We make sure that we are helping you every step of the way.

Trade Show

A tradeshow is a little bit different than a business conference. A tradeshow is a massive event where multiple business owners get together and showcase their products. Trade shows are great. In fact, we encourage a lot of our clients, whenever the market or industry requires it to participate in trade shows. We love trade shows here at the Thrivetime Show and we encourage this. However, our business conference is in no way shape or form set up like a tradeshow.

Trade shows are an amazing lead generating event and are great because this is typically a place where people are actually looking to purchase your product. Usually, they are shopping around and they are ready to buy. This is also a time to sell. Trade Shows are a great way to grow your business. We like to use the example of a Clay Clark in his early entrepreneurial days when he was building DJ Connection, the largest DJ company in the entire nation. When Clay Clark built DJ Connection, he made sure that he participated in wedding trade shows so that he could showcase his services. Trade shows our way to make sure that you are giving customers your absolute best look. 

We have clients or conference attendees looking to participate in trade shows. Our biggest advice is to make sure that you set yourself apart from the competition. You will want to invest heavily in a tradeshow to make sure that it looks different and you are the purple cow at the tradeshow. This is well worth the investment every time when you receive a plethora of leads from this one event. Tradeshows are amazing but that is not what the Thrivetime Show business conference is all about.

We make sure that we are formatting our structure to actually teach you things. This is not a lead generating conference. This is a practical, educational event that will help you network with other entrepreneurs just like yourself.

Trade shows are also a way to make sure that you can assess your competition. After all, here the Thrivetime Show business conference, we teach knowing your competition and even secret shopping them. How can you be the best in the industry if you don’t know what other people are doing? How can you even say you are the best if you don’t actually know what your competition is doing? Trade shows are a great way to see exactly what your competition is doing. Typically, a trade show will also host your competitor as well. Because of this, we cannot hammer home enough making sure that your trade show exhibit is better than anyone else.

If you are a business owner, we strongly encourage you to participate in trade shows. However, we also encourage you to attend the Thrivetime Show business conference first because this will teach you all of the skills and tricks that you need to know when you go to participate in something like a tradeshow.

While we do have speakers such as Wes Carter, a partner attorney with Winters and King Law Firm, and Paul Hood, owner of Hood CPA’s come up and share their specific expertise because we know the most entrepreneurs want the expertise of an accountant or a legal representative we are not a tradeshow and their is no selling going on. 


Expos are very similar to tradeshows. A tradeshow is an event where people get together to showcase a product or service. Any type of expo is the same type of setup where it is typically built on a larger scale for business owners to showcase their product. And Expo is a little bit different in the fact that it is a way to make sure that the show is scalable. This is very structured and there is a very specific way that everyone must come and show their exhibits. However, both the tradeshow and an Expo will be completely different than the Thrivetime Show business conferences.


We are the outliers

In summary, the Thrivetime Show business conference is here to teach you things. It is not to be the opportunity in which you will sell to other business owners. Although many of our conference attendees enjoy networking and bouncing ideas or even services off of each other, this is not the format of the conference and this is not what you should expect. You will enjoy our conferences because we truly are committed to educating you and we make sure that we provide you with a simple step-by-step process to implement all of the things, ideas and knowledge that you are learning from the Thrivetime Show business conference.

We are the difference in business conferences. We are the outlier. Our conference was specifically built to help business owners just like our founder twenty years ago. Clay Clark was a young entrepreneur looking to gain knowledge to grow his business but after every conference he ever attended, he typically left with more questions than answers so he created his own conference. That is why we are very specific in the way that we host our Thrivetime Show business conference. We want to make sure we are answering everyone’s specific question because we understand that you purchase a ticket to find the answers. You do not purchase a ticket to be “promised the secrets” for another ginormous fee.

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